How to Use a Face Serum for Removing Dark Spots

How to Use a Face Serum for Removing Dark Spots

With age, our skin gradually starts to lose it’s youthful freshness and starts showing signs of aging. Skincare experts opine that our skin starts to show some signs of aging like dark spots, pigmentation, dullness from the age of 25! Yes, believe it or not, your skin needs some extra nourishment from this point onwards.

Now, each skin is different and exhibits varied signs of aging. To target these varied concerns, specialized antiaging face serums are your best bet. Feeling skeptical? Sure, you can invest in a full-on anti aging routine but remember, too much products on your skin can also damage it. Experts recommend using face serums that target specific skin concerns like dark spots, dull skin and fine lines/wrinkles.

Why invest in serums?

If you have specific skin concerns, it is always a good idea to invest in products that are formulated with ingredients that specifically target these concerns. Also, skincare experts say that compared to other skincare staples, serums contain a higher percentage of active ingredients. Therefore, they are more potent and can easily enter your dermal layers.
Serum for Removing Dark Spots
However, there is a surprising twist here. It is that even with a high concentration of active ingredients, serums have a much lighter formulation and texture. If you are looking for some collagen and vegetal peptide-based skincare products, then serums are the way to go!

Types of face serums
  • Vitamin C Serums
    It is not a new fact that Vitamin C is a great antioxidant. In recent years, Vitamin C serums have gained widespread popularity and why not? They help repair environmental damage to the skin by inhibiting the production of free radicals. Vitamin C face serums effectively target blemishes and sun damage to help brighten the appearance of your skin . Also, they do not cause allergies in most cases. You can incorporate vitamin C serums as a part of your anti aging skin regimen. They work overnight to improve dullness and age spots.
    Vitamin C Serum
  • Brightening Face Serums
    Dull and dry skin accompanying you throughout the year? It’s time to change all of that with brightening facial serums that might contain a combination of various active ingredients that works well together. For example, many such serums designed for dull skin contain a combination of Vitamins C and E, ferulic acid, lactic acid, and kojic acid along with other ingredients that inhibit melanin production. For those who are not aware, melanin is a pigment naturally found in our skin and determines our current skin tone.
    If you are suffering from extreme tanning, sun damage or freckles, these brightening serums can work wonders for you!
  • Retinol Based Face Serums
    These serums are very effective in fighting clear signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, forehead and the mouth. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A which is known to have excellent anti aging properties. So, if you are someone over 45 years of age and showing some light fine lines, then investing in a retinol face serum can work wonders for your skin!
However, there are certain things to keep in mind before using them:
  • Retinol can react with different types of skin differently so experts recommend incorporating them gradually into your routine. For example, start with the lowest concentrated serum first.
  • Do a patch test. Apply some on your neck and wait for 48 hours. If there is no reaction, then use it on your face.
  • If in doubt, feel free to contact your dermatologist on how you can incorporate this product based on your skin conditions.
Hyaluronic Acid Face Serums

Now this one is for the oily and acne-prone beauties out there! Owing to their excellent hydrating and moisturising properties hyaluronic acid serum benefits your skin greatly. It helps to retain water and keep them hydrated throughout the day. Water seeps into the inner layers of your skin and your skin feels less thirsty and dehydrated. They impart a nice dewy glow to your skin and moisturize really well.

Now you might be wondering why you need hydration when you already have excess oil in your face? Dermatologists say that the very reason why there is excess oil on your skin is because your skin is dehydrated. This triggers your body to produce excess amounts of oil to make up for the dehydrated skin. Hyaluronic acid plumps up your skin and moisturises it well so there is less oil and sebum production. That is why oil-free hyaluronic acid serums work really well on oily skin.

Face serums with botanical extracts

This is the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin who want to create an anti-aging regimen without too many chemicals. This is because though these active ingredients are very beneficial, sensitive skin can break out into rashes on contact with them. That is why face serums with natural actives that have anti-aging properties are so popular.

While buying, look for ingredients like chia seed, green tea, glycolic acid and ascorbic acid extracted from lemons. These plant-based serums don't irritate sensitive skin. However, you have to use these products longer to see any visible results since they are not as potent as the chemical actives.

AHA+BHA Face Serums

Alpha( glycolic acid) and beta hydroxy acids( salicylic acid) have excellent exfoliating properties that work very well for oily and acne prone skin. Glycolic acid removes blemishes, decreases tanning and shrinks open pores. On the other hand, salicylic acid unclogs your pores and minimizes whiteheads/blackheads by regulating oil and sebum secretions. Both of these acids help remove dried skin debris to reveal your inner glow.

How to choose the right facial serum?

Now this is indeed a valid question considering the market is filled with facial serums of all budgets that claim a lot of things. Now, how to zero in on the one for you? Sounds difficult but it's not rocket science! Just keep in mind these two things:
  • As we have discussed before also, facial serums are designed to address specific skin concerns and should be used that way also. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here! Are you looking to improve your dull looking skin or do you wish to remove those pesky fine lines around your eyes? Know your requirements and then choose accordingly.
  • Not all skin types react well to all types of facial serums. If you have oily and acne prone skin then a face serum with retinoids or salicylic acid will work well. They exfoliate your skin, repair dark spots and brightens up the face. For mature and dry skin, we recommend looking for serums containing hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. Similarly, if your skin feels normal go with something containing glycolic acid since it helps trap in the natural moisture and refreshes your skin.
What is the best way to apply a face serum?

Here are few pointers to increase the efficiency of your face serums:
  • Apply your serum as quickly as possible after cleansing your face.
  • Differentiate your serums for day and night use.
  • Customize your serum usage. If you have oily skin, you can use the serum as your moisturizer. Dry skin people can use the serum underneath their moisturizer.
  • You can use face serums as a base under your makeup.
  • For nighttime serums, make sure not to layer too many products over them. The serums already contain a high amount of active ingredients that can react with other components and cause breakouts.
  • Make sure your hands are clean. Also, don't rub the product on too much to avoid reactions.
Do these while choosing a serum for yourself:
  1. ALWAYS conduct a patch test before applying any serum on your face.
  2. Make sure to keep the serums away from your eye area. They usually contain a lot of actives and might irritate your eyes.
  3. Choose your serum wisely taking your skin type into consideration.
  4. Stay away from layering or mixing serums. Each serum has a specialised set of ingredients. By mixing serums, you risk mixing in incompatible ingredients that might cause unwanted reactions.
  5. Never go all in with face serums. Start with lower concentrations as you introduce your skin gradually to the actives.
Our Product Catalogue

TAC has a wide range of facial serums suitable for your varied skin concerns. Take a look and choose the one that suits your skin the most.
  • 10% Natural Niacinamide and 1% Yashtimadhu Zinc Serum - Niacinamide is an elixir for dull and pigmented skin. Paired alongside ayurvedic ingredients like Triphala and Yashtimadhu, this skin brightening face serum works from within the deeper layers of your skin to clear dark spots, hydrates your pores and lends you glass skin.

  • 2% Natural AHA BHA Skin Peeling Facial Serum - Clear flawless skin is no more a dream! Get hold of this hydrating face serum containing 1% natural salicylic acid that buffs away dead skin cells and unclogs pores helping your skin breathe. The potato starch and tomato extracts present in the serum has a bleaching effect and illuminates your skin. It is also packed with essential oils that provide hydration to oily acne-prone skin.

  • Tea Tree Face Serum - A luxury serum for dark patches and inflamed skin, this one is for oily sensitive skin! Packed with the goodness of neem which has excellent antiseptic properties, this serum controls excess oil production and leaves skin looking fresh all day! Neem helps absorb excess oil and dirt while healing inflammation and scars which makes your face bright and glowy.
    Tea Tree Face Serum
  • 10% Natural Vitamin C Serum - Carefully crafted by fusing modern science with Ayurvedic ingredients, this vitamin C face serum is packed with hyaluronic acid as well as green tea and cucumber extracts. Hyaluronic acid plumps up your skin barrier so that it is able to retain moisture and gives your skin an youthful appearance. It also removes premature wrinkles and helps in the production of collagen that improves your skin texture. Green tea and cucumber extracts have a cooling effect and helps protect against rashes and breakouts. If you are looking for a good hyaluronic acid serum to suit sensitive skin, go for this one!

  • Ubtan Turmeric Face Serum - The wedding season is in and so is the need for fresh, glowy skin! Natural ubtan curated from turmeric, sandalwood oil and saffron, this is the perfect way to usher in glowing skin this winter! Together they work to heal skin damage and protect it from inflammation. What’s more, this ubtan face serum also contains bio collagen and Vitamin C which repairs skin tissues and lends a healthy glow to your skin by reducing pigmentation and dark spots.
    Ubtan Turmeric Face Serum
  • 10% Vitamin C and 2% Retinol Face Serum - Mature, aging skin needs specialised solutions. That is why this brightening face serum made with a blend of Vitamin C and retinol improves overall complexion and evens out your skin tone. Packed with the goodness of sea buckthorn that has anti aging properties and neroli that helps treat acne prone skin and reduce redness and irritation. Also contains rose oil that nourishes your skin lending you a healthy glow.

Wrapping up the discussion

As our skin matures, age spots and dark patches are a common occurrence. Now while it's great to age gracefully, it doesn't mean we will ignore our growing skin concerns. Treat your skin well and remember- a little goes a long way in skincare. You don't even need too many products. Just your basic skincare and a good anti-aging serum is all you need to maintain that glowy and youthful appearance. With so many facial serums designed for various skin types and concerns, taking your pick should not be difficult. You can check TAC’s range of brightening face serums containing various Ayurvedic ingredients blended with modern solutions. High customer satisfaction is our pride. We encourage you to shop our products and experience the difference firsthand!

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