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No- Makeup Look with Natural Makeup for Festivities

Natural makeup

It's time for the festival of lights! With Diwali around the corner, you have to get ready with outfits & decide on the festive makeup look. But while being indulged in the festivities, one must not miss out on taking good care of the skin and hair. You should make sure not to load it with chemical-laden cosmetics and choose only natural cosmetics which are cruelty-free & safe for your skin.

First things first, before starting with the makeup look, one needs to prepare the skin to make the final face sharper and elegant.

Steps to prep your skin-

1) Cleanse with gentle Foaming Face Wash

Cleansing is the first step of any routine you do. It helps in removing any dirt, dust and grime caused by sebum production on the face. It also gives a clean canvas for a natural makeup look that you want to create for the day ahead.

Always choose a Sulphate-free cleanser which is free from any chemicals or preservatives, as it will not dry out the skin and gently clean the skin pores. Go for TAC's Ubtan Foaming Face Wash with an in-built brush for naturally glowing skin from within. The in-built brush helps with deep cleansing and doesn't let the bacteria feed on grime accumulated in the skin pores and cause breakouts.

Opt for TAC's Tea-tree and Neem Foaming Face Wash if you have oily or combination skin with oily T-zone. Enriched with lots of purifying herbs that Ayurveda recommends, it helps maintain the ideal pH level of the skin and reduces acne residues from recurring on the skin.

Try the ultra-hydrating, actives-induced TAC facewash with Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid for dry or mature skin. This face cleanser boosts the goodness of vitamins into the skin, with hyaluronic acid working underneath the skin to tighten, tone and nourish it.

2) Tone up the skin

The next step in the CTM regime is toning. Toning helps remove the leftover of the cleansing portion and closes the open pores, so they do not get clogged. Use a light, alcohol-free toner for the skin to absorb quickly without leaving any residue on the surface.

Spritz TAC Triphala and Yashtimadhu with Niacinamide Toner all over your face and neck. Let it absorb in for a few minutes & then follow up with Serum for hydration.

Alternatively, you can also tone your skin with 100% distilled Rose water or Jasmine water. Rose water moisturises the skin and provides instant freshness. Jasmine water calms the skin and rejuvenates pores for the boost of glow.

3) Moisturise well

Before applying natural makeup to the skin, it is essential to pamper it with ample moisturisation. Moisturising the skin makes it soft, supple and hydrated, which leads to a natural glow and also works well for the base of your natural makeup look.

Use TAC's Manjistha & Gotu Kola with Alpha- Arbutin Face Cream. This multi-benefit day cream does much more for the skin than just moisturising it. It works on dark spots and pigmentation, provides SPF protection and evens-out skin tone for naturally gorgeous skin.

Latest Trends in Indian natural makeup looks-

1) Bold & Gorgeous Eyes

We live in COVID times, and wearing a face mask is still a crucial necessity that we all should abide by for the safety of others and ourselves. But it doesn't stop us from deciding on a bold makeup look for Diwali! This season is all about bold and bright eye makeup with natural cosmetics to bring out the surreal beauty of the eyes. 

Layer your upper lid with TAC Lip, Eye & Cheek Tint. These cream-based tints are easily applicable with your clean fingers, blend a little and ta-da! A beautiful, natural, bold & sassy look is ready.

You can choose from 8 different shades made with all-natural, organic, vegetarian ingredients like Shea butter, Cocoa Butter & Candelilla Wax for moisturisation. The bold, bright hues of shades have fruity ingredients like Beetroot, Peach, Satsuma Oranges, Blueberry, Plum, & floral Roses with Mocha Coffee. These ingredients contribute to the fragrances & tint colours as well.

2) Rosy pink glow on the cheeks

Pink cheeks are in and look delightful when the gleaming smiles shine ear to ear during the fun & frolic with the family. To get those perfect rosy cheeks:  

  1. Dab a little bit of TAC Peach Nude Pink lip, eye and cheek tint onto the apples of your cheeks.
  2. Spread it along the cheekbone to spread equally.
  3. Without taking more product, dab the finger on the line of your nose and chin as well.

If you want a brighter pigment, choose from deep magenta Beet Mighty Pink lip, cheek & eye tint and bright pink Hot Pink Pie lip, cheek and eye tint.

For an Avante-Garde look, you can explore the shades like Satsuma Orange & Retro Red Plum. Apply them on the lids of your eyes as well for a monochromatic, magnetic Diwali look.

3) Dewy, Glossy Lips

This festive season, there is no limit to the boldness that you can bring to the table. Make your lips bold and bright, with dewy gloss and a lot of moisture.

For lips, experiment with out of the box colours like Satsuma Orange, Blueberry Glaze, Hot Pink Pie & Mocha Brown. It will bring out the festive vibes, and if the outfit gives a yes, you can match & vibe accordingly. 

Glossy lips tint

If you want to keep it subtle, go with your favourite peaches & plums & pick one up from Peach Nude Pink, Retro Red Plum, Beet Mighty Pink & Urban Blush.

Quick Tip: Before applying the lip tint, scrub away the dead skin cells with TAC Beetroot Lip Scrub & moisturise amply with Beetroot Lip Butter.

4) Let the Brow Grow

Gone are the days when trimmed, shaped and arched brows were in. Now, it is all about the bushy-feathered brows. Just comb out and spread them evenly.

Tints for Eyebrows

To fill in, you can take a dash of TAC Mocha Brown Tint and fill in the gaps in the brows to get the perfect look.

How to remove the Make-up post Party

Taking off the glam is an equally important step in the regimen. For that, one should focus on cleansing and follow up with your regular CTM for the night or day regime.

1) Take some amount of Eladi, Triphala & Hemp Seed Face Oil on a cotton pad. Gently apply the oil on your face, massage it to dissolve the make-up in it and swipe the cotton pad all over to remove the make-up grime off the face.

Eladi, Triphala & Hemp Seed Face Oil

2) Following that, do the double-rinse with TAC’s foaming face wash. Tea Tree & Neem foaming face wash helps in detoxifying the skin and gently wash away the residues.

Foaming face wash

3) Tone your skin to rehydrate it and pack in the moisture with a hydrating serum & seal it in with a moisturiser. For night time, go for Nalpamaradi with Curcumin & Natural Retinol Night Cream.

4) Alternatively, massage your face with Eladi, Triphala & Hemp Seed Face & Body Glow Oil. It is lightweight, easily absorbing, & doesn’t make the skin oily. It doesn’t cause breakouts but heals the skin, gives radiance and keep the moisture sealed for a long time.

With these ideas, get your Diwali look on the go and create your own

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