Complete Skincare For New Mothers

Complete Skincare For New Mothers

There is nothing more exciting than becoming a mother. The joy you get from that cuddly soft little one adds hard work and responsibilities. With new responsibilities,  like emergency diaper changes, upside down sleep patterns and constant can shift your priorities from taking care of yourself and your skin to catering for the child. During the pregnancy term, you eat healthy and take every possible precaution, but after the everyday exhaustion post birth, your health, skin go for a toss. Your whole body goes through massive hormonal changes from weight gain to hair and skin problems. Remember, you can only take care of your little one when you take care of yourself.
Skin care for new mothers

Often, new mothers are told to not use cosmetics as the harsh chemicals present in them are considered harmful for her as well as the baby. Several gynecologists' suggest being careful about what you apply to your body. Due to which skin care becomes complicated and choosing best skin care for your sensitive skin gets you thinking and thinking some more. This is where Ayurveda helps, as natural skin care products are made with 100% organic formulations that safeguards the tender skin from toxins and allergens. Ayurveda nourishes and strengthens the delicate skin of the mother with best skin care products from face care to body care, without causing any troubles. 

5 Essential Skincare tips for a New Mom:

Natural skincare products
  1. Relax your body: Both postpartum and fetal require enough sleep and rest to regain energy and strength. Take out some time to do yoga and calm down the nerves.
  2. Massage therapy: Get a relaxing massage therapy from ayurvedic therapy oils to get relief from tightening muscles.
  3. Ayurvedic diet: Incorporate a healthy ayurvedic diet into your daily routine. Herbs like saffron, ashwagandha, shatavari add nourishment to the milk. Ayurvedic food rich in proteins, vitamins and nutrients keeps your internal organs healthy.
  4. Healthy skincare: Avoid skincare that has harsh chemicals and parabens and go for natural skin care products. Ayurveda not only provides nourishment to your skin but also is curated with natural organic products that doesn't harm your baby.
  5. Stay hydrated: Hydration is the utmost essential requirement for new moms. Lack of hydration can be visible in the form of lethargy & tiredness, and reflect on the skin with dryness, flakiness & itchiness. The daily exertion can drain your body and skin, while drinking enough water will keeps your body active. For deep moisturization, choose a moisturizer for dry skin that is rich in natural butters like Shea & Cocoa.

The Ayurveda Company presents Ultimate Eladi, Triphala & Hemp Seed Body & Face Polishing Range for new mothers

It'snot possible for a new mother to follow a lengthy routine with multiple skincare steps and bodycare regime. This is why TAC offers a simple face care routine and body care with natural ingredients for new mothers. To get that soft and supple skin, try TAC's ultimate body and face polisher with the goodness of Eladi, Triphala and Hemp seed. Curated with 100% natural ingredients, these oily skin care products gently clears acne and reduces cellulite. Eladi exfoliates the clogged pores, flushes out extra sebum, and shields from acne and blemishes. Eladi oil, due to its detoxifying properties, is considered safe for massaging new mothers as well. Triphala is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that deal with skin issues like wrinkles and early signs of ageing. Hemp seed is infused with omega 3s and omega 6s fatty acids that help moisturize the dry and patchy skin and provide healthy skin

Eladi, Triphala and Hemp Seed face and body glow oil illuminate, and penetrate the deepest layer of the skin to unwind, rejuvenate and brighten the skin tissues. With goodness or rare Himalayan herbs it works together to benefit the skin's texture and fights wrinkles and fine lines. Daily use post shower diminishes the cellulite and detan by transforming to healthy-looking skin. 

Irregular sleeping patterns are pervasive among new mothers. The loss of proper sleep can cause dark circles and swollen skin. Don't worry! TAC brings you collagen-boosting Under Eye Cream infused with hyaluronic acid, natural retinol, argan oil, babchi seeds and potato starch. 

Under eyes have the thinnest skin, and a minor setback in your daily routine directly visible through the signs. Hyaluronic acid retains the moisture and protects your under eyes from getting dry and wrinkly. Argan oil and babchi seeds have anti-microbial, antioxidants and anti-fungal properties that battle hyperpigmentation and redness. Potato is the epic natural brightening agent that depuffs and reduces the blackness under your eyes. Apply a dab of this natural skincare product on your clean face every night to get quick results. 

TAC'S natural skincare products are 100% organically curated and made with the Science of Ayurveda which provide results without any side effects and luxury to you and your loved ones.

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