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Rosemary Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil

Rosemary Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil

Rosemary & Clove Oil | Controls Hair Fall | Strengthens Hair Roots

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Dermatologist's Certificate

Project Name:
1. 10% Rosemary Anti-Hair Fall Oil, B.No. CA2311039
2. Rosemary Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo, B.No. B31979
3. Rosemary Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner, B.No. B32043
4. Rosemary Anti-Hair Fall Hair Mask, B.No. B32081
5. Rosemary Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum, B.No. B32035
Subjects: 30
Marketed by: KE Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Study Designed By : Lambent Lab

The subjects were asked to apply the TAC Rosemary Hair Regime on their hair and scalp for 4 weeks and in between hair was treated with the Regime 8 times. The hair strength observed approx. 96% more stronger than compared to ordinary hair regime and hair fall reduced to approx. 95% after regular use of the regime. It is also observed that hair felt more smoother & shinier than before. The subjects did not face any kind of itchiness on the scalp. Over all it improved the quality of hair. The smell of Product was also found to be appealing by all the subjects.

What Causes Hair Fall?

What Makes it the Perfect Match?

Ayurvedic Reference "भैषज्या रत्नावली"

Circulation Booster Rosemary's Boost for Scalp Circulation & Hair Growth

Deep Nourishment Intense Hydration for Softer, Shinier Hair

Scalp Health Warrior Rosemary’s Solution for Hair Fall & Scalp Health

Root-to-Tip Strength Fortifying Hair for Thickness & Reduced Breakage

Real People, Real Transformation


The Science of Ayurveda

STEP 1: Part your hair & apply the Rosemary Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil directly onto your scalp & hair.

STEP 2. Leave overnight or a few hours for quick nourishment.

STEP 3. Rinse it off with T.A.C Rosemary Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo.

Recommended Use: Twice weekly, pre-wash.

  • Apply the oil to your scalp and hair 1-2 hours before washing your hair.  
  • For deeper conditioning, massage the oil into your scalp and hair and leave it overnight. Wash it off the next morning with a gentle shampoo.  
  • Incorporate the oil into your weekly hair care routine with regular scalp massages. 

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Ratings & Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Vijeta Thaker (Mumbai, IN)
Holy Grail

T.A.C never disappoints you. I have tried there several products and each one of them is a value for money. This oil is great for everyday use and when combined with Bhringraj Oil gives you great volume and strength. A must buy!!!

Vaishali (Gurugram, IN)

The rosemary oil by TAC is one of my best purchases! toogood!

Rohit (Gurugram, IN)

I am very happy with the results this hair oil has showed me..this is the best purchase i've got!

Shivani (Gurugram, IN)

TAC's Rosemary oil is really good..i have been using it for a month now nd i can see a difference in my hair quality.

Rachna (Gurugram, IN)

This oil non-greasy nd has made my hair stronger than before.

Shikha (Gurugram, IN)

This oil is really nice and suits my hair type perfectly..

Minka Babita

Nice oil for daily use

Durganand Mehta
Very useful for baby

Very useful for child

Yamin Chakrwarti
Good results

No dendrugh

Puran Anju
Good product

Good and quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Rosemary Hair Oil help with hair fall?

Rosemary oil is known for its ability to improve circulation in the scalp, stimulate hair follicles, and strengthen hair strands, reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth.

Is Rosemary Hair Oil suitable for all hair types?

Generally, Rosemary oil is safe for most hair types. However, doing a patch test before using it extensively is recommended to ensure no adverse reactions or allergies.

How often should I use Rosemary Hair Oil to see results in reducing hair fall?

For best results, applying Rosemary oil to the scalp and hair 2 to 3 times a week and leaving it overnight before washing may help reduce hair fall over time.

How long does it usually take to notice a reduction in hair fall with Rosemary Hair Oil?

Some users may notice a hair reduction fall within a few weeks of regular use, while others might require more time for visible improvements in hair health.

Does Rosemary Hair Oil prevent hair fall caused by stress or anxiety?

Rosemary oil's properties can help nourish the scalp, but it might not directly address hair fall caused by stress.

Will Rosemary Hair Oil stimulate new hair growth in bald spots or areas with thinning hair?

Rosemary Oil's ability to stimulate hair growth can help in some instances of thinning hair.