• How to Use a Serum for Removing Dark Spots

    How to Use a Serum for Removing Dark Spots

    With age, our skin gradually starts to lose it’s youthful freshness and starts showing signs of aging. Skincare experts opine that our skin starts to show some signs of aging like dark spots, pigmentation, dullness from the age of 25! Yes, believe it or not, your skin needs some extra nourishment from this point onwards.Now, each skin is different and exhibits varied signs of...
  • Benefits of Sunscreen in Winter

    Benefits of Sunscreen in Winter

    Sunscreens are an important part of our daily lives. Be it indoors or outdoors, it is important to always apply sunscreen. Why? There are many benefits of sunscreens. Not only in summer but in the winter season as well, sunscreen should be an integral part of your skincare regime. In winter, we feel that the sun rays are soothing and it is important for...
  • Ashwagandha, the Wonder Herb for Immunity, Weight Gain, and Much More!

    Ashwagandha, the Wonder Herb for Immunity, Weight Gain, and Much More!

    Ashwagandha is known as "Hayagandha" or "vajigandha" in Sanskrit. Ashwa, Vaji and Haya, all mean horse and the name is given as the plant root smells like a horse. AShwagandha plant is also called "vajikari" as the herb is used to improve sexual performance like that of a horse. Ashwagandha is gaining popularity all over the world due to its effectiveness and easy availability....
  • Giloy - The Unsung Hero of Herbs

    Giloy - The Unsung Hero of Herbs

    Guduchi, commonly known as giloy, is a herb that offers innumerable health benefits. In Sanskrit and many other Indian languages, Giloy is known as "Amrita" or "Amrut", which means nectar that can cure various health problems. Giloy is also called Amrut because of its immune-boosting properties and its ability to improve longevity. Vernacular Names of Giloy: Botanical Name - Tinospora Cordifolia Common Name -...
  • Personal Care during winters

    Personal Care during winters

    Winters are associated with dryness and coldness. These are also the characteristic feature of vata dosha. Other features of Vata dosha are lightness, roughness and penetrating nature. Depending on the season, Vata is associated with the air element that can become cold or hot. An increase of Vata dosha in our body in winters can cause symptoms like dry skin, frizzy hair, cold extremities,...
  • Benefits of Organic Soaps for Skin

    Benefits of Organic Soaps for Skin

    Why should we care about our soap? Soaps or skin cleansers are a necessity. They come in various shapes, sizes, colours and scents and what’s more- not all soaps serve the same purpose.You can often see commercial soaps being classified as beauty bars, deodorizing bars, antibacterial soaps and many others. But how much of these claims are really true? Not all commercial soaps that...
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