Chocolate: Nature’s Most Sumptuous Offering

Chocolate: Nature’s Most Sumptuous Offering

You deserve this chocolate because….

Ayurveda asks us to stay in balance & our body need all six tastes (rasa), sweet, bitter, salty, sour, pungent (vipaka) & astringent. And what is the best way of getting the bitter flavour from dark chocolate? From an Ayurvedic perspective Cocoa aggravates all Doshas & creates ama (toxins) in the body & the immense sugar content will pick on Kapha. Organic & raw cocoa is chock-full of healthy antioxidants, magnesium & iron which helps to step-up endorphins & boosts the mood. Midst winter, chocolate’s heating effects help cure the cold & its ability to raise serotonin may be a good reason to munch more chocolate.

Ayurvedic benefits of chocolate

Chocolate is generally thought of as a mood-altering comfort food & for its heart-healthy flavonoids & in research, it was found that people on a high-flavonoid diet had a lower risk of developing cardiovascular & coronary artery diseases. Occasionally, just one bite is all you need to release stress & bring back a deep, sweet breath. Not just that the brimming minerals in chocolate balances brain chemistry, enhances memory & makes you smart.

Chocolate’s charge in fertility stretches beyond passion as they warms & rouse the reproductive organs. The botanical name of chocolate, ‘Theobroma’, means “Food of the Gods” is a delight for all as it seems that there is both good & evil taking up residence inside the chocolate. This “love drug” is responsible for the feeling of excitement & alertness ofttimes associated with sloping downward in love. The other chemical found in chocolate is Anandamide, which turns on dopamine receptors leaving us wanting more of that feeling for longer periods of time.

Therefore, this love season allows the tempting dark chocolate to slowly melt, gently pressed & rolled around the palate like a secret or a sin.


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