Babycare 101: A guide for baby’s tvacha

Babycare 101: A guide for baby’s tvacha

Newborn babies are susceptible to many skincare concerns as their skin is delicate and undergoing drastic changes due to speedy growth and development. This means that babies’ skin has specific requirements that must be addressed with tailormade products for them. Also, parents of these newborns may come across common concerns like dryness, face rashes, acne, diaper rash, and sensitive skin. Ensuring skincare which helps prevent and treat these issues is important for sustained healthy growth. As per Ayurveda, our skin absorbs the substances applied to it and circulates them in the deeper layers of our skin. Therefore, being mindful of the ingredients that go into skincare for babies is extremely crucial. Let us understand the steps of skincare in Newborns as per Ayurveda and how to select the right products. 

Baby Skincare Steps 

  1. The primary and most important step for a baby’s skincare is oil massage. This step is called “Snehan” as per the Ayurvedic texts in which the herbal oil is applied to the baby’s body, preferably in the mornings and firm long strokes are used to massage the body. This helps in nourishing the skin, removes dryness, strengthens the muscles, and relaxes the baby which also improves their sleep-wake pattern.  
  2. The next step is “Snaan” which is bathing, wherein soothing and gentle herbs are used to cleanse the skin. Babies’ skin is sensitive and prone to dryness, so the ingredients used for their tender skin and hair must be pure and shouldn’t strip the natural moisture.  
  3. Finally, “Raksha” is the last step wherein post-shower, skin-protecting ingredients are applied. After bathing, the skin must be sealed in with hydrating and moisturizing body lotion infused with ingredients like Aloe vera & Vitamin E which repair and protect the skin such as Dashapushpadi Moisturising Lotion. This step helps treat skin dryness, peeling, eruptions and allergies.  
  4. To ensure the baby’s skin folds stay dry and comfortable use herbal powder such as Dashpushpadi dusting powder in areas such as under the arms, neck & legs. This step is also helpful for preventing nappy rashes and prickly heat irritation. Make sure the powder is taken on the palms of caregivers and then used on the baby’s body so that the powder is not suspended or inhaled by the baby.  
  5. This can be followed by using a nourishing baby-friendly lip balm, to nourish the lips and prevent dryness or chapping such as T.A.C Baby soft lip balm, made with coconut oil and honey.
T.A.C Baby soft lip balm, made with coconut oil and honey. 


How to select the right baby products 

  1. Always ensure that you read the label carefully to ascertain the safety, authenticity, and efficacy of the product. Certifications like G.M.P., AYUSH, dermatologically approved/tested and Made Safe are recognized bodies help to identify the right products. 
  2. Make sure that the product is free from harmful chemicals like paraben and phthalates which are known hormone disruptors that harm the body. 
  3. Stay away from “Talcum powders” instead go for natural dusting baby powders with edible ingredients like Oatmeal, Corn starch, and Arrowroot powder like T.A.C Dashapushpadi Dusting Powder.  
  4.  While selecting a lotion, look for light and hydrating lotion instead of thick creams as they don’t penetrate in the skin. Also, ideally baby skin doesn’t need sunscreen until six months of age, as it could be harmful to their skin development. 
  5. Skip highly fragranced products for the baby as they could cause allergies, discomfort, and sensitivity to the baby. Instead, go for natural, herbal and fragrance-free products. 
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