Dos and Don’ts to Get Healthy Hair

Dos and Don’ts to Get Healthy Hair


Flaunting longer and thicker tresses is what every woman wants. Using chemically loaded hair spas, shampoo, heat treatments, and colours disrupt the natural health of hair and damages your hair tresses.

If you want naturally lovely hair every morning, it's time to opt for a good hair care routine. Get rid of all of your chemical-laden hair products to start. Replace them right away with natural, healthy hair care. Learn the dos and don’ts to be followed to take care of your mane and raise your hair game!

Go easy on the heating tools

Are you the one who loves styling your hair, be it curls or going for straight tresses? Hair styling tools like blow dryers, flat iron, etc., not only change your look but also damage your hair shaft. As per Ayurveda, heat causes dryness to the scalp and dips the nutritive quotient in the hair, resulting in fizziness, thinning, and hair fall. Always use a hair-protecting serum before exposing these tools, and limit its usage as much as possible.

 Avoid frequent hair wash

Over washing the hair strips the natural oil of the scalp and disrupts the pH value of the scalp, making it prone to dryness and flakiness. One should wash hair twice a week for dry & normal scalp, thrice a week for oily scalps, followed by conditioner.

Hair-setting sprays and gels

We often apply a generous amount of setting sprays and sticky hair gels to hold the hairstyle for longer. When left on the hair for a long time, these sprays and gels cause build-up on the scalp as they are filled with follicle clogging ingredients and chemicals that damage the hair. Don't leave it on your hair longer; try to wash it off as early as possible.

Chemical treatments and hair colouring

Undergoing hair treatments to change the natural texture of hair and dyes cause massive damage to the hair shaft. Avoid these and instead stick to natural hair colouring herbs like Mehendi, Indigo, Coffee and Tea as hair colour enhancers. Also, using hair packs with nourishing natural ingredients is better than expensive hair spas to ensure healthy hair. Use a hair mask with repairing ingredients such as T.A.C Methi and Amla Hair Mask once a week for an accessible hair spa at home.

Ayurvedic Hair Care at Home

1. Choose a suitable hair oil infused with herbs based on your hair and scalp concerns. If you have a dry and dehydrated scalp, massage well and keep it overnight. If you have an oily scalp, leave the oil on for only 30 mins and if you have dandruff, infection or eruptions, then first treat that before resuming hair oiling. Make sure to indulge in a relaxing hair care ritual from time to time and reap all its therapeutic benefits.

2. Always choose sulphate and paraben-free shampoos, as they are gentle on the hair and kinder on the environment. With Miraculous Methi Shampoo with Amla, you'll have healthy, shiny and strong hair that is cleansed, protected and nourished from within.

3. Make sure to incorporate a nourishing hair mask that repairs, hydrates, and removes frizziness and the most crucial aspect is to ensure regular hair oiling. Leave it for 30 minutes, then shampoo and condition it as usual.

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