Ayurvedic Methods to Boost Oxygen Levels

Ayurvedic Methods to Boost Oxygen Levels

Ayurvedic Methods to Boost Oxygen Levels

Coronavirus has engulfed every human's mind, and the rising death toll is in no way helping the anxious thoughts and panic. With the shortage of beds and oxygen tanks in the hospitals, several people are now advised to nurse themselves at home. While enduring this ghastly suffering, it becomes the responsibility to protect oneself and family against the virus. Eating healthy food and taking every possible precaution can surely help you survive the pandemic. But there are other ways to safeguard you from the pandemic and other chronic diseases as well. 

If you scrutinize the covid-19 pandemic, you’ll remember how it directly impacts our respiratory system. Ayurveda has helped millions of people around the world during this pandemic to protect the respiratory system and fight off the virus. The method syncs with the human body's defense mechanism and battles with critical issues. Ayurvedic therapy works in partnership with the internal system for a faster and natural recovery. 

Read along for some tremendous ayurvedic techniques that help increase your oxygen level.

Tips to boost oxygen level
  1. Rasayana therapy: It is a renowned polyherbal ayurvedic therapy involving several medicines that protect the body against pathogens and treat other respiratory disorders. The fusion of herbs infused in the medication cleanses the lungs, purifies the bronchial tissues and enhances the oxygen level. The Rasayana in Ayurveda medicines is also a great immunity booster and prevents ailments like fever, infections, cold, cough, etc.
  2. Anti-inflammatory food and drinks: Incorporate food items rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory as they boost lung functions. Lung inflammation can affect the lung tissues and air passage. Ingredients like turmeric, ginger, green tea, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids that battles and cures conditions like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and other acute lungs disorders.
  3. Yogasana for difficult breathing: These are the physical postures and breathing practices that maintain overall breathing equilibrium. These asanas promote the oxygen level in the body and work on a better functioning of the lungs.
    • Diaphragmatic breathing: commonly known and pranayama, engages the core lifter of breathing "diaphragm." It stabilizes the breathing pattern.
    • Pursed lips breathing: precise for beginners, this breathing technique slows down the breathing speed to benefit the smooth functioning of the lungs.
    • Prone breathing: often called makarasana, reduces the pressure from the lungs and activates the diaphragm and dormant areas of the respiratory system. It also prepares your lungs for pranayama by removing the trapped air in the lungs.
  4. Abhyanga Massage: it is a massage therapy that involves inhaling or applying oil all over the body and scalp. The oil is infused with naturally extracted botanicals that remove toxins from the bloodstream and improve blood circulation.
  1. Add natural purifiers: Although contaminated air outside your home or office is the primary reason for lung dysfunctioning, even indoor air is filled with pollutants like carbon monoxide, pesticides, allergens etc.
    • Indoor plants: purify your indoor air with natural and easy to maintain plants that will provide you oxygen all the time. Indoor plants like aloe vera, bamboo, areca palm or rubber plant can clean and rejuvenate air.
    • Beeswax candles: yes, even candles can remove pollutants from the air. The beeswax candles are capable of ionizing and neutralizing airborne toxic contaminants. They improve the quality of the air by producing no smoke or fragrance.
    • Salt crystal: you might be familiar that Himalayan salt is the number one natural air purifier. It digs out the toxins present in the air and eradicates them. All salt crystals remove allergens and pathogens from the air.
    • Essential oils: the aromatic essential oils are filled with ingredients rich in antioxidants and allergen-free properties that kill bacteria, viruses from the air. The amalgamation of different essential oils purifies the air and takes you to a zen moment.
Oxygen increase technique

Ayurveda is a great technique to strengthen the respiratory system and increase the oxygen levels in the body. Smoking and drinking will not help in the process, and it degrades your internal health more than you imagine. Adopt a natural and healthy way of living. We understand the outstretched fear among people, but don't stock up covid essentials like masks or oxygen tanks because there might be someone who needs it more than you. Be loyal and humane towards others because we can only survive in this dystopian world with combined efforts.

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