Hydrating Face Wash for Dry Skin

Hydrating Face Wash for Dry Skin

The weather is changing and winters are approaching. Well, winter is the season where our skin becomes overly dry. Face washes are not usually recommended. All we need is a moisturizer or a cream to keep our skin hydrated. Interestingly, face wash for winters is as important as applying moisturizer or cream to our skin. Why? Well, when we apply moisturizers, dust, dirt, and grime tend to settle in. Therefore, in such situations, we need face washes to keep our skin healthy, soft, and plump. Before moving on with the list of face wash for dry skin, let us understand in detail about dry skin; why it happens, and how to prevent it.

Dry Skin – Meaning & Definition

Dry skin is a common issue faced by everyone as soon as the weather changes. The main reason for our skin becoming dry is that it is not getting enough moisture or oil to maintain itself. Dry skin, if not treated properly can lead to redness, inflammation, and itchiness. It is important to keep yourself hydrated with the right amount of nutrition and beauty products. Dry skin is already a worsened skin texture and can become really bad if not taken care of properly.

Now, dryness is caused not only due to environmental factors but health reasons as well. Health conditions like eczema, diabetes, and dehydration can lead to such situations. Since we are discussing dehydration, many people can mistake dry skin for dehydration. Let us look at the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin.

Dry Skin v/s Dehydrated Skin

There are a lot of face washes for dry dehydrated skin but it is important to understand the difference between the two. They might seem synonymous but have some points of contrast. So, let us have a look at them.

Dry skin is a permanent skin type that needs regular moisturization. Dehydrated skin is a temporary condition that can be healed with good nutrition and the right products.
It is genetic, i.e., inherited by parents. Dehydrated skin is caused by external factors.
Dry skin occurs because of inadequate sebum production in the skin. Dehydrated skin happens because of inadequate water retention in the skin.
Lack of moisture results in dry and flaky skin. Lack of hydration results in dehydrated skin.
Topical skin treatments are used to treat dry skin. Selecting the right beauty and cosmetic products along with the right diet can cure dehydrated skin.

So, these are the major key points through which you can find out whether your skin is dry or dehydrated. Along with moisturizers, you can also try face wash for your dry dull skin to make it naturally radiant and hydrated. Now, let us have a look at how we can heal dry skin and prevent it from getting dry.

Dry Skin Problems According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda classifies 'Twak Rukshta' (dry skin) as a minor skin condition called 'Kshudra Kushta'. According to Ayurveda, the three life energies or Tridoshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha - control our body processes. Their levels being out of balance has a direct effect on our physical and emotional health. Aggravation of the Vata and Pitta Doshas may result in an increase in body heat and dryness, resulting in dry skin.

  • Dry Skin and Aggravation of the Vata
    Vata is aggravated, impairing blood circulation and resulting in the drying out of arteries, capillaries, and neurons. Additionally, anxiety, constipation, sleeplessness, migraines, excessive fatigue, intestinal gas, menstrual cramps, lower back discomfort, or painful joints are all indicators of Vata imbalance. Ayurveda recommends warming, moisturising, and grounding activities to counteract the drying effects of excess Vata.
  • Dry Skin and Aggravation of the Pitta
    Pittas are prone to irritability and are unable to withstand the sun. They are prone to inflammation, rashes, and acne, and their skin frequently flushes and appears red. They frequently have freckled skin and, because pitta is a by-product of blood tissue, they frequently have vivid red lips. Pitta is found in the skin and is responsible for its colour and lustre. The relationship between pitta and blood tissue has a direct effect on the condition of the skin.

How to Heal Dry Skin Naturally – Basic Tips

Everybody faces a common issue of dry skin during various seasons. We use a variety of face washes for our dry skin. A hydrating face wash contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid that help in restoring the skin’s moisture, thereby providing all day moisturization. So, digressing from the topic, we can definitely cure our dry skin at home by following some basic steps like:

  • Do not take hot water baths/ showers: A long, steamy shower might look good to you, but it harms your skin immensely. exposure to hot water baths can result in the loss of moisturization from the skin. Specifically in winters, when you take hot water baths, the natural oil of your skin is stripped off. Thus, you must be a little cautious about your face and body. Never use hot water on the face as the skin on the face is more delicate than the entire body.
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing: Your skin loses a lot of moisture while you bathe. To replenish and rejuvenate your skin, moisturizers and lotions are necessary. apply a good moisturizer over your face and body after you have washed your skin. This is one of the best dry skincare remedies. Remember to have a separate lotion for your face and body because the face is delicate and needs a gentle moisturizer.
  • Use natural oils infused moisturizer for the face: Since the face is one of the most delicate parts of the human body, it is essential to take care of it. Many environmental factors like dirt, pollution, etc., results in radical damage to your skin. Thus, after you wash your face, it is essential to apply a moisturizer. Your face moisturizer must be enriched with natural ingredients so that it can be benefited greatly. If you have dry skin, Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter enriched moisturiser will be the best for you.
  • Wear lip balm: Lip Balm is one of the important things that must be applied on an everyday basis to protect your lips from drying out. Lipsticks often dry out your lips and lip balms often prove to be the best choice for lips. You must select a less tinted lip balm enriched with natural oils. You must apply it overnight and daily for effective results. Lips are the part of the face and it is essential to prevent it from getting dry.
  • Use fragrance-free skincare products: Soaps that smell very nice are really harmful for your skin. The fragrance in the products comes from adding harmful chemicals. They are highly toxic and diminishes the natural oils from your skin. Apart from skin issues, they can also lead to health issues. Thus, it is best to avoid scented products if you wish to heal your dry skin.
  • Never Rub your Skin: Never rub your face with a towel. Always pat dry it. Rubbing the skin removes the natural moisturizers of your skin and makes it dry and flaky. You must use a cottony soft towel, which is gentle and does not harm your skin.
  • Apply sunscreen: A very simple dry skincare remedy is that you must apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. The rays of the sun are quite harsh and can dry out your skin. You can also experience rashes or red bumps on your skin. It is advised to apply sunscreen and carry an umbrella when you go out. Protect yourself from the harmful UV radiations and heal your dry skin by applying sunscreen.

So, these are the basic tips that you can follow at home to avoid skin from getting dry. In case you have dry skin, then you can apply or eat the following things.

  • Sunflower Seed Oil: It provides hydration when used as a moisturizer on the face and body. It acts as a skin barrier against toxins and germs that can cause infection. Sunflower Seed Oil is a great choice for soothing irritated, dry, and inflammated skin.
  • Coconut Oil: It is an excellent ingredient that intensely moisturizes your dry skin and nourishes it from within. People suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders can use coconut oil for deep moisturization and hydration. It is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral that promotes wound healing and protects your skin from the harmful UV radiations.
  • Oatmeal: Taking an Oatmeal bath can provide you immense benefits. It is a wondrous ingredient that can help in treating your dry skin. Adding powdered Oatmeal to your bath helps in relieving you from itchiness, dryness, and inflammation. It sloughs aways all the excess oil, dirt, grime, and dead skin cells, thereby deeply moisturizing and nourishing your skin.
  • Drinking Milk: Milk is an amazing ingredient that contains retinol, an anti-aging and skin restoring ingredient. It also has Vitamin D that protects your skin from the harmful UV rays. So, in case you wish to heal your dry skin and also reduce early signs of aging, drinking milk is what you must start immediately.
  • Applying/ eating honey: Honey is antibacterial, moisturizing, and healing in nature and can heal various types of skin diseases. It is a natural humectant that maintains a balance in your skin. It makes your skin moist, not oily. Honey also has skin brightening properties that provide you with a natural glow. It works like magic on all skin types.
  • Applying petroleum jelly: One of the major benefits of using petroleum jelly is that it helps in relieving dry skin. It intensely moisturizes your skin and helps in healing wounds. It helps in rehydrating nails, eyelids, and skin, thereby replenishing your face and body. Petroleum Jelly also helps in delaying early signs of aging by rejuvenating and reviving the skin cells.
  • Aloe Vera: It is known to have many anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing your dry and irritated skin. It boosts collagen production in the skin and helps in healing wounds and sunburns. It also helps in healing first-degree and second-degree burns. You can apply Aloe Vera in raw form and see the changes instantly after washing. Aloe Vera also helps in treating acne, pimples, dark spots, patchy skin tone, etc. So, apply it once a day for effective results.
  • Vitamin E: It is a moisturizing agent that soothes skin from dryness. It treats various skin disorders and reduces skin itching and irritation. Vitamin E also helps in treating fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. You can either apply or have the capsule to get the best results.

Now, you must be wondering, i.e., is Vitamin E good for dry skin? Well, Vitamin E is one of the best products for dry skin. So, how to use Vitamin E for dry skin? Well, you can either ingest the capsule or cut it and apply it on your face. Leave it overnight so that it hydrates your skin and makes it supple.

Best Ayurvedic Face Wash for Dry Flaky Skin – Our Top Recommendations

Face Washes must be included in your daily routine to cast out all the dirt, grime, and germs from your face. There are some face washes that heal your dry skin and nourish it deeply. So, let us have a look at them.

  1. Natural Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash for Glowing Skin with Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid
    A hydrating face wash that lightens and brightens your skin! TAC’s Vitamin C face wash is infused with Vitamin E that deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin. It penetrates through the skin layers and imparts a natural glow. Hyaluronic Acid in the product helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It protects skin from radical damage and helps in repairing broken cells. It is a must-have product as it suits all skin types and makes your skin naturally radiant.
  2. Ubtan Turmeric Foaming Face Wash 
    Ubtan Turmeric Foaming Face WashUbtan is an active ingredient that serves various purposes. It is highly beneficial for the skin as it brightens your skin and deeply nourishes it as well. The product comes with a built-in brush that removes dirt and cleanses your clogged pores. Ubtan foaming facewash improves overall skin texture while providing you with a brightened skin tone. Ubtan also helps in repairing your damaged cells and restoring moisture to your dry and flaky skin. It is one of the best face washes for dry mature skin. Get this product from TAC now!
  3. Tea Tree, Neem & Basil Foaming Face Wash for Acne Spots, Marks & Oil Reduction Face Wash for Dry Skin
    Excess oil in the skin leads to acne. Acne can really leave stubborn marks on our faces that might seem really difficult to get rid of. In such situations, you must try TAC’s Tea Tree foaming face wash. Infused with natural ingredients, this face wash removes excess oil from your skin and limits sebum production. Your skin’ moisture/ oil will become balanced with this face wash. Get rid of acne spots and pimples with TAC’s Tea Tree, Neem & Basil face wash.

So, these are the best products available on TheAyurvedaCo that treat your dry and flaky skin. You can use any of these products to get nourished and hydrated skin. Since winters are approaching, you must apply a serum and moisturizer after washing your face. Get clear, hydrated, and supple skin with TAC’s face washes for dry skin.

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