4 T.A.C Lip care products you shouldn't be scared of applying

4 T.A.C Lip care products you shouldn't be scared of applying

Hello Lip Lovers!

We know you all have been there– staring at a wide range of lip care products and wondering if it's a beauty game-changer or a potential disaster.

 Well, fear not!

We got you the magic of T.A.C lip care products that are a perfect blend of nourishment and style. Each product shields your lips even from the winter cruelty and makes you fall in love with the holiday season all over again.

So, if you are someone who craves soft and healthy lips should give the range a shot.


4 T.A.C Lip Care products for ultimate nourishment

  • Beetroot Lip Balm with SPF 20

Bid farewell to chapped lips with our luxurious Beetroot Lip Butter, a plant-based lip balm infused with natural and Ayurvedic ingredients for ultimate lip care. Enriched with SPF 20, it safeguards against UV rays, lightening dark lips and leaving them radiant.

The creamy goodness of the natural lip balm enhances the appeal of your lips. Made from Ayurvedic Shea Butter, essential oils, and humectants like Cocoa, Beetroot, and Grapefruit, our Lip Balm hydrates deeply for a plumped and luscious appearance.

Beetroot Lip Balm with SPF 20
  • Indian Rose Lip Balm

Impart a silky smoothness to your lips with our newly launched Indian rose lip butter. Furthermore, the enchanting essence of wild rose petals and velvety cocoa butter make your lips kiss-ready.

Infused with essential Ayurvedic elements such as Wild Rose Extract, Rose Oil, Champa Oil, Shea Butter, and more, this natural lip balm is meticulously formulated to hydrate and restore a youthful appearance to your lips.

With special attention to banishing dryness, the blend of ingredients, including Rose petals, works to nourish, soften, and naturally lighten your lips. Embrace winter with the luxurious care of this extraordinary product and achieve the perfect pout.

Indian Rose Lip Balm


  • Kumkumadi Lip Serum

Reveal the natural radiance of your lips with T.A.C's Kumkumadi Lip Serum enriched with essential oils. This transformative formula, featuring the hydrating power of Saffron, deeply nourishes and reverses discolouration, leaving your lips soft and supple.

Specifically crafted for dehydrated lips, the serum's deep-hydrating formula repairs and revitalises, combating parched and chapped lips.

This natural lip balm creates a protective layer that lightens, brightens and restores your lips natural beauty, thanks to the blend of shea butter, almond, coconut and olive oils.

Kumkumadi Lip Serum


  • Kumkumadi Lip Mask

Say goodbye to dryness with a Kumkumadi lip mask. Made from all-natural ingredients, including butter and oil, it heals chapped lips overnight and even creates a smooth base for comfortable lipstick application. furthermore, the vitamin C in it brightens dark and pigmented lips, offering a natural softness and toned radiance.

Kumkumadi Lip Mask


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: Lip Scrub Picks

  • Beetroot Lip Scrub

Experience a burst of hydration that leaves your lips soft and moisturized with the lush goodness of T.A.C Beetroot lip scrub enriched with organic oils.

This gentle natural lip scrub not only exfoliates but also lightens and protects your lips from discolouration.

Beetroot Lip Scrub

Made from the powdered essence of beetroot, this natural exfoliator effortlessly removes dead skin cells and pigmentation, unveiling a naturally radiant and revitalized pout.

  • Kumkumadi Lip Scrub

Enriched with the healing power of Kumkumadi or Saffron, a glow-boosting herb, our T.A.C Kumkumadi Lip Scrub goes beyond the surface to enhance the texture of your lips, promoting a healthy and radiant appearance.

Kumkumadi Lip Scrub

The use of Kumkumadi lip scrub removes dead skin layers and enhances circulation for soft, supple lips. Elevate your lip care routine with the nourishing properties of Kumkumadi, unveiling a natural and vibrant lip glow.

T.A.C even got you;

Beetroot Lip Butter & Lip Scrub Combo

Don't neglect your lips in your skincare routine! Transform dry, chapped lips into a soft, healthy, and plump delight with our Lip Care Combo.

This natural lip scrub comes with nourishing Beetroot extracts, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Candelilla Wax, ensuring the smoothest feel.

Beetroot Lip Butter and Lip Scrub Combo


Suitable for all genders and effective on dark lips, our Lip Balm & Scrub kit exfoliates flakiness and eliminates dry, dead skin. For an extra touch of soft, bright, bold pink colour on both lips and cheeks, consider adding T.A.C Beet Mighty Pink Lip & Cheek Tint to complete your Lip Care Kit.

Get Luscious Lips this winter

T.A.C. has your pout covered with confidence. From nourishing balms to lip mask and serum, these five lip care essentials are the non-negotiable your lips deserve.  So, this cold season don't hesitate to embrace the beauty.

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