Bhringabali Hair Conditioner , 250ml

Hair Conditioner for Hair Growth with Mighty Bhringraj

₹ 399.00 ₹ 319.00 You Save 20%
Let the Hair King of Ayurveda: Bhringraj nourish, strengthen & volumize your hair crown with T.A.C Bhringabali Conditioner. It effectively conditions your strands, nourishes damaged & brittle hair and makes it strong, healthy & long.

Recommended Use: Post-shampoo.

Regular Use:

- Smoothens texture
- Controls breakage & hair fall
- Adds shine & moisture

Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews
Beeram Jafrul

controlled the frizz, nourished the hair, my ends also feels really moisturised, hydrated and healthy. my hair felt really soft and smooth. They have such beautiful ingredients added to the conditioner which helps with hair thinning. great product for the price. I would recommend this 100% without having second thoughts

Junaid Jan

It smoothens and nourishes my dull and damaged hair. The aroma of this Conditioner will mesmerize you also.

Mrs Sardar

I had very bad hair fall and drastically it got reduced now

Sakina Laxman

Best conditioner natural products se mil kar bna hai Aaj hi maine es product ko use Kiya ur bhut hi acha effects diya esne mere balo par

Rina/ Kundra

I never expected it to be this amazing when my sister suggested this. The scent is pleasant and it is very mild so for people who are very sensitive to smell, I think this is a good choice.

Bhringabali Hair Conditioner
₹ 319.00
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