Body lotion for dry and dull skin

Body lotion for dry and dull skin

Our skin is like a sponge, it absorbs the liquids that come in contact with it. Especially if completely dry, its ability to allow deeper penetration increases. During the winter season, we observe that the body absorbs all the moisturizer that is applied to the skin and yet gets dry and dehydrated afterward. Let us understand the right body care steps for winter to combat dry, dull, and itchy skin.

1. Skip the long hot showers

The longer you stay in the shower during winter the more your skin gets dehydrated. Do not use very hot water as it may strip the natural moisture of your skin, stick to normal or lukewarm water only. As much as it’s tempting to stay longer in the shower during the cold months it’s only going to do you more harm than good.

2. Say no to razors

Hair removal methods should be chosen mindfully as it causes friction to the skin’s topmost layer. Waxing, hair removal creams, and epilators are better alternatives to shaving with a razor as it there are higher chances of eruptions, rashes, knicks, and cuts. Since the skin is generally moist while shaving, it is more prone to dehydration and dryness. So, try to avoid razors as much as possible.

3. Make oil your best friend

Using Ayurvedic oils infused with skin-repairing and moisturizing herbs are a must for this season. The best time to use oil is in the morning hours after waking up, apply it to all joints and all major muscles that tend to get stiff. You may also use warm sesame oil for this and leave it on for at least an hour, you may exercise, take a walk in the nature or do sunbathing, and take a warm shower after.

4. Apply body lotion on damp skin

Post-shower is the best time to use a body lotion, as our skin absorbs the moisture better and penetrates into deeper layers of the skin. It hydrates the skin and seals in nourishment to ensure skin remains soft and supple. For a hint of rose and creamy smoothness of milk apply the T.A.C Kumkumadi body lotion, it is the best body lotion for dry skin. Both men and women can use them daily post bath.

5. Night body care is incomplete without body butter

During bedtime, our body is at rest and requires a rich formulation to repair the dry, rough, and cracking skin. So, replenish it with body butter made with the goodness of Kumkumadi herbs alongside Cocoa, Shea, and Mango butter in T.A.C Kumkumadi Body butter. Apply a generous amount on all exposed areas of the body, particularly the feet and hands. You may wear woolen socks post this for best results.

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