The idea of T.A.C came from our experience with Ayurveda. Our Co-founder, Shreedha suffered from a skin allergy situation (Hives/ Urticaria) for about three years, with little to no benefit from modern treatment methods, which were suppressive or symptomatic.

This encounter with Ayurveda simplified things to such an extent & put an end to the suffering of 3 years with such simple, harmless solutions. Shreedha's skin problem was visibly reduced in three months and almost eradicated in six months.

In 2017, Shreedha & Param decided to begin the research and founded Khadi Essentials in 2019, but the itch to grow holistic in Ayurveda remained, and this journey culminated in T.A.C.

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    We are also happy and proud to announce that we are backed by
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