Bhringraj for hair

Bhringraj - The wonder herb

Bhringraj the wonder herb

It is hard to find Ayurvedic hair oil or hair supplements without this herb. And that is enough to describe Bhringraj and its effect on hair problems.  

Botanical Name: Eclipta alba, Eclipta prostrata, Verbesina prostrate 

Family Name: Asteraceae 

Common Name: False Daisy 

Hindi Name: Bhangra, Bhangariya 

Parts Used: Leaves, stem, flowers, seeds and seed oil.  

Bhringraj is abundantly seen on the ridges of the paddy fields or agricultural lands with a good water supply. These small plants grow on their own during the rainy season.  

The stems and leaves are fleshy with good water content. They have small flowers with pointed and neatly arranged petals in a row.  

There are three varieties of Bhringraj based on the colour of its flowers - the white, yellow and blue types.  

Bhringraj with white or blue flowers is used in the preparation of medicines. The ones with yellow flowers are used for decorative purposes.  

Composition of Bhringraj  

Bhringraj contains ecliptin, which is a powerful constituent and active principle. Other compounds are Wedelolactone, Des-methyl wedelolactone, stigmasterol, heptacosanol, hentriacontanol and several polyacetylenic thiophenes.  

Bhringraj Benefits for hair

1. Promotes Hair growth and prevents baldness

    Bhringraj is also known as 'Kesha raja' for its immense benefits for hair. Oil or mask made of Bhringaraj promotes the hair regrowth of new follicles. You will see new baby hairs growing 2-3 months after use of Bhringraj hair oil.  

    2. Cures split ends 

    Bhringaraj hair oil is highly nourishing to the scalp and the shaft of the hair. Bhringraj is known to make the hair silky, just like that of a peacock feather.  

    3. Treats dandruff 

      Bhringraj is a natural cleanser that removes excess oil production on the scalp, dirt and grime. Regular use of Bhringraj hair oil and shampoo treat and prevent dandruff.  

      4. Prevent hair loss and boosts new growth

      Bhringraj hair oil nourishes and strengthens the scalp. Regular massage with hair oil also improves blood circulation to the hair follicles. It also helps you relax and calms down the stress.  

      Bhringraj prevents hair breakage and brittleness of the shaft.   

      5. Reduces premature greying of hair 

      Bhringraj is a natural hair dye. When mixed with Methi and Amla, it also treats premature greying of hair. It colours the hair without damaging the hair shaft or follicles. It does not make the hair dry.  

      Bhringaraj for other health issues

      Bhringraj for health
      • Bhringraj is known to be a potent remedy for a lot of skin conditions. It is used in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. 20 ml fresh juice of Bhringraj leaves or 50-60 ml boiled decoction helps treat skin diseases.  
      • Bhringraj powder mixed with buttermilk or honey treats liver disorders.  
      • Bhringraj powder and Bhumiamalaki powder mixed with buttermilk cure obstructive jaundice in two weeks.  
      • Applying a fresh paste of Bhringraj or juice over wounds, ulcers, or vitiligo patches helps heal the wounds.  
      • Drinking the juice of Bhringraj is also known to cure intestinal worms when taken with castor oil.  
      • Bhringraj is known to improve the strength of the teeth and prevents dental caries. Decoction of Bhringraj is used for gargling to prevent and treat mouth ulcers.  
      • Bhringraj is known for its anti-ageing properties. This herb is known to have a Rasayana or a rejuvenating effect that improves longevity.  
      • Fermented preparations of Bhringraj is used in the treatment of cold, cough, asthma and COPD.  
      • Bhringraj is an anti-inflammatory herb that treats pain, redness and swelling.  
      • Bhringraj stimulates the liver and detoxifies the gut, and treats anaemia.  
      • Nasya (nasal drops) is done with Bhringraj mixed with goat milk to cure grey hair and migraine.  

      Medicinal properties and effect on Tridosha

      Bhringraj for tridosha

      Bhringraj has a bitter and pungent taste. It is light and is hot in potency.  

      Due to its lightness, bitter and pungent taste reduces Vata dosha, and its hot potency balances Kapha dosha. Hence, it is known to balance Vata Kapha doshas.   

      Dosage of Bhringraj 

      For internal use, 1/2 tsp Bhringraj can be taken for 60-90 days without any worry. After 90 days, you can take a 15-20 days break and then start it again.  

      For external use, Bhringraj can be applied weekly, twice or thrice throughout the year. 

      You will start seeing visible within 2 to 3 weeks of using Bhringraj.  

      How to use Bhringraj Oil 

      The best way to reap all benefits of Bhringraj oil for hair is by massaging it to your scalp and the whole length of your hair. Warm the oil by microwaving for 10 seconds or on a hot water bath for 3-4 minutes before applying to your scalp. Warm oil will penetrate much faster into the scalp.  

      You can use Bhringraj oil twice or thrice a week for best results.   

      Side effects of Bhringraj  

      There are no known side effects of Bhringraj when taken as per the advice of an Ayurvedic Physician. Swelling of legs was noted in some who overdosed with Bhringraj orally. It got cured after adjusting the dosage.  

      Bhringraj, when taken internally, may increase the frequency of urination due to its diuretic effects.  

      For external use, if mixed with coconut oil, Bhringraj oil for hair attains cold potency and is best to use only once or twice a week during winters.

      For how long can you use Bhringraj? 

      For Internal Use - Bhringaraj can be taken for 60-90 days continuously without any break. After 90 days, it is advised to give a 15-20 days gap and then start again.  You can apply daily or every alternate day in summer and twice or thrice a week in winters for external use.  

      Home remedies with Bhringraj  

      Here are some homemade hair care tips using Bhringraj: 

      1. Apply a paste of bhringraj leaves and aloe vera pulp over the scalp to treat dandruff and small boils on the scalp.  
      2. The hair mask made of Bhringraj and curry leaves cures premature greying of hair. Wash it off with a mild herbal shampoo.  
      3.  Applying a paste of Bhringraj powder with onion juice or water to bald patches helps in hair regrowth.  
      4. Applying Bhringaraj paste to the scalp also calms and soothes the mind and cures sleep disorders.  
      5. Freshly made paste of Bhringraj is applied over the scalp or grey hairs to treat premature greying of hair.  
      6. Bhringraj powder and Gokshura powder can be mixed and applied over the scalp to cure premature greying.  

      FAQs of Bhringraj 

      Q: How to use Bhringraj for hair? 

      A: Bhringaraj can be used in oil, mask or powder form to promote hair growth.  

      Start with applying Bhringraj hair oil to the scalp and whole length of the hair. Massage with your fingertips.  

      Wash it off after 30 minutes with Bhringraj shampoo for hair.  

      Methi Bhringraj and Amla Hair mask can be applied to the scalp once or twice a week and rinsed off with water or using a shampoo.  

      Q: Can I eat bhringraj leaves? 

      A: Yes, Bhringraj leaves can be included to your salad or soups to promote hair growth and liver health.  

      Q: Can we use Bhringraj for skincare? 

      A: Bhringraj can be used on itchy skin, wounds or psoriatic patches. Bhringraj powder has minimum effect on imparting colour or glow to the skin.  

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