Ubtan Soap (Pack of 3)

for Glowing Skin & Detan

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Scrub the dead skin away & strike a glow with this Ayurvedic Ubtan soap with gentle exfoliation beads. Regular use removes dirt & grime and helps remove sun tan.

  1. DEEPLY CLEANSES: Enhance your bathing experience with T.A.C Ubtan Soap. It gently exfoliates and cleanses your skin to wash away the dirt and impurities from skin pores, leaving the skin feeling fresh and hydrated.
  2. REMOVES TAN: The antioxidant properties of handmade Ayurvedic soap help lighten pigmentation, and suntan, leaving your skin brightened, feeling refreshed, glowing and soft.
  3. KEEPS SKIN MOISTURISED: The nourishing oils in this soap help hydrate the skin, assist in calming skin irritations, and renew dry and flaky skin.
  4. POWER OF UBTAN: Enriched with natural ingredients like Sandalwood, Kesar, Olive Oil, and others, it protects skin from free radical damage, cleanses and moisturizes skin and brightens it.
  5. TOXIN-FREE: The soap for women and men is free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, silicones, paraben, SLS, petroleum and artificial preservatives.
  6. CHOOSE AYURVEDA, CHOOSE T.A.C - Ayurveda is Safe, Effective, Long Lasting, Holistic, and, Kind to the World & You. T.A.C products are proudly Made in India (Swadeshi), and carry the rich Ayurvedic heritage of India.

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Runiya Panday

No matter what kind of water you use for bathing hard or soft you will always get good results. Nice light smell.

Sudhir Ujama

Myself satisfied with the product. Keep it up.

Bhagwanti Pahlwani

H a v I n g moderately scent.Decent freshness and a g o o d warmth ness.

Harvans Rangeeta

soap is good and with good smell

Moham Kashyap

Good product which I have repurchased two times

Ubtan Soap (Pack of 3)
₹ 319.00
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