Exercises for sculpted face and glowing skin

Exercises for sculpted face and glowing skin

Our body is made up of muscles which help carry our weight with the help of bones, joints and tendons. In order to keep these muscles functioning to its optimum utility and stay fit, one must ensure regular exercise, a nutrient rich diet and an active lifestyle. Similarly, when it comes to the skin, the facial muscles require regular exercise to keep it firm & toned in addition to the right diet, lifestyle and adequate sleep. Due to a lack of selfcare, the skin tends to lose its lustre, appears dull, sags and leads to premature ageing. Here is a guide to achieving sculpted face and glowing skin:

1. Face Yoga

These are a set of exercises & postures that engage the 43 facial muscles present on our face resulting in youthful and toned skin. These exercises must be practiced regularly for best results, starting from 15 minutes and the routine must be built with time. Five easy poses for beginners: Cheek lifter, Happy cheeks sculpting, Eyebrow lifter, Jaw & Neck firmer & Temple developer.

2. Pranayama

The yogic breathing techniques which help oxygenate the body and remove toxins & other impurities is beneficial for achieving glowing skin. When the skin has been purified internally, the cells receive a boost of energy due to active oxygenation that radiates from within and improves the skin texture, appearance and complexion. Practice the breathing techniques like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom & Bhramari for holistic skincare benefits every morning.

3. Facial Marma massage

Marma are energy whirls which help in stimulating the muscles that firm, tone & add radiance to the skin. By using firm strokes, the face must be massaged with the help of suitable face oil, so as to improve the glide and nourish the skin. Practice this at least thrice a week for best results.

4. Kansa Wand

The Kansa wand is an ancient tool that is made up of Kansa metal, an alloy of copper and tin, along with Neem wood wand; for gripping support. This metal has an important Ayurvedic significance, that helps draw out toxins and excess heat; Pitta, resulting in improved blood circulation & de-stressed skin. This tool must be used in night skincare routine, with Ayurvedic face oil like T.A.C Kumkumadi Tailam on cleansed skin for best results.

5. Other beauty tools

Apart from Kansa wand, there are other tools like Rose Quartz facial roller and Kansa Coin which are also effective for sculpting and toning the skin. Rose Quartz is well suited for Indian skin as it is cooling and soothing in property. While Kansa coin like its counterpart, has the same benefits as a metal but due to its defined shape needs more practise and guidance for achieving the desired results.

All of these different types of natural face sculpting methods are free from side effects and adverse reactions. However, these must be done with caution if a beginner, preferably under the guidance of an instructor until consistent. Experience the goodness of Kansa Wand, Kansa Face roller and Kwansha Coin in your skincare regime with T.A.C Facial Tools which are made up of pure certified Kansa.

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