Five Simple Ways to Adopt an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Five Simple Ways to Adopt an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

आयुष्यो वेदा ही आयुर्वेद।

Ayurveda is defined as "Ayushsyo Veda hi Ayurveda," meaning the science of life. As a healthcare system, its primary objective is to prevent disorders. To achieve this, one must abide by principles that help incorporate Ayurveda as a lifestyle.

Here is a step-by-step guide for those looking to start this journey:

Morning Routine

Ayurveda suggests waking up at "Bramhe Mhurat" before sunrise. Starting your day is an essential aspect that helps tune the body, mind and spirit with the cycle of nature known as "Circadian Rhythm". Activities like studying, exercising, reading scriptures, meditation etc. Flex the physical and mental health of the individual.

Hunger & Meal Timings

Eat only when you're hungry, in the same time window and stop just before you feel too full. We generally tend to stick to meal timings, but as per Ayurveda, we must not eat unless our digestive fire signals us, so that way, we can support the body's metabolism and digest the food well.

Thirst & Hydration

Drink water to your thirst and do not simply complete a specific quantity or liters. Overhydration causes many disorders and must be especially avoided around lunchtime and post-sunset. Avoid drinking a lot of water just before a meal and immediately after. Drinking a few sips is recommended while having the meal.

Seasonal Regime

Our body undergoes adaptive changes in different seasons. This is known as "Ritucharya", wherein regimes are prescribed for diet, lifestyle and rituals as per the season to align the body with external climate changes. These adaptations help the body effectively sync with our surroundings and experience health & wellbeing. To know more about your body constitution, sign up for the Dosha Quiz!

Wellness Rituals

Health extends to the harmony of mind, body and spirit in Ayurvedic living. Therefore, incorporating wellness rituals regularly is essential. Some crucial practices include "Gandusha" Oil holding and" Jivhanirlekhan" Scrapping the tongue with a copper scrapper. "Abhyanga" Application of oil to the body followed by Nalpamaradi Glow Oil, "Mukhabhyangam" face massage with Kansa Wand followed by Kumkumadi Face Oil and "Padabhyangam" Foot massage with Sesame oil.


  • Is an Ayurvedic diet vegan?
    Ayurveda doesn't promote a vegan diet. It suggests incorporating dairy-derived items such as Cow's Ghee daily, Buttermilk with meals, Milk and Curd as per your body constitution & Paneer occasionally. Honey is also used for its therapeutic benefits, such as relieving sore throat and aiding fat loss. One must follow a diet per their body constitution to reap its health benefits.
  • Can you consume non-vegetarian food when following Ayurveda?
    Yes, one can consume a non-vegetarian Ayurvedic diet as it firmly believes that the quality of nutrition directly impacts the body's health and well-being. The consumption of different sources of meat and fish affects the nourishment of the body as per their properties and, therefore must be consumed mindfully to suit the body type, season and time of the day.
  • Is it necessary to take herbs every day?
    Ayurvedic Herbs help elevate the health and well-being of individuals when taken correctly for the suitable duration in the correct dosage. However, it isn't necessary to consume herbs every day, especially unless your body needs them, as an excess of anything causes harm and may lose its efficacy if taken unnecessarily.
  • Does the Ayurvedic lifestyle help with weight loss?
    Yes, an Ayurvedic lifestyle can undoubtedly aid in weight loss. It ensures the digestive fire is well ignited, teaches mindful eating, and ensures physical activity, according to body constitution and season, reinforcing the biological clock.
  • How does an Ayurvedic lifestyle benefit health?
    Following an Ayurvedic lifestyle helps cultivate holistic choices in everyday personal care choices such as skincare, haircare and wellness products. One switch to sustainable products which are easy on the planet and support eco-friendly living.

To find out your Ayurvedic body constitution, Sign up for the Dosha Quiz now!

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