What are our TACsters Buying this Season?

What are our TACsters Buying this Season?

Who doesn't love those pouty lips, monochromatic eyes and above all, that smooth and even-toned skin? We tend to get ready with traditional outfits and heavy makeup with festivals around the corner.  

The heavy base on your skin clogs your pores and causes acne breakouts, leaving your skin dull and damaged in the long term. So, don't miss out on your skin and hair during the hullaballoo of the party times. 

Get ready and show up your no-makeup makeup look!  

Our team at T.A.C is a bunch of self-care enthusiasts believing in Ayurveda as a lifestyle and working our way to adapt to it as much as possible. While working with a brand that aims to make Ayurveda efficient, affordable and adaptable in people's everyday lives, our TACsters have grown fond of some of the T.A.C gem formulations. Please read below to know what they are eyeing for this festive season! 


1) T.A.C Mini's for Shruti  

 Shruti’s good-to-go product for this festive season is T.A.C Mini Makeup Magic Box. 

" If I need a quick makeup look for the days of festivities, I will pick this magic box up for myself as all I need is in here."  

Like Shruti, get all your favourite peaches and plums together with this assorted pack of 4 lip & cheek tints box. With an easy-to-apply mini brush and a broad view mirror, be ready for an oh-so-natural glam and glow. This fusion box includes the following shades 

  1. Beet Mighty Pink  
  2. Satsuma Orange  
  3. Retro Red Plum  
  4. Peach Nude Pink 


2) Beetroot Lip Butter for Teena  

Teena, from Sales, wants a solution that helps her concern in the long run while being ready for the festivities.  

"During winters, my lips tend to get dry and chapped. So, for this, I like a natural solution such as our beetroot lip butter. After that, I can depend on Beet Mighty Pink for a quick makeup fix on lips, cheek and eyes.  


Our Beetroot Lip Butter with SPF 20 is enriched with plant-based essential oils and butter with the goodness of Beetroot and Shea Butter. It is designed to replenish and soften dry, chapped lips, making them look naturally plumped. It's free from synthetic chemicals and petroleum products. Beetroot Lip Butter adds a lush colour to the lips.   

Beet Mighty Pink Lip, Cheek and Eye Tint   is a bold combination of Deep Pink with hues of Red that is all you need to make your style game strong. Handy, pretty and unique, it is vegan, natural and free of harmful chemicals. 


3) Ubtan Foaming Face Wash and Sheet Mask for Atharva  

From Growth and Strategy, Atharva picks up the ultimate face care Bonanza for a natural skin fixer to look best in the photos!  

" I don't pay much attention to my skin, but since I joined T.A.C, I realise how essential and easy it is to make your skin look good every day! Ubtan Foaming Face Wash and Sheet Mask are the only products I use now."  


With natural Ayurvedic wellness, Ubtan Foaming Face Wash built-in face brush works magically on your skin to remove unwanted blemishes and pigmentation. It has been made with natural elements of Ayurveda like turmeric extract, saffron extract, mustard oil, sandalwood extract and neem extract to improve the skin texture. It sloughs off dead layers of your skin and activates the pores to repair and restore damaged skin and improve the skin's surface.  

Ubtan Serum Sheet Mask helps eliminate unwanted blemishes, tanning and pigmentation, resulting in fresh and glowing skin and giving you a younger and better look. It has been made with natural elements of Ayurveda like turmeric extract, saffron extract and aloe vera extract. 



4) Onion Hair Care Range for Greeshma  

Our Ayurveda Expert, Dr Greeshma, picked up Onion Hair Oil

with Ginger and Onion Hair Shampoo with Ginger to nourish her luscious curls.  

" Season change triggers hair fall for my locks and causes a lot of dryness. I think Onion Hair Oil and Shampoo are all I need to keep my hair healthy and tamed.  

The Onion Hair Oil with Ginger helps control hair fall and brings the shine back to your hair, while the Onion Shampoo with Ginger deeply cleanses the scalp and hair. This duo is the ultimate selection to stop hair fall, thinning, and limp hair. It nourishes and activates the hair follicles for strength and provides shine, lustre, and volume.   


5) Under Eye Cream with Vitamin C Face Serum for Akanksha  

Our Influencer Marketer Akanksha selected these Retinol-based beauties for herself to maintain and repair the skin overnight just before the festivities hit!  

" Festivals, for me, are all about continuous celebrations with friends and family, which gives me little sleep and no time to take care of my skin. The undereye gel and 15% Vitamin C Face Serum will help remove the dullness and restore my glow post the party!"  


In this 15% Vitamin C Face Serum with Grapefruit, the synergistic blend of Vitamin C and Grapefruit improves the complexion and makes skin even. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and reduces dark circles. Naturally extracted ayurvedic ingredients work on fighting hyperpigmentation and blemishes and give a visibly young, toned and clear skin.  

To brighten, tighten and depuff your under eyes, this Under Eye Cream with the natural goodness of Potato Starch infused with actives - Natural Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil. This unique formula targets low dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and eye bags.  


6) Day, Night Cream with Sunscreen for Mubeen  

Our Graphic Designer, Mubeen has picked up what he needs and loves the products as much as we do!  

" I have basic needs when it comes to skincare. It should be simple, affordable and effective. The day cream and night cream will help me with a basic routine that I have time for, and Sunscreen is, as I have learnt, essential I can't miss out on!" 

10% Kumkumadi Day Cream with SPF 20 blended with the goodness of Saffron, Manjistha, Bala and other herbs that replenishes your skin with essential antioxidants and collagen. Regular usage helps make the skin resilient to external damage caused due to environmental stressors. SPF 20 builds a barrier on your skin to protect against tan, pigmentation, UV rays, and pollution and makes it soft and glowing.  

10% Kumkumadi Night Gel helps restore your youthful glow and reduce the early signs of ageing, like fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Infused with Khus oil, Manjistha and Saffron, it works magic at night and helps boost collagen, replenish the skin's natural sheen and makes it visibly tight and toned.  

Kumkumadi Sunscreen with SPF 50 helps protect and hydrate your skin weightlessly. It profoundly hydrates, is non-greasy and defends against sun damage and harmful UVA & UVB rays while calming the skin. 


7) Indian Rose Lip Butter with Vitamin C Lip Scrub for Palaq  

Social Media Manager, Palaq vouches for lip treatments as the festivities begin.   

"I like to apply lipsticks with my outfits. I need to keep my lips up with ample moisturisation and smoothen them for no cracks. I trust these two products for smooth and supple lips." 


Try Indian Rose Lip Butter with the essence of wild rose petals and cocoa butter to smoothen your chapped lips. It has been made with the luxuriousness of essential Ayurvedic elements like Wild Rose Extract, Rose Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Kokum Butter to hydrate your lips and give them a youthful look. It has been made with extra care to remove dryness from your lips. Rose petals nourish, soften and lighten your lips naturally.

Vitamin C & E Lip Scrub heal lip damage and broken lip layers and provides a new soft lip layer protected from bacteria and chapped feeling. Vitamin C is best known for curing lips as it protects and heals dry lips giving them a satiny and smooth effect. It mainly helps exfoliate dead skin cells from the lips and provides a soft, nourishing layer to the skin.   


Our TACsters are all set with their choices and in the mood for celebrations! We wish you all a happy, bright and joyful festive season ahead! 


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