Kajal Aggarwal shares her DIY beauty secrets and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Kajal Aggarwal shares her DIY beauty secrets and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle.

As featured on: Cosmopolitan India


In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan India, the actor speaks about the natural and homemade ingredients that are part of her skincare routine, how she stays physically fit, and the mental effect of those activities in her daily life. 

By Adit Ganguly

15 May 2023 


Whenever she enters a room, actor Kajal Aggarwal sure knows how to have all eyes on her. And as her name goes, she does seem to have a special place in her beauty closet for a kajal. It is not surprising given how it enhances the window to your soul. Taking that love to the next level, Aggarwal launched a personally-curated product ‘Kajal by Kajal’ in collaboration with T.A.C - The Ayurveda Co. 

The actor, in an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan India, speaks about how wearing kajal can enhance one’s non-verbal communication, her skincare secret and what horse riding and Kalaripayattu taught her. 

Cosmopolitan India: When it comes to skincare, it’s important to use products that have been made meticulously. ‘Kajal by Kajal’ a product that’s taken 180 days to make, perfectly embodies that, doesn’t it? 

Kajal Aggarwal: Well, it’s true what they say when one talks about ‘good things take their time’. ‘Kajal by Kajal’ is something that’s very special to me. I’ve been endorsing products for the past two decades now, but when you’re co-creating a product and know exactly how it’s made, the ingredients used, and the entire process of making it, it becomes your baby. I’m very excited and we’ve used very natural and high-grade ingredients such as almond oil, moringa, and a lot of ayurvedic properties. So, it’s genuinely very nurturing and good for your eyes as it heals them at the same time. 

CI: What is it about kajal that makes it one of the first things that one would notice on someone’s face? 

KA:  Now that’s very obvious, right? The eyes are the gateway to the soul. So, when you do look at someone’s eyes, you’ll notice if they’re wearing a kajal. With the majority of communication being non-verbal and a large part of that being through your expressions and eyes—so what better way to enhance it than through a kajal, and a safe one at that?

CI: How much of natural and ayurvedic products comprise your daily skincare and beauty routine? 

KA: As an actor, I have to wear make-up and be under harsh lights almost every day of my life. I believe in the philosophy of Ayurveda; it’s a science that is so ancient, and one that stands for healing via natural cures and remedies. I have to do a mix of natural ayurvedic products, but at the same time, I have to use commercial products as well, to be very honest with you. My kit is a mix of the two. 

CI: As far as homemade remedies are concerned, do you resort to kitchen ingredients for your skin and hair?

KA: I used to. When I was pregnant, I had all the time in the world to do all of this. Now, with the baby and with resuming work full-time, I don’t. But when I do get a chance, I oil my hair and use curd in it as well. The one thing that I do every day, that’s a natural secret of mine, is that I freeze coconut water as ice cubes and rub them before and after every shoot to close the pores and hydrate my skin. 

CI: Take us through the cleanup procedure that you practice before going to bed.

KA: It’s very basic, to be honest. I’m not a very fussy person. It’s cleansing, toning, and moisturising. 

CI: Amongst the many physical activities that see you in the best of shape, horse riding and Kalaripayattu find themselves on that list. Could you tell us the impact they’ve had on your life?

KA: I’ve done horse riding before. I was introduced to it a long time ago when I did Magadheera (S.S. Rajamouli's Telugu film in 2009) and got to do it again for Indian 2, a film that I’m currently shooting for. As far as Kalaripayattu goes, it’s the mother of all martial art forms. I was lucky to do both for the film. I took to the facets that both taught me. Horse riding taught me how to be one with an animal. You need to be such an empathetic person that you connect to the energy of the animal you’re riding. You can’t just sit on a random horse and start riding it. It’ll never work for you as you might fall or topple. This taught me selfless love—not just for human beings but for animals. I like the discipline that comes along with it. Kalaripayattu taught me resilience, and patience, to get up after a fall. I did it after my childbirth. So in my post-partum, it was difficult for me to bounce back and do such an activity that requires endurance. I think the one thing is discipline and consistency. 

CI: While we’ve spoken about you practising a healthy lifestyle physically, tell us about the effect that it’s had on you mentally. What are the other ways that you practice mindfulness?

KA: It brings me back to my previous answer. It’s taught me discipline. I’m an ‘early to bed, early to rise’ person. I wake up early with my baby, but I’m always been a morning person ever since I can remember. It’s kept me in that consistent routine that I love. Even if I break away, I love coming back to my routine. Discipline, consistency and resilience—that’s just become the way how I live my life. 

CI: What physical activities would you encourage expecting mothers to try out? And how should they tackle each trimester?

KA: I don’t have too many suggestions, but I can just say what I did. In my first trimester, I didn’t do anything. In my second, I did a lot of prenatal yoga. And in my third, I walked a lot and did a lot of stretching and a little bit of Pilates. 


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