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1 Mar 2024
Full time

Job description

Location: Gurgaon

Primary responsibility includes:

1. To operate digital marketing platforms (Facebook, Google, You tube etc.) optimally, with sense of ownership.

2. New Campaign Creation

3. Advertisement Cost maintenance

4. Only data driven decisions to be taken.

Job responsibilities:

1. Creation & Managing of Advertising/Marketing Campaign

2. Optimization of the campaigns for the best results and Drive growth for the company.

3. Interacting with the Brand Team (In-house & Agencies) for the creation of Marketing collateral which must be marketed at the lowest possible costs.

4. Finding new advertising opportunities in terms of more advertising areas or in terms of ad platforms to increase the revenue while maintaining the required profitability.

5. Shall be ready to take complete control & responsibility for the platforms in terms of selection of creatives, ad copies, campaigns & targeting for both the advertising Inventory as well as Demographic targeting of the audience for a specific product and budget allotment for each run campaigns.

6. Creating an insightful report to give feedback for content creation for creating better creatives to help reduce advertising spends for reaching audiences.

7. Running analysis for improving ROIs of advertising.

8. Creating Analytical models to generate better performance.

9. Evaluating various marketing strategies and creating an alternative path for better results.

Preferred requirements:

1. Experience with digital marketing platforms

2. Good communication skills

3. A go-getter


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