How to take care of skin and hair during the festive season?

How to take care of skin and hair during the festive season?

Skin and hair need special attention during the festive season. Healthy glowing skin and lustrous hair get you festive ready instantly with minimum makeup.  

What causes skin and hair problems during the festive season? 

The following are some of the common conditions that cause skin and hair problems during the festive season.

  • Excessive makeup and hairstyling- Layers of makeup can harm the skin. Also, not removing the makeup entirely before sleep can cause wrinkles and crow lines and make your skin loose. The chemicals from your hair styling products also damage your hair shaft. Frequent styling of hair using heat, repetitive straightening, and curling causes dry and frizzy hair.  
  • Inadequate sleep :According to Ayurvedic science, inadequate sleep increases the Vata dosha in our body. An increase in Vata dosha causes dryness in the skin and hair. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep in the night to improve your skin and hair health.  
  • Some extra drinks- Festive parties call for a couple of extra drinks that dehydrate skin and hair. Alcohol dilates the skin pores leading to more blackheads and whiteheads. Sugar syrups in cocktails can cause inflammation in the skin and cystic acne.
    The dehydration due to alcohol makes the skin look dull.  Dehydration due to alcohol also leads to dry hair and hair loss. Drinking causes sugar spikes in the blood that is linked to male pattern baldness. Alcohol also prevents the absorption of nutrients like zinc and proteins, which also leads to hair loss.  
  • Deep-fried delicacies- Oily and fried food leads to excess oil production in the skin, leading to cystic acne. This cystic acne also may leave dark spots or pigmentations in the skin. Studies show that high-fat dairy products like cream and cheese trigger acne.  
    A fatty diet containing trans fats are known to cause hormonal imbalance in both genders that cause baldness. Oily food also makes your scalp greasy, leading to clogging of pores.  
  • Sugary treats- Excess sugar in the food is known to cause inflammation in the skin and scalp. It can trigger inflammatory disorders of the skin and scalp like eczema and psoriasis.  Refined sugar accelerates the ageing of skin and greying of hair.  
  • Stress due to hectic shopping- Holiday shopping brings more stress than bargained for. You tend to forget about food and drinks while on a shopping spree. Consuming junk food and not having enough water while shopping also causes skin and hair problems.  

     Common skin problems during the festive season  

    • Acne: Acnes are small eruptions in the skin that may result from clogged pores or inflammation. It may develop as blackheads or whiteheads and become pustules or cystic acne. Acne is painful and might even lead to scarring on the face. Acne during the festive season occurs due to excess makeup, oily and sweet food and drinks, or lack of water in the body.  
    • Excessive dryness :  Dry skin is mainly due to a lack of water and sleeps during the festive season. Smoking, drinking, and excess use of chemical products in makeup also leads to dry skin.  
    • Pores: Open pores are mainly due to sleeping with makeup on. Skin lacking exfoliation also has a lot of pores. Periodic exfoliation and the use of serum the night before sleep leads to smooth and shining skin.  
    • Dry/Chapped lips  - Dry and chapped lips result from dehydration, chemical-based matte lipsticks or smoking. Use natural-based lip tints to prevent dry and chapped lips. Lips should be exfoliated with lip scrub once or twice a week and moisturized once or twice a day using lip butter.  

     Common hair problems during the festive season  

    • Frizzy hair - Frizzy hair is due to excessive styling like alternate curling and straightening the hair. Colouring also leads to frizzy hair. Chemicals in the products absorb moisture in the hair and make it frizzy.   
    • Split ends / Hair breakage: Constant styling makes the hair follicles go dormant. Thus the hairs in the mid of the strand break off, leading to breakage.  
    • Dandruff & hair fall – Hair fall due to is common in winters due to dryness of the scalp. The use of hot water for washing hairs is also a reason of dandruff in winters.  

    How to take care of your skin? 

    Take these steps to safeguard your skin from excessive makeup: 

    • Use makeup that suits your skin type. Avoid products that make your skin too dry or oily. Take care that your lipstick does not make your lips dry and chapped.  
    • Wipe off your makeup with a cotton ball dipped in coconut oil, and wash off all the makeup before going to bed.  
    • Apply a hydrating serum or moisturizing cream before going to bed.  
    • Use sunscreen of SPF 50 daily.  

    How to take care of your hair? 

    Steps for safeguarding your hair during the festive season after styling: 

     How to take care of dry skin? 

    Dry skin lacks sebum and needs moisturization regularly. Here is the skincare for dry skin.  

    • Always pat dry the skin. Avoid rubbing it hard.  

    How to take care of combination skin?  

    Combination skin presents with an oily T zone and dry areas on the cheeks and chin. There can be enlarged pores and blackheads. Here is the skincare for combination skin. 

    • Use a gentle cleanser.  
    • Apply oil to face a body once or twice a week.  
    • Apply a mild moisturizer after bath.  
    • Be regular with the CTM routine for your face.  

    How to take care of Oily skin?   

    Oily skin may have clogged pores and acne.  Here is the skincare for Oily skin: 

    • If you have oily skin, Oil can be applied to the body alone once or twice a week.  
    • Go for gentle soaps and shampoo not to remove all the natural oils from the skin.  
    • Use Toners and Tea tree-based serums to control oil secretion.  
    • Exfoliate skin regularly.  

    How to take care of sensitive skin? 

    Sensitive skin is prone to rashes and inflammation. Your skin may be affected by sunrays, fragrant and harsh chemical products.  

    • Avoid harsh exfoliants and toners on your skin.  
    • Use only warm water on your skin during winters. Avoid hot water showers.  
    • Use products containing essential oils and not perfumes. Use organic skincare products.  
    • Keep your skin moisturized at all times.  

    DIY for skin problems 

    • Mix a teaspoonful of honey with lemon juice and apply it over the face and neck to remove tanning and improve the complexion.  
    • A face mask made out of 1 tsp sandalwood powder in rose water also improves complexion.  
    • Potato juice applied over the dark circles or under the eyes helps lighten it.  
    • Applying a paste of 1 tsp besan powder with a tsp of curd also brightens the skin. Wash once it dries.  
    • Rubbing a cut piece of lime over the hands and feet also detan the skin.  
    • Rubbing aloe vera pulp over the skin soothes inflamed skin. It is perfect for sensitive skin and can soothe redness after waxing.  
    • Egg whites can be applied as a face mask with besan powder to reduce wrinkles. Wash the face once it dries.  
    • A mask made out of oatmeal and honey or curd reduces age spots and blemishes.  
    • Juice of tomato can be dabbed all over the face for instant brightening of the skin.  
    • A fruit mask made of papaya and banana applied over the face and neck improves the skin tone, complexion and glow.  

    DIY for hair problems 

    • Applying oil infused with Methi Bhringraj and Amla reduces frizz and prevents hair fall.  
    • Massaging onion juice to the hair and scalp reduces dandruff and promotes hair growth.  
    • A paste of methi and curd applied over the scalp and hair encourages hair growth.  
    •  Prepare a hair mask by blending one banana, 1 tsp coconut oil and 1 tsp curd into a paste. Applying this mask to the root and shaft of the hair reduces hair fall and dandruff.  
    • Applying aloe vera pulp to the scalp and hair softens the hair strands and prevents split ends.  
    • Applying a paste of vinegar or lemon juice to the scalp reduces dandruff.  

    Diet for skin and hair  

    Taking healthy food rich in micro and macronutrients gives glowing skin and lustrous hair. Here are some diet tips that will help you: 

    • Include 2-3 varieties of fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Snack on fresh fruits like papaya, coconut, apples, pears and grapes.
    • Take 3-4 litres of water. Also, take tender coconut water everyday. 
    • Include nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and dry fruits like figs and raisins.  
    • Include healthy fats like coconut oil, ghee in your diet.  
    • Avoid oily and fried foods.  
    • Take a high protein diet like pulses, meat, fish, cottage cheese and soya.
    • Avoid all types of packed and processed foods during the festive season.  

    Lifestyle regimen for healthy skin and hair 

    • CTM routine is essential for glowing skin. Cleansing with mild natural-based foaming face wash is recommended. Toning is to clear blackheads, whiteheads and open pores. Using a moisturizer keeps your skin nourished.  
    • Exercise or yoga helps in improving circulation to all parts of your body, including the skin and scalp. Follow a 30-minute exercise routine daily.  
    • Apply sunscreen when you are outdoors or during swimming.  
    • Limit alcohol and quit smoking  
    • Get enough sleep during the night. Keep your gadgets away as much as possible.  
    • Do not skip the regular bath routine.  
    • Meditate or find ways to manage your stress.  
    • Get your regular blood tests done and take necessary supplements like Vitamins, zinc and iron.

    How to take care of skin and hair this festive season? Now, you know how! We wish you a very happy and enjoyable time!

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