Vitamins & Minerals Required for Glowing Skin

Vitamins & Minerals Required for Glowing Skin

In our fast-paced lives, we don’t even get time to pamper ourselves. Every day we juggle at home, relationships, kids, work, etc. Well, these everyday chores will go on for the rest of your life! But what about our skin? Stress is the biggest evil that not only affects our physical health but our skin as well. Thus, it becomes extremely important to have a good skincare routine.

Women need a lot more than a healthy diet and exercise to keep them going. Supplements and vitamins are one of the best ways to revive and rejuvenate dead skin cells. They must be eaten to keep the skin healthy. These supplements and vitamins keep your stamina intact and ward off diseases. Below are some of the best supplements and vitamins that will make your skin look ageless.
Vitamins & Minerals for Glowing Skin
Best Vitamins & Supplements for Skin

Vitamins and supplements strengthen our bodies and keep our skin intact. For a healthy body and skin, they are necessary. Have a look at the best supplements that must be taken to get perfect skin.

  1. Vitamin C
    Vitamin C is known as the miracle vitamin because it is an all-rounder. It leads to good health and makes our skin radiant and illuminated. It also keeps your heart safe and blood pressure in control.
    Vitamin C is an anti-aging agent that makes your skin unnaturally beautiful. This vitamin also speeds up the wound healing process and prevents iron deficiency. Want to know more about vitamin C and its benefits? Click on the link below:
  2. Vitamin E
    Best for skin and hair, Vitamin E is a wonder ingredient. It is immensely rich in antioxidants that protect your skin and body from free radicals. It also slows down the aging process while reducing the risk of cancer. To get a natural dose of Vitamin E, eat more nuts, leafy vegetables, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.
  3. Vitamin A
    Vitamin A is an essential ingredient for good health. It builds and strengthens your bones and skin. It boosts immunity and leads to elemental cell growth. What’s more? It is a great supplement that keeps your skin healthy and young.
    To get this supplement naturally, you must eat raw vegetables and fruits like carrots, peaches, pumpkins, etc. In short, every orange-colored fruit and veggie is a direct source of Vitamin A. Thus, make your skin healthy and radiant with Vitamin A.
  4. Calcium
    Calcium is an amazing ingredient that regulates cell turnover by stimulating certain enzymes in the skin.Did you know that drinking milk or eating yogurt gives you plumper skin? It improves skin barrier function, thereby protecting your skin from invading pathogens and bacteria. People with dry skin must use calcium-based products and eat calcium-enriched foods. The main reason to have calcium in the diet is that women’s bones are brittle as compared to men’s. Thus, to maintain such a healthy body and skin, calcium is necessary.
  5. Omega 3
    Omega 3 fat is a healthy fat that drives all the health conscious beauties out there! Omega 3 is a great supplement that makes your skin supple, eliminates toxins, and protects it from the harmful rays of the sun. To get Omega 3 naturally, eat flax seeds, walnuts, and soy nuts daily. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna must also be eaten. Refer to this article to know more about Omega 3

So, these are some of the best vitamins and supplements that must be included in our diet. There are more supplements as well that strengthen your body and make your skin look ageless. TheAyurvedaCo makes some amazing products with supplements and vitamins that benefit your skin in a certain way. Have a look!

TAC’s Products – Our Top Recommendations

  1. 10% Natural Vitamin C Face Serum
    Vitamin C combined with Hyaluronic Acid is known to remove wrinkles and provide much younger skin. This serum from TAC prevents premature aging of the skin, boosts collagen and gives your skin a radiant and glowing effect. This face serum also reduces acne, blemishes, pimples, etc., and heals your wounded cells from within. Revive and rejuvenate your skin with this amazing product.
  2. Shilajit Capsules
    A healthy body leads to healthy-looking skin. These shilajit capsules by TAC give you a daily dose of power and endurance. It improves stamina and revitalizes your body. These are fatigue-fighting capsules that are infused with fulvic acid, kaunch beej, safed musli, etc. All these ingredients work towards achieving a healthy body and skin. Kesar in the product makes your skin firm and elastic at the same time. It enhances your complexion and makes your skin radiant.
  3. Collagen Boosting Under Eye Gel Cream
    Brighten, tighten, and depuff your under eyes with the natural goodness of potato starch infused in this product. The cream is made with natural actives like retinol, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, etc., to combat fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It is best to apply this cream at night to get the best results. Try it out now!
  4. Natural Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash with Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid
    Tone and tighten your skin with the goodness of Vitamin C and E infused in this face wash. The acne-preventing properties of the product give you clear, fresh, and tight skin. This face wash protects your skin from damage and provides moisture, thereby giving you perfect skin. The best part about this product is that it lightens pigmentation and dark spots while firming your skin and giving you even-toned skin. To give your skin a radiant look, this product is a must-try!

So, these are the best products by TAC that have the necessary vitamins and supplements involved. All the products make your skin and body healthy. They all are infused with natural ingredients that give your skin a radiant glow and make your body strong. Buy them from TheAyurvedaCo and get amazing offers. Hurry! Shop now!

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