The many Health Benefits of Coconut

The many Health Benefits of Coconut

Call it a nut or fruit; all parts of these tropically grown trees have been beneficial to mankind from time immemorial. The coconut tree is called the tree of life because it provides food, materials for shelter and other human necessities.
Health Benefits of Coconut
Type of coconut products:

Coconut Meat: The white raw flesh you see when you break the coconut shell is the coconut meat, and the consistency can vary from soft and juicy to slightly hard and crunchy. It is eaten directly or added to salads or curries. It has a slightly sweet taste and cooling properties.

Coconut milk: Coconut milk is extracted from coconut meat and contain Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCT is one of the healthiest fats and aids in weight loss and improves body metabolism.

There are two ways of extracting milk from a coconut. One is by squeezing out the milk from ground coconut paste using a muslin cloth. You can also extract coconut milk by boiling coconut scrapings in water and then filtering it.

Coconut water: Coconut water is generally found when you break the shell. The water from tender coconut is considered the best. It is hydrating and cooling for the body.

Coconut water is low in sugar but contains electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is definitely better than sports drinks, soft drinks or beverages like tea or coffee.

Coconut stem: The mature coconut stem is the trunk used in building furniture or household equipment. The edible part of the coconut stem is obtained by cutting the tree between trunk and the portion where the leaves emerge. It is white in colour, cold in potency, and can cure bleeding disorders. Edible coconut stem is a delicacy in some parts of India and around the world.

Coconut flowers: Coconut flowers are commonly used as a decorative material in temple functions and weddings. These flowers also have medicinal values. They are known to cure diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. They are also a folklore remedy for acidity and indigestion.

Coconut flowers are rich in zinc and iron. It is consumed as medicine by women post-delivery to regain strength and energy.

Coconut nectar: Coconut nectar is obtained from coconut flowers and is very good to cure constipation. Coconut flowers boiled in milk contain the nectar and cleanse the uterus. Coconut nectar also improves women's lactation after delivery and is a galactagogue.

Coconut embryo: Coconut embryos are soft and spongy apple like structures found inside the coconut shells. These germinate and develop into young coconut trees. Coconut embryos have antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic properties and is an excellent immune booster. Since they are in germinating phase, they are rich in antioxidants and also metabolic rate.

Coconut husk: Coconut husk is the outermost portion of the shell. They are thick fibrous structures. Coconut husk is beneficial in manufacturing household articles such as ropes, carpets, mats, mattresses, and even fabric. They are also used in gardening to hold the soil together and to retain moisture.

Coconut Oil for skin:
  • Coconut Oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can heal acne, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. Coconut oil is infused with a few drops of tea tree or Vitamin E to accelerate the healing process.
  • Coconut oil is highly nourishing and moisturizing to the skin. It is absorbed quickly and crosses the epidermal barrier soon after application. Include coconut oil in your daily skin care routine.
  • Coconut oil massage increases collagen production. This helps in maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin. TAC Eladi, Triphala and Hempseed Face and Body Glow oil contain the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs and coconut oil that also prevents cellulite.
  • The main benefit of using Coconut oil on face is Coconut oil has anti-ageing properties that help prevent wrinkles, fine lines and crow feet.
  • Apply coconut oil on the face after exfoliation to soothe the skin. Coconut oil can also applied over the skin of nose after removing blackheads.
  • Coconut oil prevents and treats blemishes, dark patches over the skin and pigmentation. TAC Eladi, Triphala and Hempseed Sunscreen with SPF 50 is best for protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation.
Coconut Oil for hair:
  • Coconut oil is the best for the scalp and hair. It improves the texture of the hair, prevents frizz and split ends. TAC Methi Bhringaraj Amla Oil has the goodness of coconut oil that repairs the hair follicles.
  • Coconut oil is also known to prevent and treat dandruff when applied regularly. It is true when people say edible coconut oil fix dandruff.
  • The lauric acid present in coconut oil is easily absorbed into the hair shaft.
  • Coconut oil helps your hair grow much faster than regular oils by preventing protein damage from the hair. TAC Red Onion Oil nourishes scalp, enhances hair volume and adds shine to the hair.
  • Benefits of applying Coconut oil on hair: Protects the hair from harmful UV rays, dust, pollutants, and other environmental damage.
  • Coconut infused with some essential oils like tea tree oil or clove oil prevents lice infestation.

Virgin Coconut oil- Benefits:

Virgin coconut oil is prepared by boiling coconut milk for some time until it starts secreting oil. This obtained oil is less dense and can be even used on the skin below the eyes. It does not give any burning sensation to the eyes. Virgin coconut oil is 100% pure and improves good cholesterol levels in the blood. The antioxidant levels in Virgin coconut oil is twice as compared to regular coconut oil. Consuming Virgin coconut oil also reduces body fat and improves metabolism leading to weight loss.

Home remedies with coconut for various disorders:

  • Tender fruits of coconut that are the size of areca nuts are good for curing diseases of the eyelids. The soft portion at the base of the fruit is rubbed against a stone, and the paste is applied onto the boils/stye over the eyelid.
  • The inner part containing the kernel of a tender coconut shell is scrapped and taken on an empty stomach to cure white discharge.
  • Coconut oil is a sure shot for various ailments, including eczema, sunburn and dry skin. It has antimicrobial properties that make coconut oil even cure dandruff issues.
  • Coconut water cures burning sensation, Urinary tract infection, chronic thirst and acidity.
  • A paste of coconut flowers is taken with honey to cure bleeding disorders.
  • Coconut water is rich in minerals and best to regain consciousness and strength.
  • Oil pulling with coconut oil is known to prevent dental caries, treat tooth sensitivity and diseases of the gums.
  • Applying coconut oil infused with garlic is known to heal muscular pains.
  • Applying coconut oil to the cuticles of the nails gives a shine to the nails and improves nail growth.
  • Coconut oil for face: Dabbing a few drops of coconut oil over the edges of the eyes reduces the appearance of crow lines on the face. The same can be done to prevent smile lines and wrinkles.
  • Coconut oil is the best make-up remover. It also cleanses the skin off dirt and dust.
  • Coconut oil is also known to cure rosacea and many other skin ailments.
  • Taking 1 tsp of coconut oil every day improves brain functions. Coconut oil crosses the blood-brain barrier and even helps with Alzheimer's disease.
Benefits of coconut oil massage in the naval:

Naval is known as Manipuraka chakra, connected to the nervous system. It is also connected to the blood vessels that carry nourishment to all parts of the body. Massaging the belly button with coconut oil nourishes all parts of the body. Its main benefits are seen on the facial skin, lips, and even the reproductive system.

Massaging the belly button with coconut oil has numerous benefits:
  • It prevents dry and chapped lips
  • Improves fertility
  • It cures dry skin and facial acne.
  • Also has anti-ageing benefits.
Now, you know why coconut oil can fix almost anything- your skin, your hair, your gut and even your heart health!
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