Eco friendly diwali

Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali with TAC’s #BharatKiDiwali

Festivities have begun, and Navratri has taken the everyday celebrations by the storm. If you're planning to head out and make purchases for Diwali celebrations soon, do not forget to make it all grand and clean with no nasty products or installations. With a vow to keep this Diwali neat, clean and tidy. We need to keep in mind that the celebrations should not bring any damage, cause any trouble, or disturb the lives of those around us, be it plants, animals, or the whole ecosystem.  

Here is how TAC is heading to celebrate #BharatKiDiwali with the best, eco-friendly brands around us to be safe & cautious while having the time of our lives with our loved ones. 

1) Some Sweet with Smoor Chocolates 

Smoor chocolates

Celebrations are not complete without the sweetness to share the joy. But there is a way to avoid high-calories food and make the Diwali celebrations healthy and happy too. Add the sweetness of delicacy with Smoor Chocolates, a home-grown brand that creates assorted chocolates, signature cakes, gift hampers, desserts, beverages, and much more. The brand has evolved with changing consumer palettes and delivers a truly exceptional, international experience for every individual who seeks lavish indulgence. Smoor also creates a range of special products and gift hampers for Diwali, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Smoor's high-quality products are unique and crafted by some of the finest chocolatiers and chefs from across the globe. It's fine ingredients are sourced from the most sought-after locales globally, and products are created at a state-of-the-art factory.

Visit here: Smoor Chocolates

2) Light up your Home with Amour Candles 

Amour Candles

Diwali is a festival of lights and there is no Diwali without the gleaming diyas and shine. Amour candles are made with love and crafted with the finest soy wax into different moulds and packaging to handcraft & design to light up the lives with joy! Amour hand-poured candles are designer candles that look soothing to the eyes and have health benefits, too, with no harmful wax and 100% pure and natural essence of essential oils.

Visit here: Amour Candles

3) Have some Masala Chai from Chai Point 

Chai point

You don't have to go out for that Masala Chai from the corner chai point on the street. Serve the best Masala Chai or Cardomom Chai at the comfort of your own home with Chai Point. Chai Point range of Instant Teas is a specially crafted beverage designed for those hectic work from home meetings, late workdays, travel & holidays without compromising on the authentic taste of homemade Chai. Pick & choose as per your mood of the day - Cardamom, Ginger & Masala! Now carry your cup of Chai wherever you go – Add hot water & stir well and your Chai is ready!

Visit here: Chai Point

4) A healthy sip with Ashvatha 


Switch to a healthy, warm cup of milk with a lip-smacking flavour from Ashvatha. Enjoy Kesar Elaichi Milk with the goodness of 18 nuts, seeds & herbs that keep your heart happy, body strong and boost immunity all at the same time while walking down the nostalgic memory lane with every sip. Infused with nutrition & nostalgia in every sip, Ashvatha Milk Booster gives you the best of both worlds: a healthy drink to keep your body strong and immunity boosted, as well as a taste that reminds you of your childhood. Ashvatha is an Indian Holistic wellness brand that brings Natural, Herbal, and Ayurvedic products based on Traditional Indian recipes in a contemporary way. Imbibing the age-old grandma secrets with the sensibility of Ayurveda, Ashvatha is an endeavour to seek balance for the heart, soul, body, and mind.

Visit here: Ashvatha

5) Share the Love with Ferns and Petals 

Ferns & petals

If the pandemic is still causing you family time, then don't forget to send your love with a beautiful bouquet and chosen gifts by ferns and petals. Ferns and Petals have stores in all major cities for easy, convenient, and efficient gifting purposes, and it is a brand that has kept the joy of surprise gifts alive throughout. 

Visit here: Ferns & Petels

6) Pour your heartfelt wishes in a handwritten letter

The meraki girl

There is nothing more beautiful with a handcrafted note for your loved ones. Give your words a beautiful meaning with Calligraphy by The Meraki Girl. The Meraki Girl can create handwritten notes, letters, greeting cards and more for your customized wishes and greetings to share with friends and family!

Visit here: The Meraki Girl

7) Gifts of Goodness with Nutritions 

Power gummies

For those who wish for gorgeous hair and nails, get multivitamin gummies in berry flavour with Powergummies. Powergummies is your daily dose of vitamins, packed and produced in interesting flavours with adorable gummy bears for everyday consumption. Power Gummies simplifies nutrition with scientifically backed healthy, tasty, chewable vitamin gummies and looks super cute, vegan, gluten & gelatin-free.

Visit here: PowerGummies

Yoga Bars

This Diwali, choose to gift healthier snacks that do not contribute to the unhealthy lifestyle. Instead, pick up and wrap the more nutritious snacks as a token to express your care and wishes for their excellent health. Get Yogabar's yummy and healthy yoga bars to make this Diwali extra special. Yogabar is on a mission to change India's eating habits with the best ingredients with no artificial preservatives, stabilizers, or even processed sugar. Every bite of a Yoga Bar product comes with a guarantee of the Cleanest & the Healthiest ingredients in the yummiest flavours - specially curated by Nutritionists.

Visit here: Yoga Bars

Bamboo bae

To be thankful and mindful towards our ecosystem, get the exotic bamboo toothbrushes from the bamboo bae. The Bamboo Bae was born with a belief in mind that 'No change is too small.' Keeping this ideology in mind, we can try to make a constant effort is to create mindfulness towards sustainable products in every household.  

We all know plastic toothbrushes are harmful to the earth & because of that, it's time we switch to a better alternative and brings out the blissful feeling one needs at the start of the day. The handle of the Bamboo Toothbrush is made from bamboo that makes it biodegradable and eco-friendly.  It is 100% Natural & Toxic-free, Eco-friendly and Biodegradable & Helps reduce waste by using leftover timber.

Visit here: Bamboo Bae

8) Take a vacation to Relax! 

Ease my trip

Unwind and relax with a detoxifying trip for a comfortable staycation. Book your stay at Naad Wellness, a luxury ayurvedic resort to reverse your stress with Ease my trip. Ease my trip helps arrange the most comfortable vacation for you without any worries about the bookings. EaseMyTrip offers 'End to End' travel solutions including air tickets, hotels and holiday packages with the option of zero-convenience fees during bookings. So pack your bags, choose your destination and have a relaxing snooze this Diwali with Easy my trip.

Visit here: Ease My Trip

With these exciting ways, celebrate a clean, healthy and joyful Diwali that spreads the love of sustainability and growing together! 

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