Heal your immunity - TAC for well-being
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100% Natural Pure Shilajit Resin, 20gm for Improving Immunity, Metabolism & Stamina
Shilajit is Ayurveda's most recommended consumable product for inducing vigor & physical strength to the body. Regular consumption of pure Shilajit resins helps in providing better metabolism & shield against infections. Sourced for the foothills of Himalayas, TAC's 100% pure...
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Natural Vitamin C & Plant Derived Zinc Immunity Boosting Kadha, Ministry of Ayush Formulation, 200gm
Our body's immune system is the natural defence mechanism against viral infections. To quickly defend against the same, it is essential to strengthen the immunity. Ayurveda gives the solution to it with herb-infused kadha. Immunity booster kadha is a decoction...
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Heal your immunity - TAC for well-being

The spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic has been like a wildfire and we need to be extra cautious to deal with the unprecedented circumstances that it brings with it. One of the best ways to prevent Covid-19 and other similar viruses is to build your immune system and maintain personal hygiene. Government guidelines clearly state the prevention techniques that one needs to follow includes washing hands, sanitizing, maintaining social distance & building the immunity system of your body.

The immune system consists of antibodies (proteins) that select foreign elements like viruses and harmful bacteria and neutralize them. B cells work on the creation of new antibodies for future prevention. Therapeutic medicines and ayurvedic food for immunity building strengthens the antibodies and helps B cells to create more antibodies. Similarly, there are other approaches suggested by Ayurveda that can help procure the immune system.

Personal hygiene is one of the critical habits one needs to swear by. Every day we come into contact with millions of germs and viruses that linger on your body and pass into your system. Keeping yourself germ-free and maintaining personal hygiene not only keeps you safe but also helps feel good about yourself. During recent times use of a hand Sanitizer cannot be emphasized enough, as this simple action can prevent many illnesses and disorders from developing or getting worse.

100% Pure & Natural Shilajit

Believers of Natural therapy & Ayurveda experts have pivoted the role of natural herbs, for example, Shilajit, neem, tulsi, etc., as a supportive measure to strengthen the immune system. Although all ayurvedic supplements have therapeutic benefits, one traditional herb that has been generating massive headlines is Shilajit. The beneficial properties of Shilajit have been popular in India for centuries as this natural supplement has been a part of Ayurveda for over 3,000 years. TAC’s 100% pure & organic shilajit is acquired from the higher mountains of the Himalayas and is commonly known as Andean Shilajit. It comes in a thick, black, and sticky consistency that develops with the slow decomposition of plants. This organic supplement is known to be safe and aids overall health and wellbeing.

Shilajit is a natural source of fulvic minerals that are suitable for human consumption. They are rich in amino acids and organic compounds that promote strength, immunity and are a great source of organic wellness.

Ayurvedic Kadha with Vitamin C & Zinc

The benefits of Kadha for the immune system have been passed on from one generation to another for centuries now. The global pandemic has brought ayurvedic immunity booster kadha to the forefront of this immunity battle.

To save time and give rest to stockpiling of ten different kinds of supplements,TAC has brought to you the Ministry of Ayush formulated Ayurvedic Kadha for immunity with 11 potential herbs. This decoction is made with Ayurveda’s finest ingredients including Yashtimadhu & Amla, that are natural sources of Zinc and Vitamin C.

TAC’s Ayurvedic Liquid Hand Sanitizers

Among all the wellness products, Sanitizers have become the most essential and must have necessity. Ayurvedic hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol, tulsi & Aloe vera helps kill the germs and bacteria without drying the skin. The alcohol-based liquid hand sanitizer works immediately and effectively to deter the spread of germs and ailments. Our 100% organic Neem Tulsi Sanitizer is infused with the goodness of antioxidants rich ingredients that work on overall detoxification and sanitization. A hand sanitizer can at times, due to the presence of chemicals and alcohol, harm the skin, but our ayurvedic aloe vera hand sanitizer protects the skin from drying and cracking. It leaves a moisturizing effect on your hands even with daily usage. It is easy-to-use and travel-friendly when you are on the move. The nourishing and moisturizing elements in this natural hand sanitizer minimizes the risk of infections & helps sanitizing without causing dryness and irritation.

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