How to Look Forever Young and Glowing

How to Look Forever Young and Glowing

Take a closer look into your face in the mirror. What do you see? Does your skin feel rough? Are pimples and acne becoming a regular occurrence for you? If yes, then, maybe it's time to dig a little deeper into the cause.

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Here are some reasons why your skin is probably acting up

  1. Sun and Pollution
    Constant exposure to the sun and pollution can actually take a toll on your skin's health. While a little bit of the morning sun is good for your immunity (free VitaminD!) but as the day progresses, the harmful UV rays cause our skin to form these pesky little guys called free radicals that age our skin prematurely.
  2. Sedentary lifestyle
    No, we are not talking about the occasional breaks but when you become permanent besties with your couch. Sitting idle for long hours means your blood is not pumping fast and not all parts of your body are getting enough nutrition and oxygen which ages your skin in turn.
  3. Oily and fatty foods
    Eating oily and junk food regularly can really take a toll on your body. Junk food is high in sodium and excess omega3 fatty acids that lead to oily skin. Sodium also dehydrates the skin. To make up for the loss of moisture, your skin starts producing oil. And don’t forget the pesky acne and pimples!
  4. Chemical-Based Skincare Products
    If you swear by your skincare products, then check their ingredients list! Do you see names like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Benzoyl peroxide, phthalates, parabens and mineral oils? If yes, your skincare is most likely the cause for your dull, damaged skin. It’s hard to believe, right?

Then, should you stop doing skincare totally?

Nope, not at all. Maintaining a daily skincare routine is very important to maintain youthful and glowing skin. However, you need to choose your products carefully. Switch to Ayurveda with TAC skincare today and see the difference that it makes!

Why choose TAC?

Created with a perfect blend of science and Ayurveda, TAC skincare products are mindfully designed to create the perfect formula to address varied skin concerns. All the products are repeatedly tested before it reaches your bottle so be assured of quality. Coming in easy to carry containers and bottles, our products are travel-friendly and are COMPLETELY free of alcohol, parabens, phthalates, triclosan as well as heavy metals like silica. Our products are gentle to the skin and help heal various skin and hair problems while maintaining your skin and scalp’s natural oils.

Here is a Skincare regimen to help you better

Morning Routine

  • Wash off your face with a gentle foaming cleanser. If you have dull and dry skin, use our Ubtan Turmeric Foaming Face wash. It contains turmeric, saffron and sandalwood that have natural brightening and anti-aging properties that ensure bright and glowing skin every morning!
  • Follow this up with TAC rose water which has natural toning properties. Infused with natural oils, this rose water gently hydrates your skin and helps maintain your pH balance.
  • Follow this up with the Ubtan Turmeric face serum. Infused with Bio-collagen and Vitamin C, this vitamin C serum brightens your skin and heals blemishes and pigmentation revealing a natural radiant glow. If you are suffering from acne, choose the TAC tea tree and neem serum.
  • Follow it up with our 2% Alpha Arbutin Day cream. Containing manjistha and gotukola, this cream helps detoxify the skin and reduce acne scars. Sandalwood helps calm inflammation and reduces tan and blemishes.
  • Now, apply sunscreen as the last step of your skincare regimen. Fortified with natural Eladi, Tripahala and hemp seed, this SPF50 sunscreen is all you need to beat sun damage.

Night regimen

For the night, repeat steps 1 and 2, then apply a good serum with anti-aging properties. Try the TAC niacinamide serum. Infused with 10% natural niacinamide and 1% natural zinc in the form of Yashtimadhu, this serum helps fight acne and blemishes while also helping to remove visible signs of aging like pigmentation and dryness. Follow it up with an appropriate night cream like our 2% Retinol Nalpamaradi night cream. It contains natural retinol and nalpamaradi that helps prevent blemishes and removes tanning. Curcumin also helps in calming down inflamed skin and heals dryness and dullness. You can follow it up with an under-eye cream.

But, that’s not all

Remember, no amount of skincare will be fully effective unless you maintain a balanced lifestyle. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
  • Make sure to exercise regularly. This helps in better blood circulation and thus energizes your skin and hair cells.
  • Eat healthy. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Stay away from high sodium junk foods like burgers and fries.
  • NEVER miss your skincare routine. Try to be diligent. It only takes a few minutes!

Maintaining a youthful and radiant skin is no big deal. You just need to maintain a balanced lifestyle and use the right products. Most commercial skin care products contain loads of chemicals that harm you more than doing you any good. Your skin needs natural ingredients with indigenous healing properties. We, at TAC understand that we should be very vigilant about what we put on our skin and rightly so. That is why TAC skincare products are carefully blended to give your skin the best natural care possible.

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