Why Organic Colours for Puja and Rangoli?

Why Organic Colours for Puja and Rangoli?

Festivals and religious customs are part of Indian Culture and using holi colors during the season. So, what colours are you opting for your celebration? Red, green, the yellow splash, blue?

But are these Colours compatible with your skin type? Are these artificial colours or in other words, “the street side” ones, good for your skin? Read the article below why Organic Colours for Puja and Rangoli are the Most Accepted trend this year. 

The colours that are easily available on the streets are chemicals such as Lead oxide, Chromium Iodide for adding the colour shades. Not just the skin, the harmful impact of holi colours include increase the tendency of entering into your eyes, respiratory system and diffuse into your blood.

Why Non Organic Colours are harmful?

Complications like eye damage, breathing issues, and asthma arise consequently, hence posing serious health risks. These also pose health risks to young children, adults, and also to pet animals around.  

Using organic rangoli colours for pooja was the most ancient practice, deriving reason and relevance from the books of Ayurveda. Herbal colours for holi  is made up of 100% organic ingredients such as corn flour, rice powder, herbs, and essential oil.  

The ingredients of these non toxic holi colours are made up of food-grade materials. So even if it enters into your oral cavity, by mistake, it will not be harmful to your body.

The Co. Founder of The Ayurveda Co. (TAC), Shreedha Singh has shared a quick recipe of making Organic Holi Colours at home. Read her DIY procedure as shared under the Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing Column of Deccan Chronicle, "Playing it safe"

The Ayurveda Co. (TAC) proudly presents Organic holi colours as a gift of safety and care for your soft, smooth skin. Lightly textured, mixed with aromatic essential oils, these herbal colours for holi are packed with recycled materials to contribute in our pursue of minimum wastage and environmental conservation.

Ensuring the safety of the packets, we ship your colours on time, with a story behind the packaging, adding the journey it goes through.  

TAC organic natural colours infused with essential oils

Pump the joy for the exciting season of festivals and weddings, this year, with safe & herbal colours for holinatural rangoli colours.

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