Summer Hair Care Regime with Ayurveda

Summer Hair Care Regime with Ayurveda

Hello, summer! With Sunshine on our mind, our Pitta Dosha (the heat energy in our body) tends to boil over when the heat rises. The glaring sun of summer is hot, stinging & can cause our bodies to overheat. And Pitta imbalance can lead to emotional strain, high body temperature, diarrhoea, and an upset stomach which consequently affects your body & hair. With hair fall being one of the most common concerns among men & women, it is very important to understand that as per Ayurveda, a healthy body & flowing tresses can only be achieved by living a wholesome& balanced lifestyle. Thus, to attain Summer Hair Care Regime, it is advisable to take care of your overall health inside out. As hair is the by-product of bone marrow, it is allied to the central nervous system & gut. So, any weakness in the nervous or digestive system will result in hair loss.

So, apart from following the word of advice mentioned underneath, take a walk at sunrise, when the sunbeam will fall on your body to promote Sadhaka Pitta & remember to stay hydrated by consuming at least 4 litres of water every day.

Ayurvedic hair care products

Panchkarma Treatment is the impeccable Ayurvedic detoxification of body & mind. Depending on an individual’s requirement, a variety of therapies are utilized. To bring back the Agni to its normal levels, a strict diet & lifestyle is to be followed through the various stages of the treatment. This complex & worldly therapy of purification of mind & body is best supervised by an Ayurvedic physician.

Ayurvedic hair care products

Minimize Stress by learning & practicing pranayama & asanas as exposure to stress is harmful to health & has a direct effect on hair quality. By practicing yoga one can build natural resistance to stress & can overturn the damage caused by it. Waking up early in the morning & following an Ayurvedic dincharya is also very important & helps restore balance to your health & mind.

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Most shampoos, conditioners & other hair care products are formulated with harmful chemicals & can cause life-threatening dangers. The instant gratification of clean, shiny & smooth hair & this short-term aid brings along long-term miseries.  Parabens, sulfates, alcohol, fragrances, colors & many such ingredients in our hair care products are not just accumulating on our scalp but causing harm to mother nature. Acting proactively, The Ayurveda Co. brings you a range of hair care products with only ‘The Good Stuff’ which has stood the test of time, and can make sure the experience you get is, nothing short of the best.

Ayurvedic Hair care products range enriched with Methi, Amla, Bhringraj

P.S. Ayurveda is concerned with all aspects of life & without food life cannot be sustained. To balance Vata, Pitta & Kapha it is importanto have a well-balanced & wholesome meal. Follow this 5,000-year-old system to holistically maintain & improve your general health no matter what age you are.

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