Bharat ki diwali

TAC Presents #BharatKiDiwali 2021

Celebrating Diwali with TAC - The Ayurveda Co.

India, the land of Spiritualism, land of mystics & gurus and yogis, is the land we belong to. Mystic Gurus and Yogis taught us that we are creatures of habits and co-dependent on each other. Our Upanishads speak on the rawness of existing together in favour of humanity, saying

सह नौ भुनक्तु
सह वीर्यं करवावहै
May He nourish us together
May we work together with great energy
(Let us live together, eat together and flourish together)

On the other hand, Science aligns the co-existence theory as a mechanism to maintain species diversity with mutual harmony and development. Co-existence depends upon finding means to survive within diversity without being cannibalized, left behind and have individual growth as well. There is no joy in stepping up the ladder of success when there's no one at the top with you. Co-existence enables you to better yourself with time and helps in managing the long-term relationships in the world.

TAC- The Ayurveda Company brings this scientific theory with ancient, ayurvedic lessons that come together and conglomerate for a greater good, where we symphonies our existence and thrive together.

We work together, eat together, take the little joys and sorrows of life together. When it comes to tragedies, we all lean on a shoulder to cry. As we celebrate, waves of laughter echo our homes. TAC is celebrating this beauty of co-existence with #BharatKiDiwali.

Since we spend the bigger half of our day at work, we thought of bringing the work families together to share the delight of excelling at what we do! Diwali draws no darkness, no negativity & no competition, only love, light and joy through what we can do for others. This Diwali TAC- The Ayurveda Company plans to celebrate by promoting & encouraging the ten brands that have held hands with us for #BharatKiDiwali. You can get the freebies and free coupons from these partner brands by shopping at the TAC website!

TAC believes in valuing every life and bringing goodness to all. To protect the innocent canines & felines from noises & injuries this Green Diwali, TAC has launched a petition to donate 1 Lac for the cause. TAC has also motioned a benefaction drive with NGO- Goonj to spread the joy of belongingness with all who we possibly can!

We are on a roll to bring together Businesses, share their journey & offerings with our #TACtribe with the TAC mark of Trust! This initiative is taken to design & sustain an ecosystem where we all, as budding businesses, be more than just competition, understand and support the struggles and emerge & scale the mountains of success together! This Diwali, let's appear with the spirit of

togetherness in diversity, be considerate for each other, exemplify humanity by giving to the universe more than we ever did.

  • To promote fellow players on their way to touching new heights every day!
  • To conduct benefaction drives with brands in the exact synergy of ethos & vision.
  • To ruminate & accept all creatures as our own and vowing to make Cruelty Free Diwali a day of celebration for all.

For #BharatKiDiwali, We have on-board with Us-


1) Amoour Candles- Amoour hand-poured candles are the manufacturers of designer candles. Candles not only look soothing to the eyes but have health benefits, too, as they are made out of soy wax and essential oils.

This #BharatKiDiwali get Pillar Candles & Container Candles with different fragrances including Musk, Lemon Grass, Vanilla, Mandarin, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Cinnamon and many more with every purchase on TAC!

Find them here: 

Bamboo bae

2) Bamboo Bae- The Bamboo Bae was born with a belief in mind that 'No change is too small.' Our constant effort is to create mindfulness towards sustainable products in every household.

This #BharatKiDiwali, get a free Bamboo Toothbrush that is made of biodegradable and eco-friendly bamboo wood.

Find them here:

Power gummies

3) Power Gummies- Power Gummies is simplifying nutrition with scientifically backed healthy, tasty and chewable vitamin gummies and looking super cute, vegan, gluten & gelatin-free.

This #BharatKiDiwali, get gorgeous hair & nail vitamins gummies with 10 essential vitamins (A to E), Biotin, Folic acid, and Zinc crucial for hair health with every order on TAC!

Find them here:

Chai point

4) Chai Point- With over 30 Lakh happy customers around the country and 10+ Years of expertise in brewing a great cup for the perfect experience, Chai Point brings the same expertise and same quality, One Step Closer. Now enjoy the Chai Point Experience at the comfort of your homes through an assortment of high-quality beverages and snacks to create the perfect Chai Point experience in the comfort of your homes.

This #BharatKiDiwali, choose and add Instant Teas by Chai Point as per your mood of the day - Cardamom, Ginger & Masala with your TAC order.

Find them here:

The meraki girl

5) The Meraki Girl- Swirling the As and Bs beautifully on a blank sheet, making it into calligraphy, The Meraki Girl, Hera has brought her passion to the next stage with talent and zest. Keeping the art of Calligraphy or beautiful handwriting alive, Hera publishes through her Instagram profile and creates exclusive handwritten notes, messages and greetings for the audiences.

This #BharatKiDiwali, our first 1000 customers will get the exclusive handwritten wishes calligraphed through the pen of The Meraki Girl!

Find them here:

The Ashvatha

6) The Ashvatha- Ashvatha is an Indian Holistic wellness brand that brings Natural, Herbal, and Ayurvedic products based on Traditional Indian recipes in a contemporary way. Its superfoods are envisioned by a housewife to bring health into the spotlight in a world full of chaos and tizzy lifestyles. Imbibing the age-old grandma secrets with the sensibility of Ayurveda, Ashvatha is an endeavour to seek balance for the heart, soul, body, and mind.

This #BharatKiDiwalim, get a chance to add Ashvatha Chai Masala with the goodness of 9 herbal spices & Ashvatha Milk Booster in Kesar Elaichi flavour with the goodness of 18 nuts freebies with every order of TAC!

Find them here:

Ferns and petels

7) Ferns & Petals- For over 25 years, Ferns & Petals has been helping customers to celebrate their special moments by delivering fresh flowers and fabulous gifts. Ferns N Petals was established in 1994, and flower bouquet delivery was the first and only thing that the company was into. The brand is a one-stop-shop for all gifting needs, be it buying flowers, cakes, plants, personalized gifts, decoration services, or experiences, not only in India but across the globe.

This #BharatKiDiwali, 1500 lucky customers will get 15% off discount coupons for Ferns & Petals at TAC shopping check out!

Find them here:

smoor chocolates

8) Smoor Chocolates- A brand that crafts the ultimate indulgence experiences with couverture chocolates, SMOOR was created by Vimal Sharma in March 2015. SMOOR brings together authentic ingredients, passionate people, and a premium range of products, including chocolates, signature cakes, gift hampers, desserts, beverages, and much more. The brand has evolved with changing consumer palettes and delivers a truly exceptional, international experience for every individual who seeks lavish indulgence.

This #BharatKiDiwali, get your hands-on SMOOR's high-quality products crafted by some of the finest chocolatiers and chefs from across the globe with TAC orders.

Find them here:

Yoga bars

9) Yoga Bars- Yogabar is India's leading Healthy Food & Nutrition brand - the pioneers of the Clean Food revolution in India. With a mission to change India's eating habits, Yogabar vouches to be very picky when it comes to the ingredients. All the products are 100% Natural with no artificial preservatives, stabilizers, or even processed Sugar in them.

This #BharatKiDiwali, get Yoga Bar product with every purchase with a guarantee of the Cleanest & the Healthiest ingredients in the yummiest flavours - specially curated by Nutritionists, not Marketers.

Find them here:

Ease My trip

10) Ease My Trip- EaseMyTrip (a public listed company at NSE and BSE) is India's second-largest and profitable online travel platform. EaseMyTrip offers' End to End' travel solutions which include air tickets, hotels and holiday packages, rail tickets & bus tickets as well as ancillary value-added services. EaseMyTrip provides its customers with access to more than 400 international and domestic airlines, nearly 1 million hotels in India and international jurisdictions, almost all the railway stations in India as well as bus tickets and taxi rentals for major cities in India.

Find them here:

This #BharatKiDiwali, 5 randomly selected customers will get an all-expense-paid 3 days & 2 nights stay at Naad Wellness, luxurious resort in Sonipat, Haryana catering experience of holistic wellbeing, tranquillity and rejuvenation.

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