Sunscreen with SPF 50 Protection

Summer Essentials Kit: SPF 50 Sunscreen with Eladi, Triphala & Hemp Seed

We are at the peak of sweltering summer heat, and with the gradual unlock, a lot of us have our long-overdue vacation travel plans finally falling into place. As we get ready to embrace the sun again, let's not forget to pack our summer essentials kit to protect against sun damage. Wondering what's all the fuss around a little bit of healthy Vitamin D? Fret not, we will explain why sun damage can become a major concern for your skin and the benefits of adapting to a simple everyday sunscreen ritual to assuage all your sun damage woes.

Sunlight is essential for most sentient beings that walk the earth. Ayurveda has also emphasized the importance of bathing in the early morning sunlight for a healthier life. Sunlight helps adjust the bodies Circadian rhythm to ensure a perfect sleep cycle. It is also one of the most crucial sources of Vitamin D that helps keep your Musko-skeletal structure strong by allowing the body to absorb Calcium. But, as the common adage goes, excess of anything can be harmful. The same goes for sunlight. Spending too long in the sun can have a damaging impact on the skin.

Prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause temporary skin damage (tans, burns, blistering & peeling) and more long-term damage like skin cancer. Too much exposure to the sun is also among the primary causes of premature ageing and skin pigmentation. Hence, it becomes essential that you stay mindful of taking active steps for sun protection, and in this battle against sun damage, sunscreen is your one faithful ally.


Summer Essentials Sunscreen with SPF 50 Protection

Sunscreens form a protective layer over your skin that defends it against sun damage while you spend your day outdoors. Each sunscreen has its own unique Sun Protection Factor (SPF) that marks the degree of sun protection the sunscreen can give to your skin. SPF 30 is prescribed by most as the minimum sun protection a sunscreen must have to defend your skin against sun damage. The SPF suitable for your skin will vary depending on the duration of sun exposure, the time of the day at which you are likely to get the sun exposure and the altitude where one resides.

Sunscreen blocks the sun's harmful UVA & UVB radiations, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of getting sun damage. Skin types with lower melanin levels are at a higher chance of contracting skin cancer if they receive prolonged sun exposure. Daily application of sunscreen helps you reduce the risk of developing skin cancers extensively.

Photo-ageing is the appearance of signs of premature ageing that directly link to sun damage suffered by your skin. It is often characterized by collagen breakdown, which can cause your skin to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Those who regularly apply sunscreen are less likely to see ageing make an early appearance than those who don't. Sunscreen also helps protect against dark spots caused by the sun, thereby making your skin more even-toned and flawless looking.

Sunscreens have considerably evolved over ages. Now one can pick from a massive array of SPF. You can choose a sunscreen based on whether it's gel or cream based, whether or not it has moisturizing properties or other such healing ingredients, whether it is water-resistant or not and even the kind of applicator packaging it comes in. In the attempt to find the perfect sunscreen for you, we can give you some help by suggesting TAC's SPF 50 sunscreen.

Skin Shielding Sunscreen with SPF 50 Protection

Now give your skin the necessary sun protection & hydration with TAC's weightless SPF 50 gel-creme sunscreen with its lightweight formula that has been infused with Eladi, Triphala & Hemp Seed. It has a non-greasy formula that defends against harmful UVA & UVB rays while soothing the skin. Step out in the sun with complete sun protection with our Eladi Triphala sunscreen and protect your skin against collagen damage keeping it looking young and youthful. Natural ayurvedic Herbs heal damaged skin. Infused with cooling agents like Aloe Vera & Cucumber, it soothes the skin and keeps it calm. It also helps in the removal of sunspots and hyperpigmentation and does not leave any residue.

The formula of this sunscreen is enriched with natural and plant-based organic ingredients and, therefore, is less likely to cause side effects.

So go out and soak in the bright sun but don't forget to apply your sunscreen and stay hydrated.

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The benefits of a sunscreen are so wonderfully explained! Thank you
Sonchary Goswami

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