A Guide to Skincare Routine for Changing Season

A Guide to Skincare Routine for Changing Season

With the gradual drop in temperature, a breezy cold in the morning air and sudden desire to layer up in woolens, Winter descends and how. This season change often cause various shifts in our body, which starts to show visible signs on the skin. When your skin starts acting peculiar, with dullness, dryness and irritations, we often misunderstand and carry on with our skincare routine. But this is to be noted, that change in weather leads to a lot of shifts in our everyday routine, which includes switching to a skin care routine that fulfills the needs of winter season.

One needs to understand how the skin behaves during changing season. During Winters , the weather shifts to the colder side with the humidity level dropping in the air. This makes the air cold and dry causing quick evaporation of the water in your skin. It makes the skin feel and look dry and tight and often leads to flakiness.

Why do Skin get Dry in Winters?

The temperature starts to drop during end of October and cold weather leads to quick evaporation, making the water evaporate from the body and getting a lot of dehydration. Dehydrated skin is prone to many irritations and allergies. Harmful ultraviolet rays are one of the prominent causes of chronic skincare diseases, including psoriasis and eczema. The rays damage the skin' protective barriers, let’s the moisture out of the skin, causing a loss in elastin. Did you know the chemicals in synthetic skincare or beauty products when they meet the sun are out can threaten your skin? Hence, it's essential to maintain a proper ayurvedic skincare ritual with natural and organic ingredients that shield your skin from harmful radiations and reduce the chances of inflammation.

Skin pampering should not be limited to weekends or when the skin demands for it. Every day should be a way to care for the skin and relax it. With this positivity, we have curated the perfect ayurvedic skincare ritual for changing season.

Changing season skincare routine with Ayurveda

  1. Soothe your skin with a Cleanser
    When it comes to soothing the dry, parched skin, we should go for highly hydrating products that can easily get absorbed into the skin and moisturize it. The major challenge that cold weather causes is the lack of moisture. Amplifying moisture plays a crucial role in preventing dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines, photoaging, etc. Cleansers which are rich in moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid helps replenish the moisture requirements of the skin.
    This season, go for a facewash with naturally extracted & created Vitamin C, E, & HA foaming face wash. It protects against skin damage and helps repair broken cells. It has antioxidant properties that help in protecting the skin from the UV rays of the sun. It has properties of melanin which results in lighter pigmentation and reduces the brown spots in the skin.
  2. Pacify your skin with skin polishers
    The daily dryness that this weather infuses on the skin leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells and dullness. The daily shedding of skin cells can clog your face, leading to blackheads, pimples, and a dry, lifeless complexion. This can be avoided by using a gentle exfoliator on the skin to reinvoke the bright, soft and glowing skin.
    Face Polishers
    Use Eladi, Triphala and Hemp Seed Face Polisher in your everyday ayurvedic skincare regime. It helps with mild scrubbing of the dead skin cells, cleanses pores to avoid dirt and grime from getting trapped, and repairs the protective layer of the skin. Made with Ayurveda’s choicest Eladi, Triphala, this face polisher completely detoxifies the skin for beautiful, illuminating radiance. Hemp Seed blesses the skin with a smooth and glowing texture and heals the protective barrier. It is a detan and illuminating formula that gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells.
  3. Replenish your skin with a Toner
    After cleansing, the first thing to follow with is a hydrating toner. It helps to seal the pores with water compounds, hydrates the surface and also removes any residue that’s left after cleansing. Toners not only wipe out the residue but also balances the pH balance of the skin. Avoid using alcohol-based toners as they might cause inflammation and hinder the sensitive skin barrier if it comes in direct sunlight. Adopt the usage of ayurvedic skincare that will prevent your skin from further damage.
    Try the healing properties of Triphala & Yashtimadhu with plant-derived Niacinamide Skin Toner. It also helps in reducing acne & spots, balances excessive sebum secretion, inflammation & open pores. With regular use, you can get visibly tight & supple skin with reduced fine lines & wrinkles while leaving the skin fresh & toned.
  4. Seal in the moisture with Body Oils
    Body oils are the holy grail in winters for dry, parched skin. Blends of Ayurveda’s ingredients, these oils are the infusion of active natural ingredients that deliver softer, firmer-looking skin. Body lotions are often replaced with body oils because they penetrate the skin layers better and moisturize well. Ayurvedic skincare oils are great for dry skin, but it has also proven beneficial for sensitive skin.
    Eladhi Body Oil
    Take a few drops of the Face and Body Glow oil enriched with Eladi, Triphala and Hemp Seed. This lightweight formula works deeply to moisturise the skin. Meticulously blended Eladi Oil & Triphala Powder with multitudes of natural goodness, this Face & Body Glow Oil works on your skin's deepest layers to unwind, rejuvenate and brighten it. Rare Himalayan herbs, with their mystical properties, work together to improve the skin's texture and add natural sheen. Best used at night post-shower, it reduces tan & cellulite and promotes bright & healthy skin. The therapeutic aroma enriched with notes of Ylang Ylang relax and soothe the senses. From the divine Eladi & Triphala range, the oil is efficient in restoring the skin's firmness, suppleness, and glow.
  5. Shield your skin with Sunscreen
    TAC Sunscreen
    The most fundamental part of the everyday skincare ritual is application of Sunscreen. Every dermatologist advises not to leave your place without a broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen. Although there is a myth that Sunscreens are recommended to be used in summers the most, the truth prevails that one should always pack themselves with Sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. It helps block the UVA and UVB radiation that causes various skin diseases, and sunburn. The diligent use of TAC's Eladi, Triphala and Hemp Seed SPF 50 Sunscreen will protect your skin from photoaging and reduce suntan, sunburn and other troubles. Aloe Vera and Cucumber extract hydrates and replenishes the skin and provides a cooling sensation.

So get your skincare routine sorted and welcome winters with this essential ayurvedic skincare ritual. Add a quick DIY skin mask to get rid of tired and worked up the skin. Organic skincare comprises therapeutic herbs and natural botanicals that heals the skin from inside, treating the disease from the core.

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