Five Things you Didn't know about Nalpamaradi

Five Things you Didn't know about Nalpamaradi


  1. Nalpamaradi is an Ayurvedic Oil which has been mentioned in Sahasrayogam, an Ayurvedic Text with a compilation of about 1000 Herbal formulations from Kerala. The word Nalpamaram – meaning four Ficus trees refered as the sacred Peepal trees known for their soothing and skin clarifying properties. 
  2. It is rich in Curcumin, derived from Turmeric, enhancing the glow and brightening the skin. It is a vital herb in Nalpamaradi as it also improves complexion and lightens dark spots.
  3. Nalpamaradi helps detoxify the skin! Enriched with skin purifying herbs like Amla, Haritaki and Vibhitki, which are part of Triphala, detoxify and repair from the damage caused by pollution, dust, dirt, sun rays, U.V. rays, blue light, and every day wear & tear. 
  4. It is enriched with cooling and soothing herbs like Sandalwood & Khus. As per Ayurveda, these are herbs that relieve the excess heat in the body Pitta and help treat eruption, redness, and infections. 
  5. Nalpamaradi has Manjistha as one of the vital ingredients that treat all major skin concerns such as acne, blemishes, and dark spots and helps in improving the texture & complexion of the skin.

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