Benefits of Organic Soaps for Skin

Benefits of Organic Soaps for Skin

Why should we care about our soap?

Benefits of Organic Soaps
Soaps or skin cleansers are a necessity. They come in various shapes, sizes, colours and scents and what’s more- not all soaps serve the same purpose.

You can often see commercial soaps being classified as beauty bars, deodorizing bars, antibacterial soaps and many others. But how much of these claims are really true? Not all commercial soaps that are marketed to be antibacterial are that effective. Also, how many times have you felt the need to moisturize your skin right after bathing because your skin feels dry? This is probably because of the synthetic chemicals and the harsh dyes/preservatives in your “beauty bar”.

Organic soaps, on the other hand, are safe to use and are packed with natural goodness. They are devoid of any harmful chemicals like phthalates and parabens that are normally found in commercial soaps. In fact for those with sensitive skin, bathing daily with organic soaps has proven to be beneficial in the long run.

Sure, they might be a tad bit costlier compared to conventional soaps but the benefits of organic soaps far outweigh the cost.

Here are some of the most common synthetic compounds found in commercial soaps

Synthetic Compound Name The Possible Effects on our health
Cocamidopropyl Betaine Can cause allergic reactions and skin sensitivity.
Butylatedhydroxy anisole/Butylatedhydroxy toluene Suspected to be carcinocens. They can also cause irreparable damage to your liver.
Diethanolamine Can cause liver and kidney cancer.
Dioxane Can cause skin sensitivity. Also, cause liver and kidney damage.
Formaldehyde Cause asthma, neurotoxicity as well as some developmental toxicity.
Methylisothiazonilone Causes skin irritation and allergies. Can be very harmful for sensitive skin.
Parabens Heavily damages the skin and are suspected to alter hormonal functions in the body.
Pthalates Can cause endocrine disruptions, breast cancers as well as deformed birth.
Polyethylene Glycol(PEG) They have been proven to be carcinogens.
SLS and SLES Known to trigger massive skin allergies on contact.
Synthetic Fragrance Contains possible allergens. People with smell sensitiveness can develop allergies.
Triclosan Antimicrobial pesticides that harms the environment and affects the reproductive system.


Why choose organic handmade soaps?

  1. They are naturally moisturizing!
    Confused? You must have heard about glycerine right? It is a natural compound derived from vegetable oils and is known for their moisturizing properties. Organic soaps contain glycerol along with other natural substances.
    What most people don’t know is that the so-called moisturizing beauty bars that you get in the market are not at all moisturizing because during their production process these bars go through a glycerine extracting regimen. The glycerin extracted is then put into body lotions and creams of the same variant to cut down on production costs.
    If you have sensitive and dry skin, we recommend trying the ayurvedic handmade soaps from TAC.

  2. Cruelty-free skin-friendly products
    Organic soaps for skin are made up of natural ingredients which means that they are never tested on animals. In fact, animal testing is not even required because these soaps are free from any pesticides or synthetic compounds that can be tested on animals for adverse reactions Cruelty-free and true to the intention of nourishing your skin, these cruelty free organic soaps do not need mass factories for mass scale production. Intrigued?
    Organic soap manufacturers rely on smaller facilities and use botanical herbs and extracts to produce the soaps. Usually coconut and palm oil are the main ingredients to which essential oils like lavender oils or tea-tree oils, spices or fruits are added based on the purpose of each soap. Even if some products have some animal fat, it will be clearly mentioned in the label. Therefore there is no need to worry! These natural and ayurvedic soaps are also dermatologically tested and do not harm the skin.

  3. Skin-friendly ingredients
    Most commercial soaps contain synthetic ingredients. Afterall when a company is mass producing stuff, they tend to cut down on production costs in order to churn out more products at a time.
    Now while it's great for the company’s profit margin, these so-called “skincare soaps” are not that good for your skin. These synthetic products tend to dry out your skin. Moreover, they mostly contain parabens, sulphates and triclosan all of which can trigger allergies and in extreme cases can even cause cancer.
    Organic and ayurvedic soaps use natural ingredients like coconut and olive oils, shea butter and grass-fed tallow that have been proven to be extremely nourishing for the skin. Along with these, other natural ingredients like jasmine, patchouli, haldi and chandan are also used to give your skin the daily dose of care it needs. In fact, regular showering with organic soaps have been proven effective against eczema, acne and even sunburn.

  4. Easily customizable
    Right from lavender and tea tree soap to the more exquisite lemongrass and patchouli, organic handmade soaps have their own appeal. Do you know why? Because you can get it made the exact way you want. A batch of soap can easily be customized to your liking by adding the fragrances and herbs you like. Imagine showering everyday with the one scent you identify the most with- exciting right? In fact, a lot of customized organic soap manufacturers let you choose the texture, colour, shape and size of your soap as well.
    On the other hand, this is not possible with synthetic commercial soaps because they are just what it is- commercial! They are mass produced and sold without any consideration for personal requirements and preferences.

  5. Supports local handmade soap manufacturers
    Handmade soap manufacturing is still a niche market in India. It is still a very localised business and is carefully crafted by a bunch of experts with love. Therefore, the money Circulates locally. You can buy directly from the farm or local handmade soap stores to help them.

  6. Go organic to ensure a better future
    Ayurvedic and handmade soaps are completely natural and do not produce any harmful toxins or byproducts while they are being produced. These soaps break down easier after use and simply assimilate into the surroundings without causing any harm to the water, air or wildlife in any way.
    We all live in the care of Mother Nature and hence we all have a responsibility towards our environment as well as to our future generations. This eco-friendliness of organic soaps alone should be compelling enough to choose them over commercially made ones.

  7. As Natural as can be
    As discussed before, no natural products are harmed during the production process of these soaps and that’s why their properties also remain untouched. That is why, they can ACTUALLY nourish your skin and reduce any inflammation and sensitivity. Also, they help maintain your skin’s pH levels without stripping them off natural oils. Get a hold of our giloy sugar soap or the tea tree soap for clear and healthy-looking skin all day!

  8. Glycerine and more Glycerine!
    You must have heard about glycerine a lot of times from your grandmothers and mothers. And why not? Glycerine is natural yet very effective in moisturising. Before this huge wave of commercial body lotions and creams existed, glycerine was the answer to all your skincare woes and guess what, it still is!
    During mass production of commercial soaps, glycerine is extracted from the soaps to increase their shelf life so that they can sit in the store for a long time and also to put this in other moisturising products. First, you use the soap and get your skin dry and then moisturise with a body lotion. Why bother if the glycerine is already in your soap? Organic soaps do exactly that and more. Sure, organic soaps would cost more but it is certainly less than a soap and body lotion together right?

  9. No preservatives
    Sure, organic soaps have a very small shelf life but for all the good reasons. The preservatives that are used in commercial soaps can be toxic to skin and health of other living beings. We encourage you to make a healthier lifestyle choice by switching to organic soaps and cleansers.

  10. Natural protective properties
    Most commercial grade antibacterial soaps contain triclosan, sulfates and other toxic chemicals that can affect your skin and cause hormonal imbalance too in extreme cases.
    Natural soaps contain organic antibacterial agents like essential oils. With a variety of alluring fragrances, these oils have excellent anti-bactericidal properties. Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree are all excellent oils that are also great for use everyday.

  11. Aromatherapy
    Yes, believe it or not certain fragrances have the power to revitalize your mind and calm your senses. Depending on when you are using it, bathing with organic soaps will have a positive impact on your health and mind.
    Although a lot of commercial soaps claim to have “goodness of nature”, how much of that fragrance is really natural? No amount of research in the laboratory can replicate the heavenly aroma of pure essential oils.

Now that you know about the various benefits of organic soaps, you must be wondering where you can buy this. Well, you can try TAC’s uniquely handcrafted organic soaps suited for your various moods and requirements. Additional perk- they come in a set of 3! Read on to know more about what we are offering.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Haldi Chandan Sugar Soap
  • Haldi Chandan Sugar Soap (Pack of 3)- Say hello to healthy, radiant-looking skin with this haldi chandan soap packed with nature’s bounties. Along with turmeric, sugar and sandalwood, it has intense moisturising agents like kokum butter and castor butter that helps fight wrinkles, locks in moisture and gives your skin the desired glow. It also contains a special ingredient called chaaulmugra that helps protect sensitive skin and prevents breakouts.

Jasmine Sugar Soap

  • Jasmine Sugar Soap (Pack of 3)- If you are really wishing for that invigorating morning shower, then this is the best herbal soap ever! With more than 90% of users reporting improved skin texture and a long lasting aroma, this one from our house is surely a keeper. The alluring scent of jasmine will energize you immediately while the goat milk will nourish your skin. Coconut oil helps boost collagen production while the neroli and rosehip essential oils rejuvenate and combat acne and pigmentation. Regular use is sure to work magic on your skin.

Tea Tree and Giloy Sugar soap

  • Tea Tree and Giloy Sugar soap ( Pack of 3)- Does your skin feel dry and dull at all times? Have you been suffering from inflamed skin and acne problems? Well, chances are your commercial “antibacterial” soap is actually doing more harm than good. Try our giloy sugar soap infused with the goodness of burnt sugar and natural butters that exfoliates and intensely moisturises your skin. Tea tree is very well known for its antiseptic properties and reduce acne and scars while the giloy purifies the skin and improves the overall skin texture.

  • Activated Charcoal Sugar Soap (Pack of 3)- Tired of excess shine and grease on your face and body? Well, your oily skin needs just needs a boost of something extra. Our new, improved charcoal sugar soap helps extract dirt and grime effectively from your body and keep it squeaky clean. The activated charcoal exfoliates while the green tea extracts helps delay signs of aging by repairing sun damage. Jojoba and almond oil deeply moisturises and evens out the skin complexion. Goat milk helps protect sensitive oily skin from itchiness and redness.

Our Final Impression

By now, we are sure you are convinced already. With the myriad long term benefits they provide, the slightly high price point of ayurvedic handmade soaps should not be a bother. On the other hand, commercial soaps can surely come cheap, but you are risking your health in the process. From allergies to skin irriration to more serious health effects, commercial soaps can wreak havoc with your skin and body. That is why we urge you to choose wisely! If you want, you can go through TAC’s own range of handmade organic soaps that will suit your various requirements. So, which one is your favourite?

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