Best Shampoo for Hair fall

Best Shampoo for Hair fall - Is it A Myth or Fact? Find Out How Shampoos Affect Your Hair Health

Best Onion shampoo for hair fall control

Works stress, humid monsoons, and lockdown crash diets! Perhaps you already know what we are getting at. These are one of the key factors that have been working together to give you sleepless nights over the severe Hair fall you’ve been experiencing off late. Sometimes the root of a hair fall can be a chronic illness or an ailment and clinical intervention may be needed for the same. But in case of an extreme yet acute hair fall caused mostly by external agents, a minor regimen switch can often work wonders. Red onion shampoo has been one such hair care regime addition that can bring visible improvement your Let's look at what causes hair fall, and the best regimen changes that you can adopt for healthier tresses.  

How do Shampoos Work?

Our skin has sebaceous glands that are responsible for producing an oily layer on the surface of our skin. These glands are present over our scalp as well. These sebaceous glands can help give our hair their natural sheen but over time, the sebum build-up makes the hair appear extremely greasy and dirty. The oily scalp attracts dirt and makes the hair stick together in clumps. This is where our shampoos come in. Shampoo’s cleanse the scalp of this dirt and grime to fight off the excessive grease.  

Since shampoos are generally made up of chemical substances, it becomes imperative to ensure that shampoo or hair cleanser is used in the right proportion and preferably milder shampoos are applied to the scalp. Using excessive shampoos can completely strip our scalp of its natural oils making them prone to breakage and fall. Shampoos with naturally derived ingredients have therefore been all the rage in the beauty and well ness industry. People are switching to hair cleanser with natural ingredients that are minder on the scalp and have essential plant-based ingredients that can help nourish the scalp with every wash. The king of all these shampoos is onion hair shampoo. Red onions are known for their huge host of benefits for the body. Let's try to understand why the world has been hailing these tear-jerking kitchen ingredients as the ultimate hair fall treatment. 

What Causes Hair Fall?  

 Loosing up to 100 stands of hair a day has been considered normal amount of hair loss. But sometimes our hair ends up exhibiting an unusually high volume of hair loss. Let's look at some of the most common reasons for excessive hair fall. 

1. Hair-fall caused due to aging 

Aging is a natural bodily phenomenon. It is known that bodily cells end up facing decline when they are in the aging process. This affects all parts of the body, including skin, which starts to show fine lines and bones get more brittle. Hair too experiences a similar decline. The ability of hair follicles to create new hair reduces as we age, thereby reducing our hair volume.  

2. Bodily hormonal imbalances

This form of hair loss, is found quiet commonly amongst women. Especially among women suffering with polycystic ovary syndrome the appearance of hair in unusual skin patches or their loss thereof, are both fairly common. This can occur in the form of patches of hair loss or general hair thinning.

3. Seasonal factors 

Most of us will observe a relatively higher volume of hair loss during certain specific seasons. Hair fall is generally the highest for most during the humid monsoons. Heavy moisture present in the hair coupled with acidic rain fall makes the hair brittle and more prone to hair fall.

Benefits of using red onion shampoo for the scalp

4. Lack of proper nutrition 

Nutrition is an essential part of maintaining hair health. Proteins are the hair building blocks while trace minerals like zinc and magnesium too play a critical role in keeping hair healthy. Poor nutrition or nutrient deficit caused do crash diets too can reflect in the form of bad hair health and hair fall.    

5. Bodily concerns like Alopecia  

This is a disease wherein the hair follicles are damaged by the body’s own immune system. This results in sudden hair loss that is not just restricted to the head. One may lose eyebrows and lashes or all body hair in general.   

6. Using hot styling ingredients 

Most hair styling equipment uses heat to style and shape our mane. Prolonged usage of hot styling tools can have a damaging impact on our tresses. Chemical hair treatments and coloring hair can also weaken the roots, making our mane susceptible to breakage.

Benefits of using Red Onion Shampoo for the Scalp

1. Hair Fall Control Shampoo 

Onion with its natural Sulphur deposits has the ability to strengthen the hair and nourish hair follicles. Red Onion shampoo has the ability to catalyze scalp enzymes, responsible for hair growth cycle optimization. This paces up the growth of hair and makes them healthier and stronger from within. 

2. Herbal Shampoo 

The natural ingredients of the red onion shampoo help gently cleanse the scalp without stripping it off its natural oils, thereby ensuring that the scalp retains its nourishment. This mildness of the shampoo coupled with its anti-hair fall properties make it a blessing for your scalp and hail it as the best herbal shampoo for dry hair. 

3. Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry Hair 

This point draws its strength from the previous point. Red onion shampoo is gentle on the scalp thereby helping it retain the sebaceous layer while cleansing away the dirt from hair. 

4. Restores Lost Nutrients 

Onion hair shampoo contains essential dietary sulfur that is needed for producing hair proteins. Sulfur is also an important element for keratin that is crucial for health. Sulfur present in red onion shampoo is very good for the nourishment of hair follicles that helps encourage hair regrowth. It can help with hair growth and minimizes thinning and hair breakage. 

 5. Removes Scalp Infections 

Scalp infections can become a major cause of hair loss. The antibacterial properties of Onion hair shampoo keep scalp infections at bay. A healthier and ailment free scalp naturally also means healthier hair with reduced hair fall. 

6. Stops Premature Greying 

Red Onion shampoo can reverse the effects of premature greying with its natural antioxidants. Free radicals can speed up aging and greying of hair and destroy your hair follicles, leading to hair loss. Antioxidants like flavonoids present in onions can protect your hair and scalp from free-radical build-ups. 

7. Makes Hair Shiny 

Red onion shampoo, enriched with natural conditioning properties can visibly treat frizzy hair and improve hair texture imparting your mane a natural shine and bounce. 

8. Keeps Lice at Bay 

Onion hair shampoo is a great remedy for treating lice. The ability of red onion shampoo to fight infections, can also work to rid the scalp of lice. Using oil and shampoo in consonance can definitely do the trick. 

9. Adds Volume to Hair 

 Onion has the ability to boost circulation, thereby promoting the production of healthy hair cells. Red onion shampoo infused with the goodness of onions can boost hair volume in the scalp giving you gorgeous, lush and voluminous hair.

10. Fights Dandruff 

 Dandruff is one of the most common hair ailments that plague all. The antibacterial properties present within red onion shampoo help treat dandruff and prevent scalp infections thereby helping reduce hair fall as well.

How to use Red Onion Shampoo for the best results?

  1. Take a dollop of red onion shampoo onto the palm of your hand and massage it, into your wet hair. Start at the scalp using your fingertips and then work it into the tips. 
  2. Let the shampoo remain on your scalp for a couple minutes and then rinse thoroughly. 
  3. Once you are done washing, wrap then in microfiber towel or a cotton t-shit for some time. 
  4. Now let the hair air dry and experience the gift of naturally nourished a healthy hair. 
  5. This step can be preceded by onion hot oil massage or followed by red onion conditioner for best results.

TAC Onion Shampoo with Black Seed & Niacinamide

Red onion shampoo

TAC has made it easy for you to bring this magical hair care ritual to your everyday routine without any tears. Help control hair fall and add shine & strength to limp hair with enriching Niacinamide & Black Seed in TAC’s onion cleanser. Red Onion helps manage hair fall by repairing the roots while plant-derived Niacinamide improves hair strength and volume. Powered with natural ingredients, TAC’s red onion shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp without over-drying to make your hair longer, robust and full of gloss and bounce. 

Take required amount of shampoo according to your hair length. Thoroughly rinse the scalp & hair length, wash off well. Follow up with TAC Onion Conditioner for choicest results. 

Plant-derived Niacinamide adds shine, gloss and softness to the hair, improves the texture and adds volume to the tresses. Red Onion and Black Seed infused within this red onion shampoo helps strengthen the roots by repairing the follicles, for longer and stronger hair. Vitamin B3 in Niacinamide helps improve scalp wellness by penetrating into the roots and boosts hair growth. It defends environmental damage to the hair by shielding the shafts with goodness of plant extracts. 

Free of harmful chemicals like Sulphates, Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Artificial Colors & Fragrance. It is 100% Vegetarian and Suitable for Men & Women. It can be used for all hair types including normal, curly, colored and chemically treated hair making it the best shampoo for hair fall.




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