7 Days of Using Hemp Seed and Eladi Face Polisher

7 Days of Using Hemp Seed and Eladi Face Polisher

Everybody loves essential oils and face polishers because not only do they remove dead skin cells but also add glow to your skin. Do you know the difference between a regular scrub and a body polisher? A scrub removes the dead skin cells, but it also dries out your skin. Imagine a product that removes dead skin cells without drying out the skin. Here we are talking about TAC’s Hemp seed and Eladi Face Polisher. Yes, it is a scrub-like product that removes the dead skin cells but doesn’t dry out your skin.

Suitable for all skin-types, this face polisher is made from 100% natural ingredients unlike other scrubs that might contain some harmful elements that affect your skin. Enriched with the goodness of Hempseed and Eladi, this product is perfect to give your skin an at-home spa.

After using Hemp Seed and Eladi, you are bound to feel a certain sense of relaxation and rejuvenation in the skin. Hempseed and Eladi face polisher is one of the easiest ways to get glowing skin. It would be best if you paired this remarkable face polisher with body glow oil to get an ultimate glow. One of the main benefits of this face polisher is that it delays early signs of aging and reduces cellulite, pigmentation, dark circles, etc.

All your skin woes like acne, pimples, wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc., will be taken care of by Hemp Seed and Eladi face polisher. Read on as we tell you the positive effects of using this face polisher and how your skin will change in just seven days.

Using Eladi and Hemp Seed Face Polisher

In order to improve your overall skin condition and add radiance to it, you must use a face polisher. Infused with Triphala, hibiscus, eucalyptus, etc., this face polisher purifies and hydrates your skin. In short, you get flawless skin in no time!


In summers tanning and skin damage are an inevitable part of everyone’s lives. Your skin becomes parched in summers and needs hydration for rejuvenation and revitalization. But the leading cause of skin damage is the dead skin cells beneath which our natural glow is hidden. All you need to do is empty TAC’s Hemp Seed and Eladi face polisher in a bowl and mix it with water using the wooden spoon provided. Secondly, apply this mixture and massage it in a circular motion. Finally, wash off and pat dry your skin.

Effect: Your skin will feel a certain sense of relaxation. You will see that your skin is free from oil and dirt.


Your skin was parched yesterday, but you will wake up with soft and hydrated skin on the second day. Use this face polisher again while having a shower. The anti-acne properties of this face polisher are irreplaceable. Use this face polisher and follow up with a light moisturizer/ sunscreen or TAC’s Face & Body Oil.

Effects: Your skin will not break out and stay hydrated all day long. You will begin to see that your skin turns radiant, and the acne scars are visibly reducing. No new acne breakout will happen!


Suppose that you have to go to a party and you don’t have any makeup with you! Well, the struggle is real, but there’s nothing to worry about! Nothing beats soft, fresh, and clear skin. So first, apply a face polisher to your skin and dry your face. Next, apply a small moisturizer/ BB cream and follow up with a kajal and a bold lip shade.

Effects: Using a face polisher at any time of the day reduces tanning. It gently exfoliates your skin and leaves your skin glowing and radiant, so much so that you don’t need any makeup. Getting glowing skin was never this easy!


If you have dark circles due to less sleep or any other reason – a face polisher is here to free you from this skin woe. Your acne issue will completely be solved by day 4. And now you need to concentrate on dark circles. So, after applying face polisher, follow up your skin with an essential oil like almond, coconut, etc. Then, apply a few drops of essential oil and let it absorb in your skin. Also, get some sleep in the process!

Effects: After waking up, you will see that your skin will be fresh, soft, and hydrated. Use a face polisher twice a day and follow up with essential oil to get perfect skin every day.


Be it your menstrual cycle or pollution acting out on your skin, you will not get any pimples after using this face polisher. This face polisher will give you firmer, softer, and brighter skin that will feel more nourished than the last 3-4 days. Using this face polisher twice a day will remove your need to use makeup at all. You will get glowing and radiant skin without makeup. Isn’t that amazing!?

Effects: A distinct shine will appear on your face, and you will get a ‘natural glow’ on your skin.


Weekends are a great relief! Once you use a face polisher, you don’t need to reuse it till evening. If you have plans of partying and cannot use it in the evening, try a light moisturizer to lock in the glow that you had during the day.

Effects: Your skin will be spotless and ageless no matter how much you sweat.


You will be amazed by using this face polisher for seven days. Your skin will be spot-free and clear. Your skin will look fabulous – trust us!

Effects: Say hello to flawless skin days as this skin does wonders on your skin! Rock on every look and get a natural glow not just these seven days but every day.

Hemp Seed and Eladi face polisher is the ultimate solution to all your skin problems. This hydrating and polishing face scrub gives a nourished look. We can assure you that once you start using this face polisher, you will get clear, soft, and radiant skin. And what are pimples, pigmentation, dark circles, etc.? Bid goodbye to all your skin woes and get even-toned skin with this product. Shop now on TheAyurvedaCo.

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