Under Eye Gel Cream , 30ml

Eye Cream for Removing Dark Circles and Collagen Boosting with Natural Retinol

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Under eye skin is the window to showcase your skincare finesse. Long hours on light emitting screens often make the under eye puffy, dull & pigmented & takes the glow away from your face. TAC's Under Eye Gel Creme is gentle on the under eyes, light-weight & infused with the goodness of potato starch and collagen. Powered with skin hydrating Hyaluronic Acid serum and moisturizing Argan Oil, this under eye gel for men and women is non-greasy and penetrates quickly into the skin to repair it, leaving smooth, supple & bright skin. Pair it with Retinol boosting Night Cream for complete night care routine.

Dark circles and puffiness are the two most common under eye-related issues. Banish all these issues with the TAC’s collagen-boosting under eye gel cream infused with natural retinol. This product will awaken your eyes, giving it a visibly replenished look. Now, let us look at some of the critical benefits of this product.

  • Soothes and hydrates the area around the eyes.
  • Improves elasticity of the skin.
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Gives you a bright and youthful look.
  • Deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Know Your Product

The collagen-boosting under eye gel brightens, tightens, and depuffs the under eyes with the goodness of banana and potato extract. This product is infused with natural ingredients like retinol, argan oil, sunflower oil, hyaluronic acid, etc. This dark circle cream boosts collagen and tightens the skin under the eyes.The hyaluronic acid present in the gel hydrates your skin. The banana and potato extracts lighten and brighten the skin. This product is one of the best under eye creams to remove dark circles and reduce puffiness. So, prevent dark circles and under-eye puffiness through TAC’s under eye gel with natural retinol.


Skin Nourishment

This under eye gel nourishes and moisturizes the skin, thereby reducing puffiness. This product improves the skin tone and makes it firm. Thus, this under eye cream gives you a bright and youthful look.

The Healing Quotient

This product penetrates deep into the skin and heals it from within. This under eye cream treats dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles, making you look younger.

Reduces Eye Bags & Improves Elasticity

This product improves skin elasticity and hydrates the area under the eyes. Naturally soothing and nourishing, this product reduces the appearance of eye bags and dark circles.

Key Ingredients

Babchi Oil

Babchi oil is a natural ingredient having antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is used for treating skin infections

Banana Extract

Banana Extract restores the moisture resulting in smooth and nourished skin.

Potato Extract

Potato extract reduces fine lines, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc., and treats dark circles and puffiness.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid treats dry skin and restores moisture in it.


Retinol helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases collagen production in the skin.


Ingredients Ingredient Type Source Purpose
Aqua Natural Water Providing moisture
Babchi Oil Natural Plant-Based Used for treating skin infections
Banana Extract Natural Plant-Based Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
Sunflower Oil Natural Plant-Based Anti-inflammatory
Argan Oil Natural Plant-Based Treats acne and gives even tone skin
Sesame Oil Natural Plant-Based and Animal-Based Protects skin cells
Potato Extract Natural Plant-Based Lightens the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Almond Oil Natural Plant-Based Provides moisture to hair and the scalp
Jojoba Oil Natural Plant-Based Moisturizes the scalp
Hyaluronic Acid Natural Animal-Based Treats dull and dry skin
Natural Retinol Natural Animal-Based Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Butylene Glycol Synthetic Plant-Based Provides a coat to the skin
Base Q.S Natural Plant-Based Helps in absorption and prevents decomposition

TAC Vs Others

TAC’s Collagen Boosting Under Eye Gel

  • This product fades away dark circles.
  • Reduces eye bags and under-eye puffiness.
  • This product is dermatologically tested.
  • There are no harmful chemicals in this product.

Other Under Eye Gels

  • Other gels do not fade dark circles away.
  • Does not work on eye bags and do not reduce puffiness under the eyes.
  • Other eye gels are not dermatologically tested.
  • Does not work on specific issues
  • Other products contain harmful chemicals.

How to Use

Take pea-sized quantity of gel on the tip of your clean ring finger

Now apply tiny dots under the eyes, along the orbital bone. Gently message it in outward circular motions with your fingertips.

Let the ingredients absorb into your skin overnight.


  1. How Often Should I Use It?
    Use it twice a day for effective results.
  2. Can I Use Under Eye Cream on My Face?
    Yes, you can use this cream on your face for multiple benefits.
  3. Is it suitable for teenagers?
    Yes, anyone above the age of 15 years can use this product.
  4. Can Men Use It?
    Yes. This product is suitable for both men and women.
  5. How Long Will It Take for the Cream to Show Results?
    The results depend upon the problematic area. However, signs of improvement will be visible within 4-8 weeks of regular application.
  6. What are the benefits of TAC Under Eye Cream?
    This product banishes dark circle, under eye bags, and puffiness. In addition, this eye gel is lightweight and fast-absorbing, thereby giving you a replenished look.
  7. Is It Safe to Use?
    This product is dermatologically tested and is safe to use. It does not have any harmful chemicals and is suitable for all skin types.
  8. How to use under eye cream?
    Take a small amount of TAC under eye cream on a clean fingertip and gently tap small quantities under and around the eye. Massage gently until the cream is completely absorbed.

About Us

In a world full of extremities – brands claiming all Ayurveda on one hand & Derma on the other, TAC aims to achieve the right balance of sustainable and effective Beauty & Wellness. It appreciates the legacy of Ayurveda without negating the advancements modern science has made. Product formulations arrived out of rare & ancient herbs like Babchi Oil, and Sunflower Oil are combined with state-of-the-art solutions like Banana Extract to make Ayurveda relevant and suited to the modern-day – formulations that are effective, fuss-free & great to experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Rahish Bakhla

This also Moisturises decently. All this with d given price range is a steal deal. Btw dont expect it to work on fine lines, for that you will need retinol, after ur doctor suggests.


I am a brown skin woman with medium dark circles. After few applications of this product i can see them fade by 1-2 shade lighter.

Kbeta Mongia
Guess what , it REALLY works!

In just 3 days my dark circles have reduced by about 30%! This is incredible.

Lakshya Alongwith

I started seeing results after 1 week of use of this product. Amazing! Will be ordering again more of these

Mamraj Harijan

I've been using it regularly for about a month now and there is visible difference. My dark circles are almost gone and so is the puffiness.

Under Eye Gel Cream
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