Unravelling the Myths about winter skincare

Unravelling the Myths about winter skincare

We love the winter as it comes with hot chocolate, Christmas, and cozy movie dates. The sense of belonging and the natural glow it brings, but it comes with various myths as well. Like Santa’s existence, but some myths don’t need unravelling, as the saying goes ignorance is bliss, whereas some needs our attention.

With the change in seasons, our skin also changes, leading to various assumptions about right and wrong ways of taking care of oneself. Let’s get some clarity and discuss these myths.


1. Exfoliating is a bad idea

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, dirt, and grime that can result in breakouts and blackheads, as well as helps your skincare products in doing their job well. Now again, WHY WAS IT NOT IMPORTANT? It is.

Exfoliating your skin encourages healthy cells to come over to the surface. So be it winter or summer, exfoliation is super important, and adding natural products like T.A.C Kumkumadi Face Scrub to your winter skincare is an added advantage.

Scrubbing the face, Kumkumadi face scrub


2. Overuse of lip balms means less chapping

Applying a thick coat of lip balm doesn’t solve the problem, though it might be adding to it. Excess use of lip balm without sloughing off dry skin is absolutely ineffective. If it is the right lip balm one layer is enough, but before that use a lip scrub such as Kumkumadi lip scrub. Also, most lip balms contain perfumes or colors that lead to dehydration and damage. We suggest natural oil-infused lip balms and serums like T.A.C Kumkumadi Lip Serum for winter lip care.


3. Applying more cream means more hydration

It is the same for our body as it is for our lips. Heavy layers and constant application don’t mean more hydrated skin. It ends up damaging the skin as it doesn’t get time to breathe and heal. These are some reasons skincare in winter

becomes so important. Rather than applying heavy creams, one should go for hydrating and long-lasting lotions like T.A.C Kumkumadi body lotion. It works wonders on dry skin for both men and women.

Dry skin applying Kumkumadi body lotion


4. Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized in winter

Oily skin needs moisturization as well however, the only difference is; it needs light creams. Change in weather takes a toll on every skin type, even oily skin. It is recommended to have a balanced moisturizer like T.A.C Kumkumadi Day cream SPF 20 which helps in hydration and protects from UV rays.


5. Sunscreen is not a necessity

Sunscreen helps in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and helps in hydration. Dark clouds cannot stop these harmful rays as they have a direct effect on our skin. So, make sure sunscreen is always a part of your winter skincare regime. You can use T.A.C Kumkumadi Sunscreen with SPF 50 to protect your skin

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