Tips to get rid of Dark Underarm

Want to get rid of Dark Underarms? Here is what you should know about Dark Underarms

Do you wish to wear your favorite sleeveless dress, but feel uncomfortable with your underarms being visible? It's time to stop worrying about the dark armpits. Make your statement and be confident with a few tips that could give you brightened and soft underarms.

What Causes Dark Underarm?

Your skin colour results from pigment cells called melanocytes, and when these cells multiply, they often turn to a darker tone. Discolored and dark underarms are benign issues, but can be uncomfortable for some people, especially during tank tops and swimsuit season. There are other common areas like the neck, elbows and knees where you can foresee similar issues. The pigmentation is often caused due to shaving, friction, increased melanin, allergies and most importantly, lack of exfoliation. Exfoliation is a great way to reveal smoother and illuminating skin and adds an extra layering of pampering to your day-to-day regime.

How to get rid of Dark Underarms?

Luckily in your quest for products that can help get rid of hyperpigmentation, Body Polishers or body scrubs are your go-to essentials. Sometimes the harsh grains and chemicals in synthetic body polishing products tend to rupture the delicate Dark Underarms area and cause more damage than repair. Ayurveda highlights the necessity of skincare from head to toe, subsuming wholesome botanicals and supports the religious convergence of body & mother earth. Ayurvedic & Natural body polishers are infused with organic herbs and oils that promise glow, rejuvenated, refreshed skin. It will make your skin feel indulgent and guarantees a good photo op.

How often should you use a Natural Body Polisher?

Natural body polishers are generally safe to use, but some skin types are extra sensitive, and too much exfoliation can rupture the skin tissues. Several dermatologists recommend using body polishers not more than twice a week. Ingredients play a crucial role in strengthening the epidermis of the skin. Ayurvedic herbs help clean the grime out of the body and provide nourishment and hydration to the dry skin. Combine Body polishing products with hydrating oils that maintain the skin's pH level and augments the moisture content. Note to pick the oils that are non-comedogenic and don't leave a greasy texture.

Home Remedies to lighten Dark underarms

Natural body polishing products

Other than the body polishing products available in the market, many people prefer a more natural approach for brightening the dark tone. Here is the list of natural ingredients that could be a perfect supplement for body polishers and act as a natural bleaching agent for your dark underarms.

  1. Turmeric: Curcumin in turmeric powder enhances the skin's complexion and prevents irritation. The antioxidants in this natural body polisher help remove the dead layer cells and lighten the tone of the underarm area.
  2. Aloe Vera: Often referred to as the natural sunscreen, Aloe Vera's antibacterial properties relax the aggressive and irritated dark underarms. Many body polishing products are combined with natural aloe vera to lighten the discoloration of the body parts and calm the inflamed skin.
  3. Tea Tree: The antioxidant-rich tea tree products are an essential part of skin lightening skincare treatment. It not only supplements many-body polishers but also keeps you odor free. The antimicrobial properties lighten and deodorize the underarm area.
  4. Potato: Famous for reducing under-eye circles, potato is excellent in lightening the dark underarms. It reduces hyperpigmentation and patchiness while recuperating irritation.
  5. Lemon/ Orange Peel: Both lemon & orange are infused with the goodness of citric acid that sloughs away dry skin cells and lightens the skin tone. Vitamin C is a potent ingredient in many body polishing products due to its exfoliating and bleaching properties.
All Natural Eladi, Triphala, Hemp seed body polisher

For an easy-to-use, natural, and Ayurveda recommended solution, try The Ayurveda Company's Ultimate Eladi, Triphala & Hemp Seed Body Polisher. Powered by Ayurveda's brightening and lightening ingredients like Eladi & Triphala with naturally derived Hemp Seed, this body polisher gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells. It doesn't disrupt the delicate underarm skin but cleanses it intensively, removing the dark, dull patches for radiant skin.

How to use:

Empty the sachet in a bowl & mix well with clean water using your TAC wooden spoon to arrive at a paste-like consistency.

Apply all over your body and massage gently for a few minutes in a circular motion, emphasizing areas like underarms, knees, nape & elbow. Wash off & pay dry.

All Natural Eladi, Triphala, Hemp seed Body polisher

Follow up with Eladi & Triphala Face & Body Oil. For healthy skin, use one sachet every week.

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