6 Effective Benefits of Using Aloe vera for Skincare


When your skin is prone to acne, the first thing that comes to mind is Aloe Vera. But using the wonderous herb for skin goes far beyond just treating acne. The versatile Aloe Vera Plant offers ample benefits to your body, skin and hair.  

Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant that you can grow in your garden or balcony. It consists of 99% water and is used in everything from shampoo and beauty products to nutritious drinks and diet supplements.   

What is Aloe Vera as per Ayurveda?  

Aloe vera, as per Ayurveda, is called Ghrut Kumari, as every woman finds it beneficial for their skin, hair, health and wellness. Aloe vera is one of the plants with 99% water, making it the richest source of hydration for therapeutic uses. Ayurvedic scriptures refer to this herb as a "survivor" that stays alive with scarce water yet provides cooling properties. Let us understand by deeply diving into Aloe Vera's skincare benefits.  


Aloe Vera for face  

Our facial skin has two major concerns, hydration and moisturization. In simple words, water balance and oil balance. Aloe vera helps hydrate the skin and, therefore, must be used in juice form as a toner, serum, or gel base for quick absorption. If you are layering skincare, use a cleanser that removes excess oil and dirt from the face before moving on to the next step, Aloe.  

The best time to apply Aloe Vera Gel is after using an oil-based serum, as the gel helps seal the moisture without making the skin sticky. So, therefore, using aloe vera gel after applying serums is an excellent way of boosting hydration in the skincare regime.


Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin  

Hydrates and moisturizes skin  

One of the advantages of aloe vera is that it works as a natural skin moisturizer. Aloe vera softens the skin without making it oily or greasy or blocking the pores because it has a high-water content. Remove the gel from the aloe vera plant and apply it on your skin. It is a good substitute for moisturizers with chemicals sold on the market.  

Delays early signs of ageing  

As skin ages, it becomes drier and loses its flexibility. This causes the skin to wrinkle and develop fine lines. Aloe vera is a fantastic therapy to prevent these early indications of ageing by nourishing and whitening the skin.  

Reduces acne  

Aloe vera works like a magic wand to treat acne and detract from skin blemishes and scars. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components that lessen acne and promote the formation of new skin cells. The active compounds Aloin, Barbaloin and Aloe-emodin help treat acne due to their detoxifying activity on the skin. It removes excess sebum and germs and keeps acne in check.  

Treats sunburn  

Aloe vera is particularly good at treating sunburns, and other skin conditions brought on by exposure to the sun. Its anti-inflammatory effects calm the skin, give it a cool sensation, and reduce inflammation and redness from the sun's UV radiation.  

Soothes skin irritation  

Aloe Vera has cooling and soothing properties that balance Pitta dosha. As a Pitta pacifying herb, it is beneficial in reducing inflammation, redness, sunburns and puffy skin. It helps treat under-eye concerns and heat-induced skin eruptions.

Repair skin cells   

Rich in antioxidants derived from vitamins and minerals, this herb helps restore hydration in the skin by firming and toning it. It also minimises enlarged pores and keeps the skin youthful. It is rich in glycoproteins, essential nutrients that help repair skin concerns like scars and uneven skin tone and reduce pigmentation.  


Aftershave gel 

Aloe Vera works effectively on irritated skin caused by post-shaving or waxing. The antioxidants instantly rehydrate skin, soothes skin redness, irritations, red bumps on skin and heals damage. 


When to use Aloe Vera Gel?  

The most versatile aspect of using Aloe vera is that it can be used any time, whether in the morning skincare routine or at night. Even during the day, one can instantly massage the face using Aloe Vera to refresh the skin.  Aloe Barbedensis Miller is a species known for its skin healing benefits, and always make sure this is used to prepare the skincare products you may purchase. T.A.C Kumkumadi Aloe Vera Gel is made from pure Aloe Barbedensis Miller plant with powerful herbs like Saffron, Manjishta and Sandalwood.  

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