New Packaging- A Story by Shreedha Singh

New Packaging- A Story by Shreedha Singh

Hi, I'm Shreedha.

Today, I will take you through an interesting journey about the inception, development, and metamorphosis of The Ayurveda Company's (T.A.C) product packaging from the beginning and also try to explain why it needed to be told in the first place.

So..., when we started with the thought of bringing this 5000+ years old science of Ayurveda to the fore through easy, affordable & exceptional quality solutions in front of Millennials & Gen Z, little did we realize the horizontal spread & vertical depth of this journey. Some of you may know that it started from a personal skin allergy situation (Hives/ Urticaria) that I suffered from for about three years, with little to no benefit from modern ways of treatment, which was mostly suppressive or symptomatic in approach.

New Packaging Story
My very own encounter with Ayurveda simplified things to such an extent that I was initially frustrated & dejected. I felt, how could my suffering of 3 years be reduced to such simple solutions. When sanity dawned (which was quite quick), my problem was visibly reduced in three months and almost eradicated in six months.

It was in 2017 that Param (my partner in life & our Venture) & I decided began our research and founded Khadi Essentials in 2019, but the itch to grow holistic in Ayurveda remained, and this journey culminated into T.A.C.

The journey from product identification to formulation to packaging to selling and finally, to make it reach you and your hearts.

Now with time, the products started to shape their own paths. With aesthetically pleasing clothes (aka packaging) to wear, colours to play around and top-notch performance (aka quality) in the market, we thought we had succeeded in making these progenies (aka products) of Ayurveda a part of your lives. Each of these babies had its own identity that stood true to the problems they were trying to solve.

But, when brought together at the same table, we realized that our babies didn't feel like a family. Sure, they all had the same upbringing in Ayurveda, a solid foundation of healing. But amidst the chaos of colours, they didn't feel related; something was missing. What was missing? How to find it? How to implement it? How to do it while the bus was running?

We picked the core of Ayurveda, the five elements of existence - Air, Water, Ether, Earth & Fire. All of it together muster our existence, life and everything in between - from birth to death. This ignited the concept of White & Gold.

Firstly, it was going to be simple.

White, the Sangam of colours, the white light, which carries every colour in it, became our base colour.

Effort & Quality
Then, just as a goldsmith churns out Gold at high heat and pressure, we applied great exertions to get the best out of Ayurvedic ingredients – so our second colour was Gold.

White and Gold thus form the base on which the packaging rests.

Respect & Focus on Ayurveda
We recognised each ingredient intimately. So, the light within each ingredient is going to headline the pack. This color will tell you what is inside, what it does, and the product form it delivers.

Font Color
That's not all. In a world that is blinded by sho-sha (razzmatazz for the non-Hindi readers), the colour of baked earth and the nothingness of the universe will be additional colours that shall make brand messages more impactful. Dark Brown & Black.

Committed to a Sustainable Future
You will also see, over time, how we come in more and more renewable and recyclable packaging materials.

H.E.A.L with Us
And lastly, the purpose we have embraced – enabling HEALING; of Helping (people) Embrace (an) Ayurveda Life; is being communicated as a symbol for a movement among the youth to choose T.A.C, to decide what it embodies, to change for the better; to change their worlds, but first begin with themselves.

I hope that with this conceptual, mental & tangible evolution in our packaging, an unprecedented revolution emerges.

Just like the eye of the tornado, H.E.A.L stands firm as Ayurveda takes over the world for good and makes it better.

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