10% Vitamin C Face Serum , 30ml

Vitamin C Face Serum with Grapefruit for Toning & Brightening

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  • Tone, lighten & brighten your skin with naturally extracted Vitamin C. Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly & repairs skin layers to give you a healthy & radiant glow.

    Recommended Use: Twice, daily

    Regular Use:
    - Gives bright & glowing skin
    - Improves texture & complexion
    - Reduces open pores & pigmentation
    1. A NATURAL GLOW BOOSTER: Tone and brighten your skin naturally with 10% Vitamin C Face Serum with Grapefruit. The face serum for dry skin quickly penetrates deep into the skin, repairing its layers for healthy skin.
    2. TONE, LIGHTEN AND BRIGHTEN: Rich in antioxidants, it helps fight free radical damage, delays early signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, combats dark spots, and improves skin elasticity and skin complexion.
    3. BOOSTS SKIN COLLAGEN: Rich in vitamin C, the fast-absorbing face serum for glowing skin helps in hydrating skin, reverses pigmentation, and reduces pores, acne, and blemishes, giving your skin a radiant glow.
    4. MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Grapefruit and Oranges are highly potent in vitamin C, providing powerful skin protection. Licorice helps fade away dark spots and dullness, while Glycerin helps with skin moisturization.
    5. NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Devoid of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and artificial colorants, face serum for men and women is completely safe for all skin types. This 100% vegan and cruelty-free face serum are ISO and GMP-certified.
    6. CHOOSE AYURVEDA, CHOOSE T.A.C - Ayurveda is Safe, Effective, Long Lasting, Holistic, and, Kind to the World & You. T.A.C products are proudly Made in India (Swadeshi) and carry the rich Ayurvedic heritage of India.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 365 reviews
    Bhagay Ful

    really a great product..it brings a natural glow in your face.

    Sant /

    After using 1 mnth I'm reviewing this...This is budget and beginners friendly vitaminC serum.This removes dark spot and what I love the most is it is so light on the skin and no smell atol....U can go for it.

    Dhamender Oad

    It was so effective infact it showed its magic in 3 days i had many skin problems it was so tanned, rn my skin looks much younger , dark spots started to reduce and brightened my skin

    Jay kumawat

    Man can use that serum?


    Abbas Vishwas
    It's worthy

    To b honest , m feeling slightly changes in 10 days of use

    10% Vitamin C Face Serum
    ₹ 549.00
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