Makeup tips for Monsoon

Monsoon Skincare Tips for Healthier Skin

An enjoyable relief from the oppressively hot summer is the Monsoon. The weather is finally pleasant as you step outside, and a little breeze welcomes you. As the weather gets more unpredictable and moisture levels increase, your skin finds it difficult to adapt to the changes and maintain its brightness.

Let's find out some vital skincare tips in Monsoons with suitable products and skin-balancing ingredients with our Ayurvedic Expert, Dr Nikhita Shere.


The dazzling rain falling on your face brings a smile and comes with dirt, impurities, germs and bacteria that harm your skin. To combat this, you must exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation helps shed dead skin cells, unclog skin pores and makes your skin less prone to acne.
A mild granular scrub with the goodness of natural ingredients like Saffron and Gold Dust will revive your skin deep within.
Additional Tip: Use loofah for body exfoliation.

 DIY Scrub


Humidity in monsoon tends to make skin oily and greasy; therefore, toners come to the rescue. It keeps your skin hydrated, maintains pH balance and prevents acne breakouts. Always go for alcohol-free toners containing skin soothing and calming ingredients. The most commonly and traditionally used toner is Rose Water.
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how to apply

Moisturise Regularly

High humidity in the atmosphere shouldn’t be an excuse to skip moisturiser in your skincare regimen. A lightweight, quick-absorbing, and mattifying moisturiser help ensure a healthy skin barrier. You can also incorporate water-based serums for hydrated and glowing skin.

Look After Your Lips

Use a tint with skin-friendly ingredients to bring out the natural lushness on the lips and cheeks. Many customers have reviewed T.A.C Lip & Cheek Tint as one of the best tints because of its 2-in-1 usage. This infusion of nourishing butter with natural pigments stays for long hours without clogging the pores. Just use it on the high points of cheeks and outline the lips with a lip liner, then fill in with the color.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

The most common mistake people make is to skip Sunscreen in monsoon. The harmful UV rays of the sun hit the ground no matter the season and damage your skin. Look for a lightweight, fast-absorbing sunscreen that leaves no white cast. Generously apply it as the last step of skincare.

do not skip sunscreen

Minimal Makeup Tips to be Followed in Monsoon

  • Curl and Kohl: If you don’t want to indulge in heavy eye makeup, go for a quick and effortless look. Just use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes, follow it with a hint of Kajal in your waterline & you are good to go!
  • Concealer: Once your skincare is on point, you may not need a heavy base of makeup but just the basics like a good concealer to hide any blemishes, dark spots and scars.

Additional Tip for Makeup Removal

Double Cleanse: While your makeup should be light and hydrating, removing it is as crucial as the application. Always double cleanse, using a nourishing oil to massage the skin and a foaming cleanser to remove build-up thoroughly. Applying oil to the skin helps dissolve the makeup and loosens any impurities on the skin. The foaming face wash helps to cleanse the skin further so that excess oil is removed and the skin feels refreshed.

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