Nalpamaradi Glow Oil , 100ml

with Peepal & Curcumin for Brightening & Glowing SKin

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Soak your skin in the meticulously blended Nalpamaradi Face & Body Glow Oil - Ayurveda's trusted concoction for bright, glowing, rejuvenated skin. This elixir revives skin's complexion with the goodness of Peepal & Curcumin to make it smooth, even-toned, supple & bouncy.

Recommended Use: Night time, Daily

Regular Use:
- Removes tan & dullness
- Diminishes blemishes & spots
- Makes skin glow & healthy from within

Customer Reviews

Based on 241 reviews
Dhurav Tahiran
This is great, but use a lotion with it

This does offer a little of shimmer, not a lot though. It is more of a light moisturizer, so if you're prone to dry skin like me, please use with a lotion

Neharika Chawala

This is very good for the skin. You don't need much. It is best put on after taking a bath/shower. I wish I could find it in the stores. I'm only able to find it online.

Shelly Kiran

I bought this to pair with the Vaseline body butter. It was disappointing that the shimmer wasn?t shining through like I expected it to. I did however love the thickness of it.

Ekamjeet Subha

I would literally take a bath in this oil

Harprit Ujama

It leaves your body smelling good and shimmery.

Nalpamaradi Glow Oil
₹ 399.00
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