Organic Holi Colours over Toxic Gulaal

Organic Holi Colours over Toxic Gulaal

Holi is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. But unfortunately, this festival is celebrated with many toxic substances. Let’s understand how this easy access to chemicals must be minimized and the awareness for Organic Colours must spread.

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Synthetic colors used for Holi contain many chemicals such as Harmful oxides, alkali, glass pieces, silica, etc. These substances are very cheap and can be made easily. But nobody understands the toxicity it poses on human health and skin. They impose a heavy threat to our health by causing numerous issues such as

  • Skin rashes
  • Abrasion
  • Irritation
  • Skin Poisoning
  • Allergies
  • Hair fall and Roughening

But the worst affected scenario gets higher when these agents enter into our body posing an even higher risk of blindness, asthma, cancer, and poisoning.

Organic and Natural Holi colors

The colors that we see represent the different chemicals as stated in the table below:

Colors Synthetic Chemicals found Adverse Effects on Human Body
Silver Aluminum Bromide Cancer-causing chemicals
Red Mercury Sulphite Skin Cancer, Damages internal organs
Green Copper Sulphate Temporary Blindness
Black Lead Oxide Kidney Damage, Affect young children

The dry powders contain a mixture of heavy metals and silica, which are harmful to our internal metabolism.

Chemicals Adverse Effects on Human Beings
Chromium-based Attacks Respiratory System causing Bronchitis, Allergies, etc
Silica Skin dryness

According to the lab results, these artificially made powders contain high levels of Selenium (extremely harmful), Arsenic and Lead (affected the younger children), and Cadmium which has a higher tendency for inflammation, irregular heartbeat, and fever. Researchers have proved that these colors can penetrate through the masks and enter the respiratory tract.

These chemicals attack the kidneys, liver, and other sensitive internal organs of our body. And when mixed with water, they pose the same threat to our body and environment. These watercolors seep into the soil, making it polluted. It increases the toxicity of the soil, impairing the environment.

You can make Natural Holi Colours from herbs, flowers, petals, and essential oils. The colors used are food grade and do not contain any artificial colors. Going back to ancient times, Holi used to be filled with rejoicing and excitement. In those days, Natural ingredients were used to prepare these colors and smeared on our loved ones, without tarnishing the skin quality.

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For pre-Holi preparations, before the beginning of the celebration, moisturize your skin and oil your hair. This helps in the easy removal of the color and protects from any kind of damage or allergies.

Speaking of natural remedies and procedures for holi, use Ubtan to remove the colors off. Ubtan is an organic mix of gram flour, curd, and turmeric. It helps in rejuvenating the lost glow in your skin and keeps it nourished. Use Ubtan Products for Post Holi Care.


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