T.A.C Gift Box- Glowing Face Care Range

T.A.C Gift Box- Glowing Face Care Range

Skincare is an essential personal hygiene routine for both men and women. Due to stressful lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits, and environmental factors, our skin tends to get dull, dry, uneven and flaky. With age, the body's self-repair mechanism slows down; hence, taking care of skin diligently and using the right products becomes necessary. To ensure bright, healthy, and glowing skin, T.A.C's Glowing Face Care Range comes in handy. T.A.C's Glowing Face Care Range comes with T.A.C Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash, T.A.C 15% Vitamin Face Serum with Grapefruit and T.A.C Vitamin C Serum Sheet Mask  

Let us look at the key benefits of using the Glowing Face Care range from T.A.C. 

Key benefits 

  • Gently cleanses dirt and grime without making skin dry and flaky. 
  • Delays ageing signs like, fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Keeps skin bright, even and moisturized 


T.A.C Introduction  

In a world full of extremities – brands claiming Ayurveda on one hand and Derma on the other, T.A.C aims to achieve the right balance of sustainable and effective Beauty and Wellness. It appreciates the legacy of Ayurveda without negating Modern Science's advancements. At T.A.C, the products are formulated with rare and ancient herbs like Vitamin C, Mandarin and Soapnut combined with other potent ingredients to make Ayurveda relevant and suited to the modern-day formulations that are effective, fuss-free and great to experience.   


Product Description   

Bless your skin with Ayurveda's time-tested herbs in T.A.C Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash, 15% Vitamin C Face Serum with Grapefruit, and Vitamin C Serum Sheet Mask with Liquorice. Enriched with authentic Ayurvedic ingredients like Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Neem and others, T.A.C’s Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash helps clean skin from deep within. Antioxidant properties inhibit free radicals, detoxify the skin, and repair damaged skin cells, thereby removing tan and blemishes. Together the combo moisturizes and nourishes the skin and provides protection against harmful UV rays. Get youthful and naturally radiant skin with T.A.C’s Glowing Face Care Range.    



  1. Provides Hydrated and Supple Skin: T.A.C’s Glowing Face Care range is infused with Vitamin C that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Mandarin detoxifies the skin and removes and repairs damaged skin cells as an excellent antioxidant.    
  2. Reverses Early Signs of Ageing: All the products in this skincare combo include Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid that shields your skin against UV radiation from the sun. It may also help rebuild skin protein and retain moisture in the skin to give you a more youthful appearance.   
  3. Fades Dark Spots and Blemishes- Aloe Vera and Avocado in the products relieve your skin from inflammation, redness, acne, pimples, blemishes, etc. Vitamin C naturally brightens the skin and removes tan, dark circles, and other dark spots. 


Top Ingredients   

  • Licorice Root: The cooling and soothing properties of Licorice calms skin irritation and improve complexion and skin tone. 
  • Neem Ext: Antibacterial property draws any impurities and heals the skin. It treats acne prone, blemishes, uneven skin tone and prevents clogged pores. 
  • Vitamin C: It helps fight acne & gifts us with an even skin tone and texture. It also delays early signs of ageing and provides us with flawless skin.   
  • Aloe Vera: Soothing and cooling to the skin. Heals rashes, redness, minor eruptions and blemishes.  
  • Orange: It helps improve skin complexion and reduces dark spots on the face. You can use Manjistha with honey to treat acne scars, pimples etc.   


Detailed Ingredients List of Ingredients  








Provides moisture and keeps the skin hydrated 

Liquorice Extract 



Prevents pigmentation, discolouration, removes dark spots, and reduces melanin production of the skin 

Aloe Vera Extract 



Repairs damaged skin cells and soften the skin 

Cucumber Extract 



Helps fight inflammatory skin conditions 

Neem Extract 



Reduces melanin production of the skin 

Avocado Extract 



Moisturizes the skin, calms itchiness, and protects the skin from UV radiation 

Vitamin C (Antioxidant) 



Promotes collagen production, removes blemishes, brightens complexion, and repairs damaged skin cells 

Hyaluronic Acid (Corn Derived Natural Humectant) 



Moisturizes the skin and removes dullness 

Sea Buckthorn Extract 



Protects and revitalizes the skin 



Plant and animal-based 

Moisturizes and softens the skin 

Xanthan Gum 



Moisturizes the skin 


For the best results, follow this regime.   

Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash: This foaming face wash helps you get well-nourished, healthy, and hydrated skin. It increases collagen production, prevents premature ageing, removes wrinkles, lines, blemishes, and repairs damaged skin cells. To get the best result from this ayurvedic face wash, follow the regime mentioned below.   

  • Step 1- Wet your face and neck with water.   
  • Step 2- Take out 1-2 pumps and gently massage them in a circular motion on your face and neck.  
  • Step 3- Gently rinse the foam off and dry your face with a towel. Apply T.A.C Pure Indian Rose Water.  

15% Natural Vitamin C Face Serum with Grapefruit: This natural face serum unclogs pores and prevents inflammation, acne, wrinkles, lines, and skin sagging. To get the best result from this face serum, follow the regime mentioned below.   

  • Wash your face and neck with T.A.C Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash.  
  • Apply a few drops of T.A.C 15% Natural Vitamin C Face Serum with Grapefruit on your face and neck. It makes your skin ready to absorb skincare products.   
  •  Apply Kumkumadi Day Cream for the best results.   

Vitamin C Serum Sheet Mask for deep skin hydration: Follow the below-given process:   

  • Pre-cleanse your face with T.A.C Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash. Pat dry with a towel.  
  • Adjust the mask evenly to the contours of your cleansed face.  
  • Relax and keep the mask on for 10 minutes.  
  • Remove the sheet mask and gently pat the excess serum for maximum absorption.  


Pro Tip: Dab excess serum on neck and hands. 


Occasions to gift on   

This special T.A.C. Gift Box containing Foaming Face Wash, Face Serum and Sheet Mask can light up the mood of your partner, relative, friend, or spouse as soon as you gift it. You can also give this box on occasions like:   

  1. Festivals   
  2. Wedding   
  3. Birthday   
  4. Anniversary   
  5. Diwali gifts   
  6. Corporate meetings    



On what occasion can we give this T.A.C. Gift Box?   

One can gift them on various occasions like weddings, birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, and corporate meetings. Suitable for regular use as well.    

Are the products suitable for all skin profiles?   

Yes, all the products in this Gift Box are suitable for all skin profiles. The products are safe and do not make your skin dry or itchy. However, if irritation occurs, discontinue using the products.   

Are there any known side effects of the products in the T.A.C. Gift Box?   

The products are primarily nature-sourced, with minimal chances of known side effects. They do not have any harmful chemicals and are safe to use on any skin type.   

Should we use all the products in the Gift Box together?   

Use the products separately to see the results you get on your face. For instance, use face wash twice daily to cleanse your skin. Similarly, you can use the sheet mask once a week to protect your skin from environmental factors. Let your skin breathe and use these products separately.       



1) The colour and consistency of the product may change due to active Ayurvedic ingredients/bio-actives without impacting its efficacy.   

2) One may be sensitive to active Ayurvedic ingredients; please do a patch test on the inner elbow, and discontinue if irritation occurs.   

3) Store in a cool and dry place for external use only.   

4) The product does not claim to prevent or cure any medical problem.

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