Dashpushpadi Oil

Dashapushpadi: Baby Body Massage Oil Benefits and Importance for Newborn Baby

Why Dashapushpadi Range? Its Ayurvedic significance and Why TAC?

As a parent of a Newborn baby, multiple questions arise while selecting a product, such as its safety, quality of ingredients, effect on the baby's tender skin, long-term exposure, and impact on the environment. While it may be possible for adults to test the products before usage for young ones, we generally don't want to take any chances. We want to make sure the products we select do not contain toxins, harmful chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances. Therefore, carefully noting all of these factors and easy availability of such products is a must for regularly using them.

As per Ayurveda, our skin is an active living organ that absorbs the substances that come in contact with it and allows entry into the blood circulation. This phenomenon makes it extremely important to choose ingredients to enhance healthy baby skin development, nourishment, and maintenance. To resolve this confusion, we have Ayurvedic Texts to our rescue, which mention a herbal formulation called " Dashapushpadi ", the ten sacred flowers. These herbs are gentle, soothing, nourish the baby's skin, help develop tissue, bones & muscles, protect the scalp and ensure healthy hair growth.

Dashapuspadi Oil

At TAC, the Ayurveda Co., we understand the challenges faced by today's new age parents looking for genuine, reliable, fuss-free yet pure and chemical-free products.  After carefully identifying these concerns, we have put together a baby care essentials range made with potent Ayurvedic herbs and child-safe ingredients that are used with confidence & care. Ensuring that the products don't have any harsh chemicals, preservatives, child-friendly packaging, and safety are some of the values which make us proud.

What is Dashapushpadi?

Dashapushpadi is a group of ten sacred flowers that grow in the province of Kerala, which is known for its soothing and pleasing properties. These herbs are described in the Ayurvedic texts written 5000 years back and are time tested for their properties & functions. Every flower part of this group of herbs has unique qualities suited for gentle care and nourishment. These carefully selected Ayurvedic herbs make an ideal choice to begin a baby's skincare journey.

Like the new blossom of flowers in spring, which is joyful, vibrant and precious after waiting for the cold months of winter to pass, the sound of a baby's cry brings true happiness after nine months of entering this world. This celebratory moment marks the beginning of finding ways to provide the utmost care to this bundle of joy. Every decision needs to be taken in its best interest to continue safeguarding them until they can protect themselves.

Similarly, every herb in Dashapushpadi is assigned to help with specific functions for development on an everyday basis. Baby's skin needs specialist care and protection as the skin's pH can easily be disturbed by using harsh products. Therefore, TAC has come up with a range of baby care products to address these concerns and help take care of newborns.

How to take care of a Newborn baby as per Ayurveda?

A Newborn baby's skin is extremely delicate and requires special care & attention to ensure it remains well moisturized & protected. Ayurvedic Rituals are an integral aspect of baby care as these age-old practices hold cultural significance for a baby's development and growth.

Kashyap Samhita, the Ayurvedic Text on Paediatrics, mention 3 Important steps in baby care Snehan, Snanam and Raksha.

The first step is Snehan, which means body massage with enriched herb oils. For this, select a suitable oil that is nourishing, potent and safe for baby skin, such as Sesame oil, Coconut oil or Herb blended oil and warm it in your palms for optimum penetration in the skin. This body massage can be done ideally in the mornings, for 5-8 mins and allow the oil to absorb in the skin.

The next step is Snanam, where the baby is given a bath with a herbal cleanser that gently removes the excess oil of the skin, grime and sweat. Lukewarm water is comfortable for baby skin, and make sure not to prolong the shower duration for more than 5 mins.

The last and final step is Raksha, which protects the skin after a bath with antibacterial and germicidal herbs to look after the skin for the entire day. Then the baby is wrapped in soft, handwoven breathable natural fabrics, which help keep the baby in a firm and stable posture.

Importance of Body Massage for Newborns?

As per Ayurveda, Body massage is an essential ritual for newborns that helps in their growth & development. Snehan, applying oil is symbolic of the bond shared by a baby with a mother due to the love & purity it holds. Our body comprises biodynamic energies, namely Tridoshas, Vata, Pitta and Kafa. The substances applied to the skin enter the blood circulation via these channels and get absorbed in the skin. Oiling the body with medicated herbal oil works as a vehicle to carry the benefits of potent Ayurvedic herbs into the deeper layers of skin. This period is an important time for Baby's growth and development. Therefore, applying Herbal oil infused with strengthening, nourishing and protecting ingredients goes a long way in keeping the baby's skin healthy.

A newborn baby's skin changes during the first three months of their life as they adapt to the environment outside of the mother's womb. This transition affects their body functions to protect them from microbes, pathogens, bacteria and infections. One such adaptation is the rise in pH of baby skin, making it more alkaline, due to which its skin is prone to peeling, dryness, rashes and redness. Also, being exposed to urine, stools, moisture, while using diapers, sweat, and dampness in baby skin folds leads to concerns. Adequate care must be taken to avoid these by using child safe and pH balancing baby care products.

What are the Benefits of Body massage for Babies?

  1. Weight gain Regular body massage for a minimum duration of 15 mins every day with a nourishing oil suited for baby skin helps improve body weight.
  2. Sleep-wake Pattern- Frequent body massage once a day helps infants be more alert and spend less time sleeping, regularizing their sleep pattern resulting in relaxed and well-rested babies.
  3. Nutritional Purpose- Using effective massage oil with ingredients such as Coconut oil, Sesame Oil helps in maintaining the essential fats in the body as these get absorbed in the skin and enter the blood circulation.
  4. Prevents Dryness- Oil massage helps remove dead skin cells and improves the skin's texture, making it soft & supple.
  5. Improves Thermoregulation- The application of oil helps regulate the body temperature as it protects the skin & enhances skin barrier function.

What makes a Dashapushpadi Ideal for Babies?

Dashapushpadi is a group of ten herbs mentioned in the Sushrut Sahita, which are medicinally therapeutic and sacred in terms of their benefits and uses. These flowers are pure and gentle, just like the newborn baby's skin, which requires more care & affection. The ten flowers are Bhadra, Viparitha lajjalu, Indravalli, Musali, Durva, Bringharajan, Akhukarni, Hari Krantha, Lakshmana and Sahadevi.

Let us now look at the unique functions of some of the Herbs used in this, such as Bhadra, Lajjalu & Indravalli, which are cooling & soothing herbs that protect the skin from Eruption, Redness & Infections. Lakshamana and Musali help strengthen the tissues, muscles and bones, while Bhrigaraj helps healthy hair growth. As brain development is an important aspect, Shyamkranthi contributes to it, and Sahadevi helps build scalp muscles. Durva takes care of balancing the pH of the skin after bathing, and Sugandbala gives a pleasing gentle smell. Therefore, all of these herbs make an ideal combination to tackle the concerns faced by growing infants.

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