Kumkumadi Soap (Pack of 3)

for Radiant & Youthful Skin

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Get radiant, youthful & visibly brighter skin with T.A.C's Kumkumadi soap. Ayurveda's coveted ingredients Saffron & Sandalwood cleanse deeply & help reduce pigmentation, dark spots & uneven skin tone to give you younger-looking, radiant skin. 

  1. REMOVE DIRT IMPURITIES: The soap helps shed off dead skin, deeply cleanses dust and oil accumulated on the skin surface, and improves circulation, leaving skin clean, soft, and supple.
  2. CLEAR AND GLOWING SKIN: Its gentle formula retains skin moisture without leaving your skin dry, and keeps you refreshed for the whole day.
  3. CLEAN AND SOFT SKIN: The kumkumadi soap helps reduce skin dryness, clears clogged pores, and lightens spots, and acne leaving skin replenished, soft, and smooth.
  4. POWER OF KUMKUMADI: The key ingredient of this soap, Kumkumadi or Saffron, is a healing, glow-boosting herb that mildly works on the deeper layers of your skin to improve its texture, making your skin look healthy and radiant.
  5. TOXIN-FREE: The soap for women and men is free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, silicones, paraben, SLS, petroleum, and artificial preservatives.
  6. CHOOSE AYURVEDA, CHOOSE T.A.C - Ayurveda is Safe, Effective, Long Lasting, Holistic, and, Kind to the World & You. T.A.C products are proudly Made in India (Swadeshi) and carry the rich Ayurvedic heritage of India.

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Reshama Sapna

value for money

Preena Murmu

Satisfactory but pricey

Saveta Gauttam

Product is good

Rukya Kawar

Original products, timely delivery, good price

Maksud Thomson
One of the best shop in the world

Never compared to other one 5 star

Kumkumadi Soap (Pack of 3)
₹ 319.00
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