6 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immunity Through Ayurveda

Strong immunity means a stronger you. A healthy immune system guards against disease-causing microorganisms and reduces your chances of falling sick.

Ayurveda defines attainment of health with two approaches, primarily by immunising and strengthening the body, which ensures a healthy and harmonious mind, body and spirit. Secondly, by treating the disorder's root cause.

"  तच्च नित्यं प्रयुंजीत स्वास्थ्यं योनानुवर्तते ।  
 अजातानां विकाराणामनुत्पतिकरं च यत् ॥ "

Charak Sahita 5/13

Acharya Charak, in Ayurveda, mentions that a diet and lifestyle should be aligned to support health and not cause any diseases. Ayurveda firmly believes in a personalised approach to choosing the right food, exercise, meal pattern, sleep duration, herbs, and so forth aligned with your body composition, known as Prakriti.

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Let us understand some of the common practices in Ayurveda to boost immunity.

1. Follow a routine

Ayurveda firmly believes in practicing a fixed time for daily rituals known as "Dinacharya". This allows the body to function receptively to the cues set by the body clock and helps align mind, body, and spirit harmony, which leads to improved energy levels, boosted metabolism and sound sleep. Beginning the day by passing a healthy bowel movement is a sign of good health that helps establish the tone for the day.

2. Practice 30 mins of Yoga or Vyayaam

Yoga or Vyayaam

Movement and breathing activities help oxygenate the body and improve lung capacity. Keep moving throughout the day as every step count, and a dedicated time in your everyday routine would be ideal.

3. Keep your "Jatharagni" digestive fire well ignited

Eat light, warm, fresh and balanced meals. Avoid excessively oily, spicy, sugary and salty food as it compromises the body's defence system. Eat a half-inch piece of ginger with rock salt before meals to boost metabolism.

4. Have a good sleep cycle

As per Ashtanga Hruday, "Nidra" is an essential pillar of life on which the quality of life is solely dependent. If your sleep is disturbed, less and erratic in nature, this can all impact your health & wellbeing. Ensuring adequate rest for the body helps with recovery and stamina.

5. Drinking warm water or kadha

Model drinking kadha

Sipping warm water that is boiled beforehand is great for strengthening the digestive body and boosting metabolism. A herbal infusion of Tulsi, Licorice, Clove, Pepper and Dry Ginger, boiled with a glass of water reduced to half and strained, must be consumed daily.

6. Incorporate Rasayana herbs in your daily diet

According to Acharya Charak, herbs that repair, restore and rejuvenate the body are called Rasayana. Herbs like Giloy, Amla, and Ashwagandha are potent antioxidants and can be easily incorporated with immunity boosting capsules like T.A.C Ayurboost Capsule

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