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  • Five Things to Look for in a Serum

    Five Things to Look for in a Serum
    Your skincare regimen should be as exclusive as you are. Cleansing, toning and moisturising is one that everyone follows. But one product that frequently goes unmentioned but is a powerful source of nutrition and hydration for your skin: Facial Serum. Highlights: What is Serum? Factors to be Considered While Opting for a Face Serum Skin Concerns Check Ingredients Quantity Concentration Duration What is Serum?...
  • Monsoon Skincare Tips for Healthier Skin

    Monsoon Skincare Tips for Healthier Skin
    An enjoyable relief from the oppressively hot summer is the Monsoon. The weather is finally pleasant as you step outside, and a little breeze welcomes you. As the weather gets more unpredictable and moisture levels increase, your skin finds it difficult to adapt to the changes and maintain its brightness. Highlights: Exfoliate Toners Moisturize Regularly Look After Your Lips Don’t Skip Sunscreen Minimal Makeup...
  • Ayurvedic Herbs for Treating Acne

    Ayurvedic Herbs for Treating Acne
    There is one thing that has united teenagers throughout time and space. Acne. So it is no wonder that the ancient and time tested science of Ayurveda had something to say about it. As per Acharya Charak, Acne is known as Yuvan Pidika. YuvanPidika = Yuvan (Young Person) + Pidika (Painful) The concept of acne has not only been deeply studied in Ayurveda but...
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